Teenager shot, killed in Ferguson apartment complex

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - A shooting in Ferguson has tensions riding high between residents and police. Saturday afternoon, a police involved shooting occurred at the Canfield Green apartment complex in the 2900 block of Canfield. A teenager was shot and killed. An officer from the Ferguson Police Department was involved in the shooting.

At the request of the Ferguson Police Department, the St. Louis County Crimes Against Person Unit is taking over the investigation of the shooting. The police officer involved in the shooting has been put on paid administrative leave.

Witnesses to the shooting say the person shot was an 18-year-old teenager named Michael Brown who was walking in the middle of a street with a friend.

Following the shooting, a large crowd of residents from the apartment complex gathered at the crime scene in the middle of the apartment complex. In response to the crowd, Ferguson police request additional help for crowd control from St. Louis County Police. A spokesperson for St. Louis County Police says a perimeter was set-up around the apartment complex after gun fire was heard in the area.

Late Saturday night St. Louis County Police issued a news release stating that a press conference will be held Sunday at 10 am at Ferguson Police Department.

In response to Saturday’s shooting the St. Louis County NAACP has launched an investigation. The NAACP has also asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to intervene in the investigation.

The president of the St. Louis County NAACP Missouri State Representative Ester Haywood released the following statement:

“We are hurt to hear that yet another teenaged boy has been slaughtered by law enforcement especially in light of the recent death of Eric Garner in New York who was killed for selling cigarettes. We plan to do everything within our power to ensure that the Ferguson Police Department as well as the St. Louis County Police Department releases all details pertinent to the shooting. We strongly encourage residents to stay away from the crime scene so that no additional citizens are injured. I have spoken directly with St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, and I am confident that both he and his department will ensure that the investigation is conducted properly and that all details are kept transparent.”




  • chris

    All the blacks say whites are the problem last time I checked most of the slaves were detained and held prisoner by blacks until sold to the whites so once again they blacks can’t take responsibility for there own actions but yet the white man is the problem

    • Let's talk sensibly!

      Oh Chris, Chris, please stop playing in the middle of traffic, you’re going to get hit. No the slave trade was not orchestrated by Africans although there were some that participated in their capture and sale but very few and definitely not enough to let you guys off the hook. Furthermore, yes, no man should own another man. In fact, no man owns any man, freedom is God given. This is what you guys fail to look at. Yes, you guys are guilty of slavery but to just address slavery really lets you guys off the hook and is quite a distraction from the real matter. Understand this, slavery did not begin in America with the white man’s chattel slavery. Slavery has existed for centuries. What makes the whites man’s chattel slavery so bad is what you guys did in your position of power. You guys are guilty of the sickest, and atrocious acts known to man. From the raping of little boys and girls in front of their parents, to cutting unborn babies out of pregnant women’s stomachs, to ripping people’s limbs of simultaneously in different directions. These types of acts are not, and never were, an automatic for slavery. You are not as much condemned for slavery as you are for your acts of untamed barbarism like packs of wild dogs. The evil you guys committed had nothing to do with slavery and displayed you guys to the world at your sickest moment. What you should ask yourself is, although you people were slave owners, why did they do the sick things they did? In short, your people were, and as you still see in the news today, and still are, a very sick and satanic people. I would spend more time in looking at what your people are doing and trying to figure out why instead of trying to justify being, a murderous, blood thirsty pack of heathens! Holler!

  • MAE

    And rose i am getting so tired of seeing you commenting on black post an saying things about black people you clearly have no life and must feel very low about yourself always stating what you wen through with blacks, well black people and latinas/ latinos deal with racist white people on an daily basis and we deal with it so just because someone gives you an taste of your own meds don’t act like its the end of your life so with that being said go get an job because its clear you don’t have one all you do is go on to news sites an try an down the black races every chance you get which is everyday and take care of your RESPONSIBILITIES which is not talking about about black people im sure of it read a book take an walk go talk to someone about your problems that you have going on with you because its clear your crazy!spend 6 months minding your own business and the other staying out of others and i promise you you will not be so looney. again this message is to ROSE! Just for you sweetie!

  • Jaydee

    Can’t we all just hit a bong??? Why does it have to be “you people”? This is not about slavery, it’s not about blacks,whites,jews,cavemen,cavewomen,hindus or any other race/color, this is about an 18yr old boy that doesnt get to see his kids have kids. He doesnt get to go to college, he doesnt get to do anything. BIG PICTURE!

