Breastfeeding mother kicked out of Brad Paisley concert

(KTVI) - A California mother is fuming after she was escorted out of a concert.  Megan Christopherson says she was forced out of the Brad Paisley concert because she was breastfeeding her baby.  The video is causing outrage, because Christopherson says she was singled out for breastfeeding, four month old Gracie, who was strapped to her chest.

Authorities are disputing, saying they were worried about her children's safety.

Christopherson is not backing down.

The law says women can breastfeed anywhere in public that mothers are allowed to be.  Christopherson says she's not done taking her daughters to concerts, but she's done with the amphitheater that she was kicked out of over the weekend.


  • Jo

    “In the mother’s short video clip that she posted on YouTube but has since been taken down, the security officer is seen telling her that the child doesn’t have hearing protection and warning her of a crowd surge.” “Where you’re at, your child could get crushed,” the officer says. “We’re afraid your child’s eardrums are being hurt.” This is from another news source.

    So the mom’s own video confirms she was not kicked out for breastfeeding so she pulls it down! It is never an easy choice to breastfeed, even now, and women like this hurt the cause. She chose to stand in the pit area and was asked to take a seat free of charge for the protection of her children. There is nothing going on here beyond some woman looking for a payout for being a bad parent. I mean what good parent would take a small baby into the pit at a concert along with her eight year old.

    Same other news source says that she complained they were taking pictures of her before they spoke to her. Yes, it is called evidence. She may have been breastfeeding when some of the pictures were taken but they were taken because she was in the pit with two small children.

  • Alberta Cropp

    A responsible parent would not subject their child to the level of decibals at that concert. Why would she nourish her child in this respectable way, while she hindered his hearing? That is ignorant.

  • rose

    There are certain places you do not take babies or young children, simply for health and safety reasons. They need to post signs for people who have no common sense. She endangered the physical welfare of possibly both her children, for sure the baby. Great job for the security of taking notice of this baby and protecting it, the mother didn’t.

  • Mona

    I seriously do not understand the mental state of this mother. She put the welfare of this child in danger, instead of her suing the concert facility she needs to be investigated by DCFS services. This amazes me how people who mentally unstable have children, please California State look into the safety of this poor child.

  • connie

    I understand the breastfeeding issue but you’re at a concert where the noise is unbearable even for an adult’s ears . Can you imagine what she’s doing to her 4 month Olds hearing?

  • Mandy

    Congratulations – mother of the year goes to…
    Seriously – who exposes their baby to such noise levels!

  • Diane

    I really think that Child Protective Services should have a visit to her home and see what kind of mother she is with her child. Why would you take a 4 month old to a concert, no matter if a rap concert, death metal, etc. It’s called decibels and it is still too much for an infant. Ridiculous that people in our country have to behave the way she did. Hiring an attorney? it goes to so you the desperation of people to obtain money. I say CPS do a random check.

  • rose

    JODY, Did you even read the article of WHY she was ask to leave? Have you ever been to a concert and lucky enough to be in the pit area? That’s WHY she could be unfit, besides all the additional reasons added.

  • JODY

    yes I did read the article. I never said I agreed with her but I do not agree with the comments of her being “unfit” Does anyone know her, neither do I? Just because she took her children to a concert does not deam her unfit. Yes I have taken my childeren who is now 15 and 10 to a concert and wouldnt you believe…. they are still alive!!! I have also taken both my children as new borns to the dirt races, fireworks displays, fairs,disney on ice,the circus ect where there is roudy people,drinking and smoking and none of them are quiet events either. My question to you Rose have you ever taken your children to an event that may have been questionable, and I dont mean questionable to just you but others? If not you are parent of the year. No parent is perfect, maybe she had a reason IDK but I nor you have no room to pass judgement.

  • rose

    JODY, The answer is yes. Fireworks, out in the crowd, not standing beside fireman setting them off, Demolition Derby’s for the boys over 7 in the grandstands, on and on, but none to the comparison of a concert in the pit area, or 4 months old. My children have been to concerts, but were old enough to remember them now. Check out the noise levels up front and the dangers that level is to your eardrum and nerves, NOT recommended for small children, especially infants. Thank goodness for that baby, security had enough sense to be concerned enough to ask her to leave. The 10 year old is not why she was ask to leave and made the news, it’s all about the 4 month old, as it should be. Very poor judgement on the mothers part, and I hope for the baby’s sake, it was quick enough to prevent any permanent damage.

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