Watch: Man confronts officers after dog shot: “You shot my best friend”

Profanity Warning: some language may not be suitable for all viewers

SALT LAKE CITY —  A man gets a phone call from the Utah animal control officials saying police officers shot and killed his dog in the backyard of his home.

According to FOX31, Sean Kendall raced home and confronted the officers — and recorded the entire confrontation and posted it to his Facebook page.

Salt Lake City Police say they were searching June 18 for a missing 3-year-old and an officer went into Kendall’s backyard but felt threatened by Geist, causing him to open fire.



  • joe

    Just because you have a badge don’t mean you can do what you want. The dog was in his fenced in yard . What now you have to keep your dog in the house when you go to work ! What about the so called parents that lets their 3 year old kid wonder off. REALLY!!!!!!!

    • Kanyiah love

      Right that crop should have not did that the crop should loss his job and what did the dog do

  • Donnie

    Cop shouldn’t have even been on the property by the looks of the gate I doubt a 3 year old could open it to even be in there wear a badge to uphold the law not to be above it happens to much these days I would like to hear the end results to this and find out what’s happens in this case

  • Dave

    When the police stop lining up behind their blue line, defending acts that would be considered criminal by people on the other side of the line, they will start getting love instead of hate.

    The worn out “when you need a cop” wears thin. It’s your job to server the taxpayers who pay you, without regard for your opinion of them or their opinion of you. You shouldn’t be a cop if you can’t deal with that.

  • horsemom

    Police officers have an inherently dangerous & risky job. And, they KNOW that when they first apply, go through training & start working. Going into someone’s backyard is a knowingly dangerous thing to do, regardless of why, or what or who they were searching for. I’m sorry, you do NOT just go in someone’s yard, or house, or any private property, & decide, because you perceive something to be dangerous, to just shoot & kill someone’s family pet!! NO excuses, ZERO tolerance, period. That would mean that all pet owners, especially dog owners, must keep their pets inside at all times, unless under their direct supervision, which is stupid, ridiculous, & unacceptable. But for fear that some rogue cop that thinks he or she is God, just because they have a gun, & just “because they can get away with it”, will come unknowingly into your private property & kill your pet, you are forced to keep them inside! Any, ALL, dogs, WILL defend & protect THEIR property, THEIR territory, it is their nature, it’s what they’re SUPPOSE to do, some are more protective than others. There ARE alternatives to killing people’s pets, but, the police must start using their brains & not their rear ends or their guns! I think a lot of us would end up in jail if this happened to our pet. That police officer was wrong, simple as that.

  • joe

    I’m sure the cop would of lived if he got bit . I guess he already used all of his maces on a old person that he was afraid of ! LOL!!!!!

  • Tim

    I can’t believe all the people that are actually defending the police officer. This cop entered private property illegally and shot an animal because he felt he was in danger (he should be in danger, he is trespassing). I don’t care if the dog actually bit him, he didn’t have any right (badge or not) to be on that property. He WILL lose his job and rightfully so. If I found out someone had attacked (let alone killed) my dog, I would be in jail for murder as my dog’s life is worth more to me than his. The owner, or his dog didn’t do anything illegal but the cop did.

    • Buck O'Famagh

      Precisely. Their is no excuse for this. None. Unfortunately, far too many residents (I can’t really refer to them as citizens) have either forgotten or never learned what it’s supposed to mean to be an American. We are supposed to have a fundamental distrust of all things government with individual liberty paramount. That was the basic principle upon which this country was founded. Far too many have abandoned these things in exchange for false government promised security and hand-outs. I have invested a lot of money and hundreds of hours training my dog. If this had happened to me, my reaction probably wouldn’t have worked out so well for the cop.

  • Jake

    If the officer had followed the use of force continuum this never would have happened. He most likely was carrying oc, a taser, and an asp. Any one of those three would have stop the dog without him being harmed. If an officer were to shoot a man that was yelling and only acting aggressive to him he would go to jail. And I’m not talking about the thousands of upstanding police officers. I was a military police officer and understand there’s a lot more than “if I don’t shoot him I’ll get bit”

  • TheREALbyeByeToTheRite

    This dumb, arrogant pig would have faced a lot more than what he faced with this guy, had he done this to me.

    Sorry, but I’ve had enough of arrogant pigs in our full-blown police state, where police can “do whatever they want”. He had no business being in that yard, end of discussion. There was no immediate threat to anyone. So the cop was VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION against unreasonable search, and then he shoots the property owner’s dog while violating this right? What an arrogant hick cop! I’m tired of the excuses police use for violating our rights all the time. And the crime wave of violent crime PROVES they are as ineffective as a squadron of young school girls at fighting REAL crime – when encountering REAL dangerous situation with a criminal, they usually RUN THE OTHER WAY like cowards, so don’t hand me this “they felt threatened” bull.

    So I guarantee this cop would have faced more dire consequences had I been this dog owner. I can assure him – he wouldn’t soon forget it.

    I guess all the owner can do now is SUE SUE SUE. But we all know how far we get suing cops – they are a privileged class of people whose main job is protecting the wealth of the rich, so they are above the law here. Just another part of the current wonderful state of privately owned, wealth controlled, police-state America today. Best country in the world if you just don’t count any of the other ones!

