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FAA – No criminal charges for man who crashed drone into a St. Louis building

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The owner of the drone that crashed into a building in downtown St. Louis has been identified.  The 51-year-old man from Mountain View, California not being charged with any crime.

He tells police that he was in St. Louis for his mother's birthday.  He was using the drone to record videos of historic buildings.  He lost contact with the drone while flying it from the top of the parking garage at  295 N. 7th Street.

The drone's owner explained to police that he knew the device had crashed and didn't know where it landed.  He assumed that someone had taken it after it crashed.  He later saw news reports that his unmanned aerial vehicle hit the landed on the 30th  floor of the Metropolitan Square building at 211 North Broadway.

The FAA was notified and have filed no criminal charges gainst the owner. They determined the actions of the owner were not of a criminal nature. The device was returned to the custody of its owner on May 9.

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  • Mascoutan

    It would be beneficial for these media “experts” call this “Radio-Controled Model Aircraft” what it is, a TOY. Whereas “Drones” and “R/C Aircraft” are similar, purpose, use and origin are completely different. The military and government entities employ “drones” while hobbiests fly R/C airplanes/helicopters. Even “unmanned Aerial Vehicle” is inapproriate, when the R/C toy in question couldn’t possibly be confused with an aircraft that could carry a human.

    • Gary Muich

      Well said..I can see them trying to blow this simple incident way out of control. Ive been in Aircraft modeling for 40yrs,the article is pretty much a joke.

  • Mark Foster

    Hopefully when they gave it back to him they gave him advice on not flying it downtown around people.

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