Police: Dad shoots, kills man who held gun to teen daughter

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - An attempted home invasion turned into a murder investigation Tuesday morning.  One suspect is dead and another is in critical condition after allegedly holding a gun to a teen's head. St. Louis police are releasing chilling details of a late night shooting in south St. Louis that left one person dead, another injured and a neighborhood shaken up.

UPDATE:  Exclusive: Father speaks about shooting man who allegedly put a gun to his daughter’s head

It all went down at 11:00pm last night on Newport near Neosho in the Bevo Mill neighborhood.  Investigators say it all started with a teenaged girl being confronted by two armed men in front of her home. It ended with one of the suspects dead and another hospitalized.

St. Louis police say a 17 year old girl was outside of her home getting something from a car when two armed men confronted her and demanded that she return to her home.

The girl`s father saw the suspects walking his daughter toward the home. That`s when police say the teen`s father, a 34 year old man, got his gun and fired several shots at the suspects, hitting both of them. The girl`s mother, also 34, got another gun and fired a round as well, not hitting either suspect.

The first suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The second suspect ran away, got into the first suspect`s car and contacted his brother to take him to the hospital.
Police identify the suspect who was killed as 31 year old Terrell Johnson from north St. Louis. The second suspect- a 33 year old man- is hospitalized in critical but stable condition with gunshot wounds to his chest and both thighs.   Police say he will face charges.

There was also a five year old boy in the home. Fortunately, nobody in the house was injured.

A FOX 2 reporter is working this story.  More details will be posted this afternoon.



  • Keeping it real

    Crimes are committed by PEOPLE of all races, why does it have to be a RACE thing? They are parents trying to protect their family, and criminals doing what criminals do… Commit crimes

  • TJ

    The first line plainly says, “An attempted home invasion turned into a murder investigation Tuesday morning.”

  • T

    Seriously! I was thinking the same thing, especially when they stated that the daughter is a 34 year old male. Something wrong with that. (looks like they edited it)

  • Drew

    It falls under the felony murder law that if a person dies while you are committing a felony whether its the victim, or accomplice you will be charged with murder.

  • defaultdotxbe

    Its standard operating procedure to investigate these things as potential homicides, after all the person saying it was defense is the one who just killed somebody. He will probably be completely cleared in a day or so

  • Mascoutan

    The progressive/liberals don’t want guns in the hands of We the People. They would rather you call the police and hope that the intruders will not do you harm while you wait. But put any progressive/liberal in that situation and they’d be wetting themselves while they beg and plead for mercy, wishing that they had a way to defend themselves. Yes, the police would show up, put up the crime tape and start their investigation into how and why a man was murdered and 2 women were raped and murdered, hopefully discovering that 2 criminals committed the crime, but were still on the loose. And yes, the women needs some range time to better her aim. Good guys: 1, Criminals: 0
    BTW – where’s that idiot “BYEBYE” to spout his/her lunacy?

  • Mike

    I had to stop reading your comment once you started questioning IF this story is true. Please, do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

  • Gun In Yo Dumb Lib Mouth

    You may not like guns
    That is your right
    You may not believe in God
    That is your choice
    But if someone breaks into
    Your Home, You are going to:
    1. Call someone with a gun
    2. Pray they get there in time
    ….dumb liberals

  • Robert

    Of course, because we all know that criminals obey the law. Why would they carry a gun if they had NO right to? LOL. Geez.

  • Tyrell

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  • Mascoutan

    God also gave us the will to protect ourselves. I believe you to be one of those that would rather beg and plead for mercy from the criminals who would laugh while they shot you full of holes. Then who would you call to? You are a perfect example of the progressive/liberal lunacy – talk about “filth”? look in the mirror. You have some serious problems and are (hopefully) not someone who pass a background check. (Thank God).

  • Lazy Liberals

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  • Lazy Liberal Leeches

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  • Mascoutan

    Hey TYRELL – where’s your fake righteousness for the criminals who held a gun to the daughter’s head while they invaded the house? Your using the bible verses to support your sad and lame perspective is absurd. I hope that you find God and figure out the evil that you have apparently embraced.

  • hitogalize

    Makes sense. If we struck down the gun laws, then we’d be just like the United Kingdom. 60+ million people in 2010 and 33 gun related homicides. Missouri has less than 6 million residents, but we had 321 gun related homicides. Yup, the 2nd ammendment is doing a great job… And me just a silly Liberal, what do I know?

  • Ron

    You obviously don’t know too much by voting for Obummer and these clowns we have in office. There’s a reason Ronald Reagan turned Republican, because he woke up an smelled the BS you libs keep spouting out of your 2nd hole!

  • Silly Socialist

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  • Mascoutan

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  • Fumigate The Premises

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  • thinning the heard

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  • Lazy Liberal Leeches

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