    • TheREALbyeByeToTheRite

      Okay, I didn’t actually watch the entire video until after my post above….

      … and it’s WORST than I thought!! ALL these cops are just being arrogant jerks! Like most are.

      Cops as a whole (and my apologies go out to the FEW remaining decent police officers who take their jobs seriously – SO in the minority today) are just a bunch of cowardly, dumb, uneducated, smart-mouth, arrogant jerks who become cops because they have swollen heads and can’t do much of anything else. These guys had a tough time reading the case number!

      Note the arrogant swagger, the oh-so-typical-of-cops attitude like, “Oh, now what’s this guy’s problem, if he says one more thing, I’m taking him in to show him how more important I am than he is”.

      Arrogant cops in the nation, take notice: You know what you can do with yourselves.

  • Russell

    Cop should be fired. What happened to becoming a police officer and expecting it to be dangerous. Seem most can’t wait to shoot something for their own safety. Can’t stand the heat get of the job!

  • james marlatt

    There are some good law enforcement out there but I believe that the amount of bad or above the law or corrupt outnumber the good. If someone breaks in my house they will be the ones calling the cops trying to get them there before I kill them by whatever means necessary

    • rose

      JAMES, You would be doing EXACTLY what you should do in that situation. I don’t believe any law enforcement would even raise an eyebrow to your decision, crooked or not.

  • Steve Delgado

    This is a horrible tragedy to happen to anyone. Animal owners should make every attempt to be responsible enough to post warnings. I have signs indicating and warning anyone that there is a dog on the property. It serves as a warning to anyone that wants to enter my property. My heart breaks for this animal and part of me feels that if the owner had sense enough to put up a warning that his dog would still be alive. One of the very reasons I post signs. I never want to get a call like this or get sued when someone enters my property and gets bit. Because in this day and age, it would be just that. Even with signs posted, I would be sued when a criminal walks onto my yard and my dog protects the property by biting them. Prayers to the guy and his dog.

    • Larry Schillinger

      You have got to be kidding me. If the cop had not trespassed he would not have felt afraid. I no longer have a dog, but if I did, I would not give a warning to any bad guy who ever it might be.. All I have now to protect my family and my property are pistols, rifles and shotguns. Enter at your own risk.

      • Steve Delgado

        I do not kid and You sound just like those uneducated, irresponsible people that create the type of environment we live in. And you throw around the word trespass so freely. Maybe if there was a sign the officer would have not entered. Dude, I live in Oakland, do you think for one minute an officer or criminal cares? Hey, warned you. Go back to your pistol and rifles, I have my dog and I do what I can to protect him.

  • Mashandra

    It’s enraging that police can do terrible acts and the first thing they get is paid leave… It’s like paid vacation. I hope that this officer gets punished to the full extent but I highly doubt it, police officers unfortunately can do whatever they want. So sad. You can’t even have a dog to protect your home anymore or leave them in your secured yard because police will shoot them.

    • IraLee

      Interesting too ho they just declared that animal cruelty is now a Felony …. I hope this piece of shit officer gets a felony on his record for animal cruelty.

  • Dr James C Barker

    Right or wrong? The officer who did this made some very bad judgments’, decisions’ and it is not what a “good” police officer would have done. The police officer who did this demonstrated limited ability to react to stressful situations and their review should indicate the police officer is not qualified to handle stressful split second real life events’ that are a daily part of a police officers job. This officer is a dangerous weapon among the general population who might have killed the child or a person who put them into a stressful situation they could not handle. My decision would be to remove this officer from this job!

  • tigerrun

    Sick of the police using bad judgment and lies to cover their tracks.They always consider a person guilty before even knowing the facts and treat people as such. I look out for my own and do not need rent a cops.

  • Scott

    I must say..the officers remaining at the scene were quite courteous, controlled and professional.

  • Tony

    For one your obviously an idiot because it said Sean Kendall was the owner of the dog. You obviously didn’t pay attention the video or read . So before you post a comment know your facts.

  • jeremy

    An apology? Really? For being upset? Would it be something like, “hello officer I’m very sorry I yelled at you after my dog was shot”. If a citizen had walked onto his property and done the same thing, the shooter would be brought up on charges, had his gun taken away, and you wouldn’t be siding with him. So no, he doesn’t owe anyone an apology, he was wronged ,and rightfully upset.

  • Dennis

    No apology needed for being mad that an officer trespassed on private property and killed an animal that was properly fenced in. Police or not it’s illegal to enter private property with out a warrant or probable cause (meaning he saw or heard the missing child or signs of on the property, which I doubt). Also, the officer who committed the crime left, and don’t say cause they needed him else where cause they were able to spare three to stand in this guy’s yard.

  • TEC

    No. You don’t need a warrant if you fear for the safety of some one (like a 3 yr old child). It is a shame about the dog, but a police officer can enter a backyard without a warrant in situations such as this.

  • brian

    first if someone broke into my house and was beating me in the head. I doubt I could call a “peace” officer. second after hes done if i could call id much rather call an ambulance. police do not prevent crimes they sometimes catch people after the fact. Defending officers in a case that they clearly are in the wrong is both nonsensical and counter productive.

