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St. Charles man in critical condition after something blew off part of his hand

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - A St. Charles man is in critical condition after picking up something in his yard that blew off part of his hand. He is in intensive care at Barnes Jewish hospital, heavily sedated and unable to speak.

The fire department says they believe what exploded was a fireworks mortar about the size of a baseball.

"It does appear that he was holding it when it did go off because of the injuries and types of injuries he did sustain. It does appear he was holding onto it." said Capt. Dan Casey of the St. Charles Fire Dept.

Keen's son also named Mike says the family is being left in the dark. "They did find pieces of metal in his body. Other than that we are getting the run around from police and investigators."

Keen lost three fingers on his left hand. Doctors were able to save his thumb and pinky and reconstruct his palm. He also has internal injuries with burns on his chest and schrapnel in his neck.

We tried to reach St. Charles city police but got no response. However, the spokesman for the fire department says that there is no suspicion that this was a deliberate act meant to hurt someone. But, they still are not sure what caused the mortar to explode.


  • b

    I know Mike and hes a fun loving guy. He would onpy get sparklers n smoke bombs propbly. He wouldnt anything about making something. But, maybe someone else did, not him.

  • David Gorski

    Why did they find metal in his body from a firework? Unless it was made to hurt someone. I am not saying it was….but something does not sound right here. A mortar shell unexploded laying that far from where it was possibly shot? And once again why was there shrapnel in a firework? Once again something does not sound right.

    • Bill

      Different kinds of metal give off different colors as they burn. Their inclusion in fireworks is a commen ingrediant.

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