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Missouri governor vetoes teacher gun legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed legislation allowing specially trained teachers to carry concealed guns in public schools.

The Democratic governor said Monday that the legislation would have jeopardized student safety. But supporters said it would have helped protect students from armed intruders.

Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature began considering the legislation after the deadly 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The legislation would have allowed public school districts to designate certain teachers or administrators as “school protection officers,” who would undergo special training to carry concealed weapons.

State lawmakers would need a two-thirds majority in each chamber to override Nixon’s veto. The bill met that mark when it originally passed the House. It fell two votes short in the Senate, but three Republican senators were absent.



    The state name is The Show Me State. I would like for the governor to Show Me how childrens lives would be in danger by a teacher carrying a firearm.
    The fact is he cannot show me cause he has no concrete evidence that they would be in danger. A person that has been taught the proper technique in CCW and when and how to use it would be more beneficial to a childs life than waiting up to 3-4 minutes on police to respond to a school in an active shooter situation.
    There are more than enough credible classes mostly taught by police officers to teach the proper ways for a teacher to carry a gun. This would keep children safe that’s for sure.
    Nixon just didn’t want to show that he would be doing the right thing here to keep children safe. He hasn’t looked at the facts to see that firearms save lives.

    • TheREALByeBye2TheNRARITE

      Teachers carrying guns in school is about as retarded an idea the Tea Party NRA extremists can come up with – ranks right up there with the phony lie that tax breaks for the wealthy create jobs. Just one of the most obnoxiously dumbo ideas of recent times, just demonstrating how primitive and backward our state and our nation is rapidly becoming.

      You want “facts” to show that children’s lives would be in danger if teachers carried weapons? If you have to ask the question, you obviously have no clue.

      Go ahead – arm yourself to the teeth, if yer that much a coward. But keep your gun concealed to yourself, and keep it out of our face, got it? MOST of us don’t want it – just because a few hicks in the rural areas worship their guns ’cause they ain’t got much anything else, is no reason to arm society to the teeth – we need be doing quite the opposite.

      And yer free to conceal yer gun ANYWHERE you please – and I have the perfect suggestion for where you can conceal it. Just keep yer guns out of our schools.

      Anyone who BRINGS a gun TO a school should be a felony with 15 years in prison – at least as much punishment as finding a dirty pic on some otherwise harmless guy’s PC.

      Thanks, Jay!

      • archangel89

        Fox2Now should have a policy against trolls. Poor thing.. are you that impotent and impoverished that you must resort to such vitriolic name calling. Is this how you get back at mommie for being so mean to you.. never hugging you? Come out of mom’s basement and join the real world.. And as for that — politician — currently occupying the governor’s mansion.. Jay, I very much hope that you are right.. But remember this. The people of this very red state are watching you and your political maneuvering. I guarantee that guns will not be blamed if you are wrong. YOU will. And I guarantee that my representatives will be calling for your impeachment because me and my friends will be camped out on their doorstep until they do. I really don’t care what happens to people like therealbyby2thenrarite (sure, dude and maybe the democrats will stop using a bucking j a c k a s s as their totem).. The NRA is stronger now that ever.. Many thanks to people just like you..


    Thanks, Jay Nixon, for being a voice or reason in a sea of otherwise uneducated, extremist gun-worshipping hicks.

    MOST of us are tired of Missouri government being dominated by hicks from the rural areas. Enough is enough. Nixon is the voice of reason, the voice for the MAJORITY in the urban areas. He’s just doing the right thing.

    Pass a law making it a felony punishable by 15 years in prison for simply BRINGING a gun to a school or SHOWING a gun near a school would be a MUCH better idea. But the rich hick thugs of the NRA won’t shower huge donations down the Republican hick candidates then, so we know the hicks in the legislature from the rural areas will NEVER do that.

    So thanks, Jay! You saved us from Republican extremism again!

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