  • rugby_hooker34

    The thing is in just reading the first couple comments alone, you can truly see why those grudges and racism is still there. We point fingers and blame people for the act of someone else and then excuse the entire race or population of being the same and doing the same. Yes people have fucked up in the past, but at the same time those are people in the PAST. Dead and gone. Not today. Not in the present society. Though some still follow those beliefs, not an entire race follows one set of beliefs or guidelines. The reality of it all, is that we’re scared. We don’t trust those around us, and those who are different from our normal lives. We are scared to be hurt and want to be safe. So we accuse, point the blame on other people, rather than all live in a world where every color is what it should be. The same, but looks different.

  • Ca$3y El3vat3r (@CaseyGramz)

    I’ve dealt with racism from black people before too. Racism exists still altogether. This could have been any of my friends from Ferguson, and I’m thankful it wasn’t. No one should be shot down like that for the color of their skin, never the less for an apparent theft, that might not of even occurred.

  • WIldkkard

    You havent dealt with racism from “Black” people because “Black” people have no power here. Anything with the suffix “ism” relates to a systematic cause and racism is the system of bring down another race through power (i.e. gentrification, denying loans, inequality in the justice system). You might have been bigoted by a black person but that about it. Blacks only have the power to voice their hate for someone though name calling or rioting but nothing that will controll or keep of races from being put down.

  • Honey

    what program are we talking about is it called birth control, or is it called daddy raise your boys to be decent men. We need to nip it in the bud at home and quit looking for the government to save us. All they are doing is killing us and locking us up.

  • George

    That program is called Parenting. No excuses it starts at home. Personal responsibility is another program that you might want to look at vs blaming everyone else.

  • Eric Holder

    The President of the US is black and he’s an epic failure. Unfortunately, he has too much control.

  • Matt

    Black people can’t be racist? Let me introduce you to a dictionary.
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    “a program to combat racism”
    synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism More

  • rose

    ALICIA HOWARD, that’s not true. They control myself and many others who would like to enjoy many things in STL, but won’t take our families there because we are afraid of being robbed, shot, our car gone when we go back to it, if it is still there, windows busted out. They are controlling keeping people out of the city and outskirts.

  • Here come the race hustlers

    You are so full of it. What liberal processor filled your head with that load of dung? Keep believing that and African Americans will be permanent victims trapped by the Democrat party.

  • DD

    There’s a reason your people aren’t controlling anything, they rarely make any advances in any area, EVER. Go to Nigeria and enjoy yourself

  • Booger

    Blacks still sell other blacks into slavery in Africa. The first slave owner in the American colonies was a black man.

  • NT

    Give me one scenario that you can think of where an Unarmed civilian should justifiably be shot by law enforcement. I’m all ears.

  • Dwes

    Even though he was unarmed, young kids are more trigger happy than anyone. They are scared to get beat up or think they are tough so they have guns..but yeah its not a race thing is a cop thing. I have been harassed by black and white officers

  • Here come the race hustlers

    Knowing any facts before making stupid racially charged allegations? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!!!!

  • S. Parker

    The young man was not armed and had surrendered before being shot several more times. There was absolutely no just cause for what happened to him.

  • Steve Rogers

    Your right he needs to wake up. Black people need to band together formed militias defend their street and promote group economics . Because apparently hundred of stories of police shooting unarmed black people aren’t going to stop to police from doing it again

  • Matt

    You want an example? If someone attacks a law enforcement office, and the office feels his life is in danger or there is a risk of great bodily harm, it is justified.

  • Steve Rogers

    Hmmm nobody today is affected by slavery? It’s almost like Jim Crow didn’t happen. Almost like it didn’t take another 100 years for black people to earn equality or to have basic human rights. It’s not like they have their families separated, judged wrongly and often times fatality from negative stereotypes. While the white higher class made money off their backs. No slavery didn’t effect anyone today, it’s all water under the bridge.

  • max843 (@max843)

    You honestly don’t understand how 400 years of being suppressed could affect people today? It affects everything that is passed down through generations – self esteem, education, wealth, real estate holdings – I could go on and on. Let alone the mindset that the killings this week of John Crawford and Mike Brown have brought to the fore.

