Police shoot drug suspect in Bel-Ridge

BEL-RIDGE, MO (KTVI) -St. Louis County Police are investigating a shooting involving one of their officers and a drug suspect. The suspect is expected to survive after the altercation in the 3400 block of Elmhurst.  Several undercover detectives were in the area.

Police are not saying if this began as some kind of a sting, or undercover drug meet.  They say officers began moving in, and the suspect pulled a weapon.  The say when he produced the gun he was well aware he was dealing with police.

“Absolutely,” St. Louis County Police spokesman, Officer Brian Schullman said. “They were in full police gear, stated police and continued to state, put your hands behind your back, you’re under arrest.  Badges and ID’s hanging as well.”

The say the man pulled the weapon, but it’s unclear at this point if he fired it.

“That’s what we’re not sure of at this point,” Schullman said.  “Stuff that will come out in the investigation.  We have retrieved a handgun.  But we’ll take a look at all that.  In the heat of the moment, the officers aren’t completely sure what happened other than a gun was pointed in their direction and they returned fire for their safety.”

Police weren’t saying if there was anyone else in the home at the time of the shooting.  In fact, they say details will likely remain scarce due to the undercover nature of the investigation.

No one other than the suspect was injured.


  • scared

    The police should g ave notified the early childhood center next door.. kids were outside playing.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheRite

    Okay, it sure ain’t smart to pull a gun on an officer making an almighty drug bust!

    But as usual, he just went to draw his gun and got shot by twenty cops – such bravery!

    The cops were just protecting their little sissy selves in this probably low-key bust of a low-level nobody dealer (probably pot or coke you can tell by the neighborhood – no REAL drug dealers there!). Doing nothing particularly important to save anybody but enforce some more religious law against immorality. So I’m SURE it wasn’t that dangerous!

    How do I know this? Because if it were a dangerous situation or a dangerous drug dealer, the cops would have all been running the other way! They would have found something else to do – maybe man a DWI checkpoint or pull over some kids for loud stereos – most won’t take TOO big a risk.

  • Curious......

    I see that you make the same racist comment all the time; calling people hood rats……..do you really think that’s funny because it’s really getting old and you’re showing your maturity level. SMH

  • rose

    lsl, STEVEN does just call it like it is. I think his choice of words are appropriate, could be worse. It doesn’t matter if he just pulled a gun or not, you don’t pull a gun on anyone unless you plan to use it, especially a police officer. now days more people are armed and they WILL shoot back.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheRite

    Curious, Steven’s just one of those hopelessly racist sheep of the Tea Party far-right, always looking for another excuse for their own miserable failure. Rush has brainwashed him and about 45% of the rest of the population that these “hood rats” and other poor blacks are why he doesn’t have more money, too sadly mindless to realize that most of the fruits of his own hard labor (assuming he does any) goes into the pocketbooks of the richest 1% of Americans who he idolizes and defends on here regularly. Guess he’s a wannabe who wants to be just like them – rich and lazy.

    But it’s easier to blame poor blacks on welfare for all the high taxes we pay, when the truth be known he’s probably costing us taxpayers more than welfare! He’s hinted he himself is in law enforcement – meaning he may be living on the gravy train of lifetime welfare pension and health insurance handouts on the taxpayers dime for no work, so may explain why he believes in the senseless idea of “guilty until proven innocent” and shoot first.

  • Mascoutan

    To THEREALMORONBYEBYE – You find new ways to expand the definition of stupidity with every moronic post. You have to work to be this stupid, don’t you?

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