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“Apparently” interview now an auto-tuned song

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“Apparently I have never been on live TV before, but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news! ” said Noah Ritter.

His television debut on Newswatch 16 would not be his last. 5 year old Noah Ritter, who wants to be a palientologist and study dinosaurs when he grows up has become an overnight social media sensation. Little Noah Ritter interview at the Wayne County fair has gone viral. Now, like a true internet celebrity, he has been auto-tuned.

The Gregory Brothers have
turned this internet sensation into a song. They have an app that can remix almost anything into and auto-tuned masterpiece.

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  • Shannan

    Could whomever is in charge of hiring writers for these types of posts please hire people who know how to spell and grammar check their writings before publishing? How do these writers even get a job?


    “Little Noah Ritter interview “-possessive noun? (Use an apostrophe s please!)

    “They have an app that can remix almost anything into and auto-tuned masterpiece.” – It’s ‘an’, not ‘and’.

    Missing comma after “when he grows up”

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