  • FIsh

    Did you just hear the same story I heard? A young, black, teenager was just shot 7 times in the back by an authority figure who is suppose to uphold the law. What the hell does that have to do with birth control and bad parenting?

  • chickontheside

    Fish I was responding to Keia not you, so calm down and speak when addressed, then maybe you can follow a conversation if you are not on the outside. And my empathy go out to the family because I know what its like to bury a child, it is hard and all the mothers who go walked in her shoes. Pain don’t care and death don’t care we are all the same.

  • Dennis

    The president of the St. Louis County NAACP Missouri State Representative Ester Haywood released the following statement:
    “We are hurt to hear that yet another teenaged boy has been slaughtered by law enforcement especially in light of the recent death of Eric Garner in New York who was killed for selling cigarettes.
    This Statement, began with an Obvious Lie. Eric Garner, the 27 year, Career Petty Criminal with a dozen Prior Arrests was subdued because he resisted Arrest, and died later, in the Hospital.
    If you want to save the lives of Young Black Males, go to Chicago.
    No Notable Black person wants to even Talk about, or listen to any comments regarding the Death rate in Chicago. Nothing will help, or minimize the Carnage until THAT Reality is acknowledged.

  • L2011

    I read the story too and it said nothing about the person being shot 7 times in the back,,,,Seems you want to see it your way and that’s the only way…..Don’t call people out if you can’t even get your ish right. I’ll wait for the official report to see the outcome as I’ve heard 3 different scenarios as what has happened.

  • Steve Rogers

    The typical “what about black on black crime” deflection used by white supremacist and black people who are too disillusioned to see their being used for white supremacist goals. This isn’t about Chicago this is about Ferguson, Mo. This is about the constant police shoot before asking questions approach before minority man. This is about the special privilege whites get when this situation never happens to them, so they assume it doesn’t happen to anyone else either. You don’t think Eric Garner’s death was caused by police? Clearly there is something wrong with you

  • Bec

    I’m baffled by this. Isn’t the most powerful man in the free world black? And as a white person, I’m pretty sure I’ve never been in control of anyone’s food/language/travel etc. Can you expatiate?

  • rose

    ANNAMARIA, go to work for the Dept. of Corrections, the black inmates will teach you things about racism you wouldn’t believe.

  • mary

    I grew up in north st.louis city,we had to move because as blacks moved in crime increased and properties deteriorated.90% of the crimes reported everyday are by blacks. this isn’t racism this is the truth. watch what your kids are doing , clean up your own neighborhoods and quit blaming your problems on everyone else.by the way in case you haven’t noticed you are no longer the minority

  • Ron Brost (@PetAware)

    Matt, it’s true whites are and have been historically violent. But pointing out the obvious isn’t so helpful – what do you plan to do about it? What will you do to change the incredible amount of violence that exists in white culture?

  • FIsh

    First of I get my news from more than one source. Secondly, I didn’t call “you” out. Third, you’re right about them not saying how many times he was shot on the video, but if you would turn you’re attention to some other credible sources you would’ve heard that before you made it you’re business to comment on my post. Personally, I can think of about 3 friends off hand that stay in those apartments that I’ve heard from today that’s told me what happened. I’m not even going to speak on my facebook profile. The fact of the matter is a cop shot an unarmed teen multiple times in the back. I don’t care about what race he or the victim was or any of that. This is something that’s happening more and more with police and something needs to be done. If people started taking up arms and forming militias in the streets like they did in the 1960’s and 1970’s then they’d be labeled as terrorist. Then they sit and complain about how they can’t solve cases because minorities won’t cooperate with their investigations, this is a huge part of the problem.

  • mary

    When are people in the black communities going to start cleaning the mess they have created. quit blaming the white people for all your problems…a lot of which you have created yourself. take a walk through north city and see how wonderful you have made it…and look at the crime stats. and you have the nerve to wonder why white people think as they do.

  • st louisian

    Do you know that for a fact!? He may have been unarmed, but he was a big guy, the officer may have felt threatened…remember..you may not want to think about this, but they have families too, they need to come also! He robbed a gas station….come on!

  • Booger

    Yeah, let’s keep deflecting and blaming others instead of taking responsibility for our own actions. It is ok if I sell crack or be a gang banger cause someone not related to me in the 1860s was a slave.

