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Dangerous game making huge surge on social media

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(KTVI)-- It's a dangerous game that has been around for years.

But now social media is giving this potentially deadly contest even more steam.

It only takes a few seconds and in an instant your loved one is gone.

This is the reality for Leslie Zalaback as I showed her how the game similar to the one that claimed her sons life is making a huge surge on Facebook.

Fourteen-year-old Troy Zalaback played the choking game, but this thrill seeking contest that teens see as fun, turned deadly for Leslie`s only son.

At first police classified Troy’s death as a suicide, but after further investigation it was concluded Troy didn`t take his own life.

Medical professionals say that teens play these games to get some sort of adrenaline rush, but little do they know it can cause serious injury or even death.

Five years later, it is so extremely painful. All Leslie has now is fond memories of her son Troy.


  • Buck O'Famagh

    Everyone is someone’s child. Some are just not raised to have a sense of judgement. The penalty is sometimes the ultimate one.

  • Joe

    All this technology has just made people stupider. And this is nothing new, in the early 90s it was AOL and erotic asphyxiation. People just want to act and not think about their actions. There is also a story about kids using rubbing alcohol and setting themselves on fire. Again, acting without thinking.

    • Andrew Gardner

      To combat you naysaying technology: technology with smart regulation is the way to go (like laws on use of Google Glass). That being said, some people are stupid and others are smart. I read about a preteen who died after he grabbed hold of a train starting to move, and this was before the internet. He died when he let go when it was moving at such a high speed, and he couldn’t hold on anymore. In grade 8, I saw a friend of mine spray his finger with hairspray and lit it on fire (very brief, he blew it out quick), and this was a decade before YouTube was even created. But I will admit: social media just makes messages to stupid people more accessible.

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