  • TheREALbyeByeToTheRite

    Tony, we bash police because most of the arrogant jerks serving today as jerks deserve to be bashed. Period.

    In this case, NOBODY I don’t care who you are is going to come into MY yard, onto MY property with my dog properly fenced in and then shoot it because they feel threatened. I can tell you I would shoot the cop under the same circumstances – I really would, because that’s a THREAT TO ME, and I have a legal right to respond to threats on my own property with force, according to law – right?

    If the little pansy girlie coward cop felt so threatened by this dog, he should have retreated or got an animal control expert. He was just being lazy, arrogant, and inconsiderate of others doing what he did.

    And yeah I’m getting tired of paying higher and higher taxes to pay for these thugs to have a lifetime welfare handout at my expense for doing nothing, for the most part for most of them, more than issuing trivial speeding tickets.

    This cop should be punished for his actions. He won’t, of course, because police are a protected, privileged group – after all, their MAIN job is sacred: To protect the wealth of the rich and privileged.

  • horsemom

    I’m so sorry for your loss Sandra!That’s horrible! It’s so sad that in our so called modern civilized society, you can’t even trust those hired to “serve & protect”. You don’t know which police officers are good & trustworthy, & who to be afraid of! I would have spent every last penny I had on suing the pants off that police department if that happened to us! These rogue, gun-happy cops must be singled out & STOPPED! This is happening way more than it should be.

  • Heather

    I agree that a human’s life (depending on which one) should be placed before an animal’s. …but do you honestly believe that a piece of skin that can be repaired, should be valued more than a life of a dog that was simply protecting it masters and best friends home?? Especially when it’s been the deep depths of emotional bonds between dog and master has been proven 100 times over. I honestly disagree with your opinion, and feel that a bite would have been less damaging to him, financially and emotionally (possibly career oriented as well). Did you not see the faces of the officer that had to explain? He understood the owner’s pain, and was probably questioning his fellow officer’s choice a bit.

  • TheREALbyeByeToTheRite

    Sorry, Roberto. My dog’s life means more to me than just another arrogant pig on my welfare dime. Especially if my dog is properly within my property in a fenced yard – the cop had no business being there, no matter what.

    And I’m not sure I would call all police officers “human”. Regardless, sorry I don’t worship cops like most brainwashed sheep in America do, but I DON’T put their safety ahead of the welfare of my dog on my own property.

    If cops don’t like they have a dangerous job, may I suggest other employment opportunities? Oh, they may not pay the lifetime welfare handout that being a cop does, but at least it would be a job they could do without hurting others.

  • malibujd44

    You are truly a HEARTLESS IDIOT that has never loved an animal. There is NO excuse as to what happened. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • R Sparks

    sir you must not have a dog if you did you would know that a dog lovers dog is the same as a child to us he could have backed out and called animal control or used pepper spray and it does work on dogs or he could have knocked at the door and had the lady lock the dog up plane and simple he over reacted that’s why all the negative comments

  • Larry Schillinger

    The first question is why was the police officer trespassing on private property? If he had not trespassed but ask permission to enter the yard, then the land owner would have put the dog away. If he had not trespassed, he would never had been afraid of the dog. Since the family was in the house, there could have easily been an even bigger situation, someone could have been shot by a stray bullet with the possibility of death. Now, which would have been better? Because of his inappropriate action, the officer at a minimum should be fired for trespassing and discharging his firearm in a residential area without an actual threat to his life. Also, because of his actions, the citizen and the police department and probably the officer will be sued and everyone will pay for his bad actions, and it could have been worse for him.

  • Laura Worth

    And they can also exit the property rather than murder the family pet that is in its own backyard

  • Roberto

    Very intelligent comment. I see this is a common theme with you. Mirrors your contribution to society I’m sure.

  • Larry Schillinger

    If he had not trespass and broke laws, then he would not have been afraid of the dog. There was no mention of him being attacked, the dog more than likely was barking because the cop was not supposed to be there. I just stated, if he had used his brain and not his gun everything would have had a much better outcome. Oh, what would happen to someone else if they had trespassed and shot the dog? Let me guess, arrested for trespassing, crudity to animals,, discharging a firearm. etc. and etc..

  • Roberto

    I am in fact an animal liver however , I am a REASONABLE and RATIONAL PERSON and I understand that no police officer should have to incur physical harm during the course if his job. Policing is inherently dangerous however when faced with an aggressive dog or person for that matter they are rightfully allowed to defend themselves. Also, I’m a bit surprised that so many people refer to the officer trespassing and I addressed this in my previous post. But, if the officers are looking for a missing child in the area they can go wherever they want. Aside from going into people’s homes, they can look outside around homes and on private property and they DO NOT need a warrant. Let’s not forget what they are doing – trying to find a lost child.

  • Roberto

    Good news sir – your taxes do not find police pensions. Police officers pay 12.5% out of their own paychecks to fund their own pensions. So your tax money is wasted by the state in a vast number of ways but not on the cops. Any other well thought out comments?

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