  • st louisian

    Well, the beauty of america is just this….. I am white, but my famly came from another country, took no part of slavery…nothing handed to them! I owe my ancestors for my freedom…you are ignorant in the sense that YOU judge people by their color, I may be white, but my ancestors, as with yours, have not had anything handed or was easy for us….So please help me understand how I am suppose to see this as a race card!!

  • Victoria

    well said, Booger, that is exactly right. Anyone thinkin’ white flight? I am. I am tired of living around black rage it is almost palpable and really frightening that regardless of what race you are you should be taught early in life that no one owes you anything and your behavior is yours alone, stop playing the blaming game. Earn your keep and stop whining about reality.

  • Shauneal Sanders

    To be expected, another Black, another day, another repetition of the old cliche, “Not part of the solution”. The Whites should admit to an ‘ongoing racial insensitivity’ in trying to judge others by the content of their character, rather than by their color of skin . The Blacks now would have it back the other way, as membership has its privileges. Should have known it would come to this. I smell another city burning. What was the poor “child” stealing this time?

  • Booger

    That is what I don’t understand. The message being sent is that there is no value in the life of black man unless it is ended by a cop. Only then is it worth protesting for.

    Where were all these protestors when the Normandy school system was going under? Why were they not on the streets demanding better education?

  • Negative Hippie (@Negative_Hippie)

    Kirk, my problem with that is that the protests happen because people with power and responsibility are the ones behind the killer. Protesting against people who either don’t have power, or aren’t a real organization, makes it aimless. Police officers, more than any group of people, have a responsibility to not do harm to people. This case was completely inexcusable, and neither the shootings nor the protests in response should be “well where are the protests for non-police officers who kill in the community?”

  • Dyscarp

    Great comment. I have never understood the gang mentality and am very happy to live in an area with little to no gang activity.

  • Reco Green

    Point blank they I mean the police need 2 stop killing our young black men out hear this shit needs 2 stop. This ain’t Florida things will happen behind this watch what I tell u

  • Joey

    I really don’t think you are black . Since black people have rallied when it comes to black on black crime.

  • LeeAnn

    My friend I could not have said it better, society doesn’t want to face the fact or rally (hold accountable) those who kill each other on the street, because that is everyday living to some. I do agree with you and lets wait till all the facts come out before we (society) start pointing fingers because always remember “WHEN SOMEONE IS POINTING A FINGER AT ANOTHER THAT MEANS FOUR (4) MORE IS POINTING BACK AT THEM” ! Just saying lets go back to when you could sleep with the doors & windows open, walk to the store night or day with no worries, let our kids play in the yard whether front or back, ride their bikes, etc, etc, etc…. I personally believe it is “OUR VERY OWN SOCIETY’S FAULT” for all the wrong doing & crime in our world. Kirk if we had more people think half of the way you do, we would atleast be little better off, meaning not “SO MUCH VIOLENCE” !!! All I am trying to say to you, my friend, is that your “PARENTS” must have raised you right & taught you well ( MANNERS, RESPECT, MORALS & VALUES).. Have a wonderful day..

  • rose

    R3, This is what the NAACP does, they pick and choose, they decide what will make a larger issue, their presence is not up to the community, only them.

  • Truther

    It’s probably because after he was shot once, he was then shot 9 additional times after having been laying at the ground. You should read up on the facts of the case before posting idiotic comments

  • Unique

    He was shot 9 times. I didn’t have to look up anything. I got my info from someone who was there. Thank you.

  • Dyscarp

    Let’s start with this was not a child or a teenager, he was 18, thus an adult in the eyes of the law and society. Why is it an 18 year old is an adult until something like this happens and then they are a teenager/child? Now, does anyone know for a fact that the officer who did the shooting was white? Nothing I have read in any of the articles states that, so where are all the racism comments coming from. I for one know nothing except what I have read, thus will keep my judgements to myself. I feel very sorry for the family and others invovled.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    If you would like to “judge others by the content of their character, rather than by the color of skin,” can you please tell us ANYTHING about this “kid” (18 year old adult) other than what race he was?
    I didn’t think so.
    The truth is you know absolutely nothing about what happened, other than a black “kid” got shot and killed by a police officer. You just assume this means it was due to the color of his skin, not the consequences of his actions.
    Thanks for keeping racism alive and well!

