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St. Charles Director of Elections asked to return taxpayer money

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – The St. Charles Director of Elections is under fire. The County’s Auditor and Director of Finance co-signed a letter to Rich Chrismer asking hundreds of thousands of dollars be returned to taxing districts within the County.

Director of Finance Bob Schnur told FOX 2 the Election Authority collected too much money and claims Chrismer is refusing to return the money. Chrismer denies any wrongdoing.

Schnur and Auditor Brent Statler believe Chrismer’s office owes local taxing districts more than $200,000. They say an additional amount, approximately $500,000, was collected even though there were no expenses to apply that money toward.

Schnur and Statler say Chrismer has been ducking their requests to return the money. Scnur suspects Chrismer wants to wait until the primary election is over.

Chrismer is running against Arnie Dienoff. Dienoff spoke before the County Council expressing his concerns about Chrismer’s actions.

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    • Ace Baily

      Tom, even if he returns money, that will not clear him of his wrong doing,that is a lot of coin. Someone pinches a tank of gas, they sit in jail for a long time, steal big bucks, no problem. does not matter where the coin sits, taken illegally is theft.

      • Tom Hayes

        I really don’t know if I want to vote for the former Mayor of St. Charles – Patty York – for Director of Elections, if Rich doesn’t give the funds back.

    • John

      Kevin, if you want to see corrupt politicians I suggest you move to Illinois. Rich Chrismer is not a valid representation of politicians in St. Charles County. The county is very much political but corruption is not to be found in St. Charles County. Mr. Chrismer is one bad seed, and the rest of the County Government, County Executive Ehlmann, County Auditor Statler, Financial Director Schnur, and everyone else, are all honorable individuals. I urge those in St. Charles County to vote for the only logical candidate running for the position, Ms. York. It’s time to restore honor to the Director of Elections’ office.

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