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Introducing the new 9am host

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(KTVI)- Tim and April introduce the new 9am host, Kim Hudson! She will take over full-time on Monday, July 21st, 2014.

They have fun with props and look back at fun moments with Kim.


  • Karen Ricardo

    Well I am done with the 9 a.m. I don’t care for the lady and I just don’t think she is right for Tim’s spot! He makes me laugh and she makes me shake my head. Sorry but when Tim goes I go too.

    • Super Cat

      Hey Tom, What do you mean ” black woman takes white guys job”? Tim said a while back that he was leaving to go full time with his ministry so the job wasn’t taken. Kim has been there a long time reporting part time. Angie Mock is a dunce that’s why she didn’t get the job. Congratulations and best wishes to Tim and congratulations to Kim.

  • Cit Riverview

    Another lost viewer to the 9 am show
    I don’t care for the lack of Diversity. Remember This ” Diversity is our strength”.

  • jgibson233

    Honestly, I was very surprised they picked Kim Hudson to replace Tim Ezell. Nonetheless, Hudson should be a great stylistic counterbalance to April Simpson for 9AM.

    As for Hudson’s current spot, Angie Mock should be returned (and probably will) to the role she used to had prior to January 2014.

  • Dot

    I’m not sure about your choice about Tim’s replacement just GLAD April didn’t get the job she had a annoying voice this morning I had to turn off the volume she just wouldn’t stop someone needs to tell her. I maybe be just turning off the tv at 9am.

  • Kev'll b Flippin

    As long as Tim has been around and as dynamic, energetic & entertaining as he has been, and this is best they can come up with for a replacement. I like Kim but she’s a good second banana at best, with an uninspiring, monotone voice and plain style. C’mon, this deserved a national rplcmt search, not only owing it to viewers but also to recognize Tim’s value & talents as well. It’s like a slap in face to Tim . . . You dropped ball on this one Fox.

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