  • Tony

    You might be right about the 90 percent reporting of blacks crimes, cause that’s the programming they want us to believe. Other races don’t get reported as much. No excuse this is WRONG regardless of the color. We should always use the what if factor, what if he was your Son, Brother, or Friend, how would you feel. So as humane people we must pray for the lost and seek justice!

  • mary

    it has nothing to do with programming.watch the news, read the newspaper..the crimes are mainly in black neighborhoods and committed by black males. get rid of the guns…find your baby daddy and start watching what your kids are doing.if this had been a white teenager shot by a black cop you all would have nothing to say

  • Steve Rogers

    A great part about white privilege is that you don’t even have to acknowledge you have it. You can get pulled over by a cop get a ticket, you might be able to get out of. Never have to be profiled and be on your way. If your minority the cops will find reasons to search your car will weeds/drugs and weapons. They can stop and frisk you. Your at a higher probably of getting shot. You get police brutality. “Oh he fits the description” Is always a just cause for your treatment. Whites never have to deal with that on a constant basis, so yes white privilege does exist

  • Christopher

    So you deny white privilege? Claim Black Racist made that up? You’re an idiot. It exist today and the bad part about all this is that things are not going to get better. You think its bad now but you all have not seen anything. Wait until America is occupied by the enemy. The true enemy destroying this world everyday. Moms killing their babies. Fathers raping their daughters. White bully cops with guns killing blacks is the least of our worries. All of these carnal events are related. GET CLOSE TO GOD PRAY AND SEEK HIM WHILE HE CAN BE FOUND. My prayers go out to the family of Mike Brown. Who didn’t deserve to die regardless….

  • Steve Rogers

    Don’t answer or respond this person. We’re talking about a unarmed black kid gunned down by the police. You know you don’t have a intelligent talking point when you go for the usual deflection “what about black on black crime”,

  • Just me

    The reason that you don’t hear about black on black or even white on white shooting as much is because the police are in a position of power. They are the authority, so yes, it’s incredibly important when the people who are supposed to protect you, are assassinating you. They are meant to uphold the law, and when they disregard that, it’s a disservice to us as tax paying citizens. You are paying them to abuse the system and their power. That’s why it makes a difference.


    All the people making comments to the effect that blacks need to stop looking to the government to solve their issues should consider that the US government provides aid and assistance to other countries all over the world since FOREVER! Let’s consider our current philanthropic and humanitarian pursuits, Israel and Gaza, Russia and Ukraine, Africa (Ebola), Iraq, and I’m sure that’s the tip of the ice burg. While I do not totally agree that the black community is looking to the government to solve 100% of its problems, I totally DISAGREE that the US government should not play a role in its rehabilitation. After all, blacks pay taxes that are used to fund the government’s aide programs, blacks literally built the economic foundation of this country on their backs, blacks are US citizens, and yes some of our black communities are in need and are deserving of assistance from the US government just as much and more than these foreign countries. For those who say the US government is not to blame at all for the current state of blacks in America, consider that blacks were enslaved in the US until 1865 and thereafter remained suppressed in this country by Jim Crow laws until 1965. So anyone with any intelligence would realized and agree that this country has played a huge role in the systematic suppression and degradation of the black community and therefore has some responsibility in its restoration. GET REAL PEOPLE! FOR REAL???? We need help, we deserve help, US GOVERNMENT, in Chicago, in Baltimore, in Detroit, and OBVIOUSLY IN ST. LOUIS!!!! This is not a black community problem people!!!! This is a US problem!!!!

  • Faith

    So you telling people who are reading this message that if he would’ve walked on the side walk, he would be alive right now? That could true but the police officer should have not pulled out a gun! The only reason a cop should pull out a gun and kill someone is if this opposing man is attacking or firing at the cop and this boy had no weapon! If this cop were to pull out a gun in this case, he should’ve done it to injure the boy (shoot him in the leg to stop him from running). Other than that, he should have used a TASER! Words cannot explain why he did this to this boy. The fact that he wasn’t on the sidewalk is petty and irrelevant. If that was the true reason of this killing, then it would be flat out wrong on some many levels! That’s a young man on the ground for hours who begged the police officer not to kill him before his death. Talking about a sidewalk is irrelevant and a excuse!

