Kids rebuilding fireworks for a dangerous bang

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The St. Louis Fire Chief is warning that a new trend in fireworks is adding to the danger people face when they shoot them off. Kids are going out and buying the same packages of fireworks people get in countless locations around the area. Then, they’re taking them apart and rebuilding them.

“What they`re doing is going online and learning how to make them bigger, badder, better. We’re seeing more injuries, more burns. We`re seeing more damage done from fireworks.” said – Chief Dennis Jenkerson of the St. Louis Fire Department.

Jenkerson points out that all fireworks use is illegal in the city. He wants parents to be extra careful in watching their kids if they are shooting fireworks off. There were 12,000 injuries in the city alone last year, half of the victims were under fifteen. Many supposedly under parental supervision.

Jenkerson says he’s also concerned that Chinese fireworks manufacturers are cutting corners, making this stuff less safe. That is his opinion. However, dealers we contacted say their goods are reguarly inspected and they comply with the law.