Rally planned against Missouri farming measure

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Opponents are planning to rally at the Missouri Capitol against a proposed amendment to the state Constitution establishing a “right to farm.”

The question on the state’s Aug. 5 ballot asks voters whether the right “to engage in farming and ranching” should be “forever guaranteed” in the Missouri Constitution.

Critics contend the measure will lead to lawsuits over what farming practices are permitted, and to special protections for large agricultural special interests.

Supporters of the proposal say their goal is to protect and promote agriculture.

Farm groups and rural Republicans began pushing for the farming amendment after a 2010 conflict surrounding an initiative petition dealing with dog breeders.

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    Rural Farmer should have to pay at least 70 percent in taxes because they don’t live in the city!!!!
    The rich are getting richer😦
    Obama made that farm and it’s his to take

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