  • Faith

    I live in Ferguson and I know he was unarmed. There are videos and articles on Facebook that says that he was unarmed. And police not gonna tell the truth! They are going to hide things from the media! That’s a No trainer! You have videos for actual proof so you can’t tell me to wait for them to release any data. You know the police aren’t gonna tell the truth as it is and then you have videos that people have recorded on the scene and it proves he was weaponless. So who you gone believe?

  • Tiesjwan

    You all need to stop with all this black/white talk. You people are not even discussing what happen to this boy. You all need to realize what the real issue is here, and that is the innocent boy got shot by an officer. Reguardless of race of race, he was an officer. What if your child was shot by an officer, who was black or white. Put yourself in those shoes then comment on this article. Its ashamed that me, a 16 year old african american boy, does not blame either black or whites and has more common sense to know racism isn’t the issue here. If anyone is here to blame it is one big organization that should be blamed for this injustice (Police). We should all unite and work together against dangerous police (In general) as a whole. GROW UP ADULTS!

  • Donna

    Amazing that the folks screaming how it’s all racist, are the only ones bringing up and playing the race card.

  • mary

    here we go again . the government needs to take care of us. I am 69 years old. I have worked all my life , and I am no rich. I live in north county. I still have to work to take care of myself. I cant get hud housing, I cant get foodstamps etc.but I don’t go around killing people and stealing to make it . and I guess all of you missed the fact this kid tried to reach inside the police car and get the cops gun. I also would like to know what kind of racism you are going to call it if the police officer is black.clean up your property,get your kids off the street and in school.maybe you could put the money you spent on those rims into your home

  • Mike Saint

    Wow the investigation hasn’t even taken place yet and already in your eyes and the eyes of most of the (ignorant) public commenting on this board, the officer just killed this kid for no good reason.

    I have heard half a dozen versions of the events that took place from Brown attacking the officer inside his patrol car to the officer killing Brown for no reason at all. NO ONE has all of the facts right now, so NO ONE really knows what happened. How about we give the investigators a chance to do their jobs before we pronounce sentence on someone. After all part of that JUSTICE all of you are screaming for is “innocent until proven guilty”.


    I know you have quistions,and that’s good but, how does that justify looting a Quik Trip store that had nothing to do with it ?

  • Hector

    I am stupider after reading your incessant babbling. Get educated, learn syntax, read a book, then start posting pseudo intelligent things on message boards. Until them, just keep blaming the white man for all your problems, that helps much more than accountability for your actions.

  • robert

    Ray i do agree with you on the assertive use of force and that the officer should have used the tazzer , too shoot the boy 8 time is just is unjustified.,and needs to be tried for that . i seen the officers police car being towed away , now that the FBI is involved they will use the filmed footage from the cameras video in the police vehicle. i truly hope the police office gets what he rightfully deserves for this crime . over in the Afghanistan deployment i have see to much of the hate and killing and to come back to the us states and seeing it happen over and over again, this sorrows my heart . i would hope that this does not turn into a racial ordeal . for what it is worth i hold prayers for the young man and the family’s lose and heart break. yes i am a white man and my wife is black american. i do not wish this on any body and i personally hope and would not like to see any one else get injured or killed that is just a another war, that will hurt the american country that i did and still fighting for . please be safe and god bless you and every body

  • mary

    were you there no.so what gives you the right to pass along second hand information. instead of waiting for the investigation to be done everyone in the black community claims racial profiling. and just within the last hour a fire rescue was trying to help someone and all of these wonderful protesters were blocking their way. if this person dies should they all be arrested for murder. I think so. right now stupidity reigns in Ferguson especially among the black community.and of course the wonderful Rev.Al Sharpton has to get involved.i am sure he would if it was a white kid shot by a black cop.lol

  • mary

    well here we go. I guess the employees at the qt were working for the police and that is why people had to storm the place. that is black mentality for you.lets tear up our neighborhood and see how much damage we can do and then expect the city officials to clean up the mess. what a bunch of idiots.maybe you should all go back to where you came from.

  • Peace creator

    Wow!!! Thanks for saying that, you brain washed religious people always putting something in the Lord’s hands, or well pray on it, when will you realized there is no Lord, it’s only you!?!!?!! Only us, back in the 60s, only us during the early 1800s, it’s only us, we have to fight for change. We are such an individualistic society, blacks are…we need to be more concerned about what’s happening outside our front door or it will show up at your front door and force you to deal with it!!!

