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The Patriot Tour rolls through southwest Missouri

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JOPLIN, MO (KTVI)-Motorcycle riders in Joplin are honoring the military as part of the 2014 Patriot Tour. Every year, a group called The Nation of Patriots has a national effort to acknowledge the men and women who are serving and who have served in the military.

The Patriot Tour started Memorial Day weekend when a group of riders escorted a United States flag on the back of a motorcycle from a Harley-Davidson in Wisconsin to one in Illinois. From there it continues its journey for a hundred days, through 48 states. On Friday, the flag was at Hideout Harley-Davidson in Joplin.

The flag will make its way back to Wisconsin by Labor Day. Money raised from the cross-country ride goes to Veterans groups.


  • TheREALByeBye2TheWackyPatrioticRite

    Here’s an obvious chance for law enforcement to round up a bunch of folks all in one place with mental instabilities who pose a threat to our nation, yet we again miss the opportunity.

    Wonder what all these folks do for a living, especially to afford these expensive motorcycles? Oh, that’s right – I forgot about the extensive passing down of family estates from generation to generation in the rural areas from families who earned their fortunes four generations ago. So probably none of these people have ever worked a day in their lives, yet live on inherited wealth! And they’re tired of paying taxes to support freeloaders who won’t work!

    So NO WONDER they support our troops and our military! That’s what they’re there to protect!

    WARNING: If you happen to be riding anywhere near where I’m driving, and you decide to be cocky and cut in front of me or dangerously mess with me or my family, I’ll just run over you. No hesitation or questions asked – just flattened biker. Unlike some videos I’ve seen, I practice zero tolerance. Just so you know before you go.

    • rose

      My oldest brother is in this group, Vietnam Vet, Ceramic Engineer, Just retired from Owen’s Corning, Fiberglass Insulation Dept. in Ohio. Retired 2 years ago and moved back to STL. area. Worked all his life and payed his fare share of taxes while raising a family. Zero inheritance. These guys donate their own time and money for these projects, and support families in tragic times. I don’t believe any of these guys would ever give you any problem, only stop to help you, if in need. I know the bike behavoir you are talking about, many people feel and would do the same as you with those idiots.

    • Therealbyebyetotherite

      Everything you say is ugly mean nasty and hateful your the typical white trash dead beat wanna hipster but to fat to fit into skinny jeans. Marie the welfare queen I know we’re you live and how much money you get cause you “disability” you make me sick you p.o.s.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Leave it to bye bye short eyes to smear the heroes that fought oversea and the westboro left wing fringe.Bye bye only loves Muslims, thugs, and peds.TRUE democrat.I wish I knew more about “marie.”

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