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Normandy parents sue over school transfer changes

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ A group of Normandy school district parents has filed suit over changes to student attendance rules that limit the number of students who can transfer to better-performing schools.

Seven parents filed a lawsuit Monday in St. Louis County Circuit Court against the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the state Board of Education and the newly formed Normandy Schools Collaborative. The complaint also names the Brentwood, Clayton, Ladue, Parkway, Pattonville and Ritenour school systems.

The suit comes after Missouri officials disbanded the unaccredited Normandy system in favor of a newly named entity under state oversight. That decision allows school districts that had previously accepted Normandy transfers to limit the numbers of those students in the coming school year, or to not take any children from the Normandy district.


  • Cit Riverview

    Another drain on the society from parent/s that let a school system like Normandy collapse.If those parent/s want to do something try looking into a mirror and p;acing the blame on the reflection. The school system that become overloaded with Minorities fail or are on the cusp of failure across this country. Try this Minorities,,change your culture raise your children like they are the most important thing in your life,instead of a Tax exemption or another depended for your EBT card or your Section 8 Voucher.

  • Charley

    If you are so upset over the changes in the rules, Sell your house in the Normandy district and buy a house in a better district. Pay those taxes in the new district and all is well. Better yet send them to a private school where they have stricter rules and better discipline policies, Yeah you will have to pay for it, but if the children do not want to work for their grades, it’s your money being wasted not mine. My school was not that great, but I did learn there, and If I wanted to be in a better school district, my parents would have had to pay their property taxes plus the additional taxes for the other school. That was not going to happen, I learned to like where I went, or pay for schooling myself.

    • Nate

      sounds logical to me too but who does that in a matter of weeks? If you signed an intent to return expecting to send your child back and the state made a ruling weeks ago saying you longer can do that……and it were you (that’s the important thing), could you sell your house and move into another one in less than a month? Most parents on this lawsuit are educated, career oriented home owners, not welfare recipients living on section 8 and surviving off EBT cards. I know that’s the image we love to paint, but drive in some of those Normandy communities; there homes are probably larger than yours. Bellerive Acres, Pasadena Hills, The Village of Bel-Nor…..you have doctors, college professors who teach at UMSL who live there. Let’s broaden our thinking when it comes to that community.

      • rose

        NATE, I would be willing to bet that none of their kids go to Normandy, where their tax dollars go, they pay out of pocket for a private school, because they can. I don’t really believe too many people pulled their kids out of a Private School to be bussed and educated beside Normandy students. Not that they are better than Normandy students, they just think they are.

  • Martha young'Turner

    If they want their kids to have a good education they need to get jobs and pay taxes. Quit expecting some one else to support you and your kids. Our tax money is wasted enough with out all of the free loaders in this country.

    • Fed Up With Liberals

      Well stated Martha…….””Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.”
      (President Ronald Reagan)

      • rose

        FED UP W L,, I agree. It was designed to help the man that was sick or broke his leg and couldn’t work. Was meant to be TEMPORARY assistance through hard times, NOT a way of life. We went to a school that didn’t have a lot of money, we still learned, had disipline, and graduated. It’s all in the attitude, making the most of what you have, not wanting something you don’t have and expecting everyone else to pay for it.

    • concerned parent

      Well Martha, I personally know at least 3 families where the parents involved in the lawsuit are all home owners, tax paying citizens with full time careers: Nurses, Therapists, CPA’s and have college degrees. I’m related to one of them. They would all be more than willing to send their children back to the private institutions they pulled them out of if they had known about this months ago. To spring this on them in July….JULY when school is out, private school application deadlines have long passed and the state refuses to take their tax paying dollars and transfer them to the districts where their children attend is wrong. Basically they are “forcing” them to send their children to Normandy at such short notice. I would fight too!

  • J-St. Louis

    @ Cit Riverview, you are about as ignorant as they come. All the parents involved in this lawsuit are parents who initially had their children in private school and took advantage of the transfer when it passed last year. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sending their kids back to private school; if they had time to apply. Most private school application deadlines have passed and are no longer accepting new students. Coupled with the fact that it’s the middle of summer, they wouldn’t have the time to apply anyway. These parents were forced into a situation because the Department of Education made a decision weeks ago which forced their backs against the wall in sending their children to Normandy. Do the research before you post a comment. I know of one couple in particular who lives in a rather affluent part of the District; the husband is a CPA and the wife is a Therapist and they are far from ignorant and value education, but again- when a decision is made in the middle of July that their children can no longer take part in the transfer because they sent them to private school, as a tax paying citizen I would fight too. I’m sure they don’t mind moving into a better district, but who sells a house and buys another one in a matter of weeks? I guess some people can, but the average American can’t.

    • rose

      J-ST.LOUIS. Why would they take their kid’s out of a Private School in the 1st place? Take a chance on losing your slot? Did they just jump at a better school than Normandy that was free, knowing the chances this transfer deal was temporary? I don’t doubt at all that there are a lot of good, hard working, educated people in the district. I would like to know the figures on how many people took their kid’s out of a private school, to participate with the transfer and other Normandy students, they paid money to keep them from in the 1st place.

      • J- ST. LOUIS

        Rose, to save money. For the couple I know the timing of it was perfect because at the time the wife lost her job in August of 2013. She has since found another one and they are back to a point where they can pay for private school again. Their children were placed in Parkway- by far one of the best districts in the state! They weren’t bussed like the kids that went to Francis Howell. They commuted everyday to take their children to school; the husband dropped them off, the wife picked them up. One child had perfect attendance and the other may have missed 2 days at the most. My heart really does go out to them because they’re trapped in the middle. I’m almost certain had they seen this coming, they would have been prepared. I know myself from having kids in private school that they aren’t very flexible once you miss those application deadlines for the upcoming year. I understand the outrage due to the inequality of the majority of these kids who are in it for the free ride and taking advantage of the system, but others that my heart really does go out to them and I understand why they would fight for their children. If you were this couple under those circumstances and it were your kids, wouldn’t you do the same?

    • Cit Riverview

      I didn’t mention any of those parents, they’re not the problem. But they are responsible! I’m assuming they are Black? With all that educational background, why didn’t they run for that school board and direct its responsibility for teaching those kids. No! They left it up to the welfare queens or duds. It had one person of any educational background Ms. Sheila Williams the rest don’t even have a BIO. They and the parents of that God forsaking school district are the ones to blame. Call me anything you like, but I know spade is a spade, and a hammer is a hammer. You just want to deflect and not talk about the real culprits of that ignominy.

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