  • mary

    stupid people also break into stores , steal electronics, destroy a neighborhood because a person died. this only gave the blacks another reason to do something stupid. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! none of these businesses had anything to do with what happened to that young man. what makes the black community this gives them the right to get new electronics for free new tires or of course RIMS for free or terrorize the employees of these stores. these are just N word people looking for something else for free. we taxpayers are probably paying for their rent (hud) their groceries (food stamps) and they are doing nothing. HOW ABOUT TAKING THOSE THAT WERE ARRESTED LAST NIGHT AND MAKING THEM CLEAN UP THE MESSES AT THE BUSINESSES THEY DAMAGED.this has nothing to do with theipast or what happened to their ancestors. this is just N word mentality

  • Outraged!

    I do not believe anything printed in the press or said on the news. A Baltimore County Maryland police officer shot my unarmmed son three times at close range because the skinny little officer refused to call for help that was right outside the building. My sons had mental issues and the police were called to ge help for him. He turned around fast and the officer dropped his cuffs. The officer ran out of our apartment and down the stairs to the front door wiith his gun drawn…My son ran down the steps. The officer waited for my son on the next set of stairs. When he saw my son at the top of the stairs he fired at my son who put his hands up when he saw the gun aimed at him..Proof his hands were up…he was shot on his arm ; the side that was up. My son was shot three times without any warning what so ever! He was also shot in the stomach and leg, He was rushed to Shock Trauma in the ICU and somehow he lived..The police took him from jail while still needing another operation. He had an infection in his stomach from the bullet. No lawyer would help us because of the buddy system here in county courts, My son is disfigured for life and had to plead guilty to assult has a felony on his record. My son spent 6 months in jail and did not get the mental help he needs. Because of negligent and unskilled police, my son did not get justice. There was an eye witness who said that what happened to my son “Was wrong”, I do not trust the police because they lied about the facts in this case to make their story look justified. This has changed our lives! Be careful when you call for help the people who are supposed to help you may kill you! This cop didn’t want to help my son, he wanted to punish him. I am so thankful for Karma!

  • Tamika

    So he was 17 in the 1st place as well as I didn’t know that it was a risk to go to the drug store?? No matter what the issue was about him walking in the street if this was a white 17 or 18 year old boy this would have never happened..

  • Karen Stout

    Mike, I understand your perspective on this, and I think we all hope that an honest and thorough investigation will shed light on the truth and bring about justice. It’s so very important to keep a level head and not jump to conclusions. I just have to point out one flaw in your commentary. You said, “How about we give the investigators a chance to do their jobs before we pronounce a sentence on someone. After all, part of that JUSTICE all of you are screaming for is ‘innocent until proven guilty’.” To that I can only say, wouldn’t it be nice for Micheal Brown if he had been afforded the same cool headed impartiality and effective policing tactics. Unfortunately, his sentence has already been carried out. Specific circumstances aside, the police officer in question has elevated himself to the roles of judge, jury, and executioner, rather than keeper of the peace and enforcer of the law, which he is meant to be. One fact we do know already is that the police have confirmed that Micheal Brown was unarmed (at least, I have seen this reported widely and consistently in the media coverage on this case). Therefor, even if the officer was assaulted or attacked in some way, there are other strategies he could have gone to in order to protect himself and subdue the suspect. Using a firearm and shooting to kill is meant to be a last resort, something that police officers use when they have either been fired upon or actually see a deadly weapon. In this case, and many others like it, it would appear that his firearm was the officer’s first line of defense in a situation in which no deadly weapon was being utilized against him. People are particularly outraged and suspicious because this type of behavior seems to be on the rise and a deadly pattern of this sort certainly warrants a tough line of questioning, a thorough investigation, consequences for the officer, and possibly a comprehensive retooling of training and protocols in order to avoid incidents like this in the future.

  • AmericanGirl

    Maybe you should go back to wherever you came from because we don’t want people who share your sentiments in America. You are making this an issue about race just as much as anyone else. So if you want black people to stop “claiming” racial profiling then you should stop racial profiling (you did it yourself in your comments).

