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One killed in Greyhound crash in Indiana, bus left from St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A wrong way driver is dead after slamming a stolen Ford Mustang into a Greyhound Bus Sunday morning in Indiana.  The bus was carrying passengers from St. Louis.  Its final destination was New York.  The crash was on Interstate 70 in Richmond.  Richmond is near the Ohio Indiana border.

“There were 24 customers onboard,” said Greyhound spokesperson Lanesha Gipson.  She said the bus driver was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital.  Gipson did not know the driver’s condition.

“24 customers were taken to a nearby hospital,” said Gipson.  “21 have been treated and released.”

She did not know the condition of the three who remained hospitalized Sunday afternoon, but a hospital spokesperson said none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

Gipson said anyone with a loved one on Bus 1679 Sunday morning can call the Greyhound Family and Friends hotline to check on their status.  The number is 1-800-972-4583.  She said Greyhound provided transportation for those well enough to continue on with their trip.

“We had a relief bus that was sent to get the remainder of the customers,” said Gipson.  “And we had a second bus because there were some people that were coming later.”

A spokesperson for a hospital treating the bulk of the passengers said the hospital was in the middle of a shift change.  He said that helped because some workers stayed late to help.

(Pictures via Wayne County Sheriff’s Department & WXIN FOX 59)

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  • Ace Baily

    buses,just like 18 wheelers just do not observe the laws of the road. speeding, tail gating,using restricted lanes just 3 of the violations that occur daily. if states were to issue tickets for the violations, instead of ignoring them, every state would have no budget problems

    • Gone Fishing

      See a picture and comment, hey St_upid a car was driving the wrong way and hit the bus! Go back to Channel 4 news where you will fit in being so ST_upid.

  • Tab

    If you read the article or listen to video. The car was going the wrong way down the Highway when it crashed and actually the car was running from police

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