Thief steals mobile phone and posts selfies on victim’s Facebook page

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UPDATE: Phone returned from Facebook selfie posting thief

O’FALLON, IL (KTVI) – Alicia Warren and Sandy Barbee are upset over the loss of a cell phone and it`s all linked to a picture posted on Facebook. Barbee was shopping for work supplies at an O`Fallon Sam`s Club on Tuesday night when she went to the bathroom washed her hands and discovered her iPhone 5 was missing. Barbee did everything possible to find her phone including asking employees at the store for help. Hours later a selfie of an unknown woman showed up on Sandy`s Facebook page along with a vulgar post.

'She`s posting pictures on my Facebook page where my friends are.' Said Barbee.

The post was so outrageous Barbee`s daughter Alicia Warren shared it with hundreds of people online hoping to identify the woman.

'Why would you post your picture else`s Facebook page if you steal someone`s phone and take some pictures of yourself, we now we know who you are and what you look like.' said Warren.

The family also called the phone to try and recover it and got a wild response.

'They answered the phone a girl used four letter words and said if you want your phone you better give me money.' said Barbee

Now O`Fallon, Illinois police are investigating the case and want to know who took the picture and why.

'Without my phone I am lost because that`s my only phone I don`t have a house phone. It`s for my business. They have a lot of nerve to do this they should`ve returned it I would`ve been thankful.' Barbee said.

O'Fallon Illinois Police Tip Line: 618-624-4545

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  • Steven Sweeney

    TYPICAL hood rat.Stealing then rubbing it in.I hope that phone is worth enough for a felony count.Let’s see who’s bragging after losing public assistance!

    • Erika

      Most thefts of cell phones these days are felonies because, without a contract, cell phones are valued well over $500.

  • Danny

    She should be locked away for every, no respect for others or herself that is obvious, this kind of ignorance is not needed and should not be allowed to live among society. I had to profile but I am not surprised at all! I hope the lady finds her and someone beats her a** before the police can protect her. I am all for public punishment and I say if we cut off a hand she might think about stealing next time and so would anyone else for that matter but lets slap her on the wrist, tell her to pay restitution that she can’t and wont pay, threaten her a lot but never follow through because the police would rather pull over a car going 10 miles over the speed limit as opposed be seriously looking for this thief. I assure you this is NOT the only thing she has stolen and it will continue.

    • Franklin Rizzo

      The same reason I am not surprised…. I went out on a limb (limb because the Negro only, statistically, makes up about 11% of the general US population), and guessed that the animal/criminal who DID this was an American Negro. And we were both right. Why is this?

      All BS PC aside, how did you and I, and many others here surely, guess correctly that the criminal was an American Negro?

      They dominate crime almost as much as they do the NBA these days.
      Congratulations to the NAACP.

      • Mics

        So it just had to become a race issue…Really ? Get a grip and a life while you’re at it. She’s an ignorant person who did an ignorant thing nothing more if she wasn’t black but prehaps white you’d probably among other just wanna know why instead of playing the race card.

  • Mark Foster

    She had an iPhone 5. She should have installed the “Find My Phone” app that would show her and the police where the phone is located. Also, that app will also completely disable the phone when requested.

    • adztheman

      Mark is absolutely correct..all she had to do was go to any computer, go to the iCloud, and she could have shut the entire phone down…

      • Bob

        At the very least, password protect the phone to prevent random access. Too bad people pay big bucks for a technically sophisticated phone and don’t take advantage of all the safeguards available.

      • Mark Foster

        I knew someone who bought an iPhone only because she liked a ringtone that was available. She had no clue about 80% of what the phone could do.

    • S.Will

      The “Find My Phone ” app is one great thing that ppl should download because my sons iPhone was stolen from SWIC. With him having that app we were able to locate the phone & disable it. Thanks to the college security at SWIC & Belleville PD, we got the phone back & we pressed charges on the girl that stole his phone. She also got kicked out of school. We’re still going to court about it but the app is sooo worth having!!

  • wrongonred

    Just use the coordinates in the EXIF information in the file’s background data. You will know exactly where she took the selfie (likely her home because she is dumb). iPhone users are notorious for not disabling the GPS Data which is contained in the Photo. Drop the original in here:

  • Irwin Fletcher

    I would have contacted the police, got the cash and met her somewhere to get the phone back. And let the police do their work! I’m sure she is that stupid that she would have met her in person. There has to be a way the government can figure out who this trash is, and stop her welfare check!

  • Bruce

    Should be a easy case.whoever she entered the store with had a membership and Kiley made a purchase.track the member and you will find the culprit

  • Jimmy

    Did she have find my iphone on? If her software was up to date the thief can’t turn it off without a password and she is probably to stupid to figure out how to disable it. Time to track her down and beat her senseless…

  • D

    One thing she is not good at, spelling…For someone of that age that cant spell simple words and use correct grammar, sad

    • Bob

      Of course they can. Go to from any computer and log into your account. The location is displayed on a map, but sometimes it’s off by as much as 50 feet. Oh, did you not download the free “find my phone” app from Apple that makes this work? Perhaps you need to take a 5 minute break from typing LOL and do this before you are sorry that you didn’t.

    • Bob

      Sometimes the most racist comments aren’t made by the kind of people that the comment suggests. Sometimes the comments are made to stir up hatred.

  • L

    If the person was at Sam’s Club then they might have a membership. Would Sam’s have a name and address to match the photo?

    • jwbolin

      Even if they had a membership, how do you know what her name is to find her membership information? Having formerly worked at a Sam’s Club, I can tell you they do not keep photos on file.

  • Rev Wright

    At first I saw O Fallon and thought, “what was she even doing out there, there are no blacks in O Fallon”, that’s why most people who live across the bridge in St Charles County came from North County to escape the riff-raff ( you know, they come in and paint the shutters purple, cut the grass twice a summer, no pride of homeownership whatsoever, 8-9 cars parked at the house at any given time, police at the house at least once a month, Mom yelling “Im gonna beat yo as* when we get home”) Thanks goodness it was Illinois

  • WLE

    Really have lost the educating of youth!!!! I think it’s a lost cause in some areas!!! How ridiculous!!!

  • sarah

    While her behavior is abhorrent. Singling out an entire race of people for the actions of a few is equally of low level intelligence. Your comments are about as deep as a puddle. Perhaps you should all elevate yourselves and lead by example, instead of wading in the shallow.

  • Malo

    Why must everything turn into a race issue…..people steal every day!! Black, white, yellow, etc. She is a theif!! Not the first, not the last. This is a very stupid thing that she did, annnnd the some of the people here are making very stupid comments.I bet non of you who are making the racist comments would go in her neighborhood and yell what you are saying behind that device to a group of black people. In the end stupid is stupid, no matter what form it comes in. People,including this chick need to grow up!!

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