  • sandy

    what the cop did was wrong wrong but you know white people get shot too …by cops ..YES on un armed they even went in the houses doing a drug raid in the wrong house and shot and killed a white man in California..so it’s not a black and white thing…it’s just cop doing the wrong thing

  • mary

    to American girl. what gives black people the right to break intobusinesses , scare employees who are working there earning an honest living for their families and taking items because someone they don’t know was killed. I guess when my relatives were killed in the war I should have done that . makes a lot of sense right. also not one of the attorneys or naacp people addressed the looting going on in ferguson. why do black people think this is right. it just gives them another excuse to get something for nothing instead of mourning the loss of this young man.clean up your own in house problems and crime in your communities before blaming everything on everyone else.maybe these young people doing the looting should try to get a job and pay for what they want. novel idea right

  • American Citizen

    Mary, your ignorance is speaking loud and clear as to what type of person you are. Obviously a racist, speaking on irrelevant subjects, with nothing better to do. You have obviously been waiting on an opportunity to voice your low life opinion. Why you chose to wait for the death of a young American man I do not understand. Yes I said American because before he is black he is an American, and before that he is human. I honestly feel sorry for you, your family and anyone who has to encounter your bigotry. I will be praying for your mind state. You honestly should seek counseling and or medical attention.

  • Dolores Evans

    You don’t have to be white and from another country to have hard times. What makes so many people think that if you’re white you have special privileges and none have been poor and had to struggle to make a better life for themselves. And by the way I too have never had a slave and if any of my ancestors did I don’t know them. Somehow I think they would be dead by now. Also many other races have been slaves in the past. Maybe it’s time for so many blacks to get over it and not use it as an excuse.

  • mary

    excuse me – I grew up in north city and my first encounter with a black person was when two young black men jumped 2 of my friends. eventually we moved to north county and never had any more issues. I have worked with black people and have many black friends…and their comments about what is going on in ferguson are pretty much the same as mine. this has to do with ignorance and people who think they deserve everything for nothing. also you better check your history books. you weren’t the first people here and also look what a wonderful job your ancestors and relatives are doing in Africa.if you think your race is so great move back there … I am sure they would love to have you there. do lie our first settlers, the irish, the Italians, the british etc. it is called WORK for what you have earn it don’t steal it you are a JERK

  • mary

    Bigotry….what a joke you are. you must be one of the people who came from the city or east st.louis and participated in the looting. if anyone in this country is a bigot it is the black people. instead of the black community coming together and trying to resolve this issue in an orderly fashion…your people have decided its time to destroy another neighborhood. that will really solve the problem. you are a joke

  • mike

    Your people stole this land. Ever heard of the trail of tears!! Go back to Europe where you savages belong.

  • rose

    COCO, My comment you replied on was the very 1st story, only said he had been shot. I knew there was more to it than that.

  • Son of Lucy

    Really, you really don’t know history, do you? Blacks have made many contribution to America and help create this country as did Asian’s, Latino’s and other ethnic groups. And as for advance before that, read about the Egyptians, which is a part of Africa.

  • Corey

    1. Nobody knows any real facts pertaining to this case. So any thing said at this point is pure speculation. 2. Our race should not be condemned b cuz of the acts of a few. 3. None of us asked to come here. We were brought here by the same mentalities that have plagued country for centuries and still continue to. Whites commit jus as much barbaric crimes as black. They jus do it by talking, smiling, shaking hands and lying. For centuries your race has lied, cheated, stole, backstabbed, manipulated, and conned it’s way into the country and into power remember? It’s called business. So when you label us as savages keep in mind the practices that got us ALL where we are today. B cuz the last time I checked we were somewhere picking fruits and berries. Ya’ll came fucking wit us

  • mary

    Oh we can see what it is like to be black.welfare, food stamps, lets not work and oh lets destroy another neighborhood!

  • Joey

    I love how the actions of a few = all black people . Anyone you say be orderly the cops have not even interviewed many of the witness, many of whom have come forward to the press and even the police saying they saw what happen. And the cops are saying that don’t want to hear it . Hell people have already went to defaming the kid .. by posting a false criminal record of the kids. But yeah blame all black people

  • mary

    very few, of course most of us try to work for a living . you should try it sometime. it can be very rewarding , especially if you are helping people instead of destroying their neighborhood. you can actually pay for something you need or want instead of stealing it from a hardworking individual.

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