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St. Louis Police Shoot Teen During Investigation

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A 17-year old male was shot in the leg by St. Louis police officers in south city Wednesday night. Police say the man who was shot is a suspect in a drug investigation but his aunt says a neighborhood dispute led to the confrontation with police.

It happened in the 6700 block of Vermont Avenue around 8 p.m. Police say they received a report about a drug deal in progress.

When they arrived at the scene the two suspects were inside of a blue Neon in an alley.  Police say one of the suspects, Tyree Boyce, got out of the car, flashed a gun and ran.

Officers opened fire hitting Boyce in the leg.  He was still able to run inside his nearby home.  Police followed the man to the home and were able to take him into custody.  He was then taken to an area hospital. He will survive.

Police have not said if any guns or drugs were found.

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  • Printit

    HUH? “Police would not say if any guns or drugs were found.”, yet above it reads :Police say one of the suspects, Tyree Boyce, got out of the car, flashed a gun and ran.”.
    Am I the only one that is confused?


    It is another way for the media to push their anti gun rant. They said on the news this morning ” Police opened Fire” on a suspect. I’m almost positive that they didn’t get out of their cars and start shooting. Geez gimme a break

    • Cit Riverview

      I don’t think its so much as anti-guns but its more pro minorities. Remember there’s a significant amount of people who work for FOX 2 that controls what goes out on the web. They delete lots of post that are critical of African Americans. .I’m sure after reading my post it will be history.

  • Verlon Holly

    why is this even a race issue im white but know the police single black teens out and i doubt he flashed a gun that was most likely the cops justifying their actions but stop the racial comment i dont like seeing it on either side we are humans get over it the only reason we have skin color is because different groups absorb the melatonin from the sun in different rates

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