Security cameras near dressing rooms shock customer

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) – The last time you went shopping, how private was the dressing room you walked into?  Many of us don’t take the time to look for security cameras while trying on clothes, but when one thrift store shopper did look, she was shocked by what she saw.

While DeAnna Morris was shopping at the Ballwin Red Racks, she noticed a security camera, clearly visible, even with the door shut.  She took a video to document what she saw.  “When you’re undressing, you don’t want to see a camera. That’s an invasion of privacy,” she explains.

A Red Racks store manager showed FOX 2 the video that this security camera captures. It is pointed towards the dressing rooms, but when you enlarge the image, it’s blurry and pixelated.  The manager also let Morris view the surveillance, on a separate occasion.  Despite the poor image quality, she was still bothered by what she saw.  Morris says, “I was actually able to see a lady changing. I could see her standing there in her red bra from the waist up.”

Ballwin police investigated the placement of the security camera on the store’s ceiling, but didn’t find anything criminal about it.

The manager says this is one of several security cameras inside the store, meant to prevent shoplifting.  Proceeds from this non-profit thrift shop benefit disabled veterans.

What do other shoppers think? Glenda Mertz says, “It’s a safety precaution against shoplifting, which I’m very much against. And to be shoplifting from the veterans’ store is just unbelievable.”

“Well I can understand the reason for it, because there’s so much shoplifting going on, and the stores are losing so much money, but I think they also need to protect the privacy of the person,” adds Helen Sanders.

FOX 2 visited the other St. Louis-area Red Racks, located in Creve Coeur. None of the cameras inside that store pointed towards the fitting rooms.

Now, the Ballwin Red Racks manager says he will be changing the angle of that camera, but won’t say why.

Still, Morris wants all women to be aware, and not just at Red Racks.  “Women, you need to really, really watch those cameras when you’re changing,” she says.


  • Chris Worley

    What actions can I take if any at all about the cameras in the dressing room. We frequent there and my now 18 year old tried on a lot of clothes while underage although she doesn’t look under age! I am furious!

  • Michele

    As a former member of management of the store in Ballwin I can say with 100% certainty that the cameras were not pointed anywhere near the dressing rooms prior to the current manager taking over. Legality is not one of red racks strong suits as my job was “no longer available” to me after being in the hospital for being hospitalized due to a pregnancy related life threatening illness for 5 days, with a doctors note. My son, who was born 6 weeks early, is still in the NICU. Now I am without a job, and one of the people who replaced me is spying on women in dressing rooms. Good job red racks – very classy. Fox2, please contact if you would like more info.

    • DeAnna

      Michele, I am sorry to hear about your situation! I pray for you and your son! Another reason not to shop Red Rack!

  • Susan

    I am appalled. Does the manager have another reason to be spying on women undressing? You do not spy on people in a dressing room. Possible lawsuit? Who knows. Thank goodness, I have never been in one of those stores. I live on the other side of the river and we do have Savers for the Vets. Though I have never been in their or any thrift shop dressing rooms, I am going to be looking up and see where they are pointing.

  • DeAnna

    Thank you for your support! I just hope my story helps women become more aware of their surroundings. It is too bad the Red Rack had to invade the privacy of their shoppers. The Veterans could really benefit from the proceeds. I will find another way to support Veterans!

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