Anger over police shooting of teen prompts protests

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Protesters chanted “no justice, no peace” as they stood outside the Ferguson Police Department Saturday night following the shooting of a 18-year old by a police officer. Angered by what they believe was an unwarranted attack, several promised to organize daily protests until they receive what they believe to be justice.

St. Louis County Police were immediately called in to handle the shooting investigation. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Saturday, “We do want this investigated fully and that’s why we asked for the outside investigation.”

St. Louis County police plan to hold a Sunday morning news conference to discuss their efforts.

The shooting happened at noontime Saturday.  The teen, identified by witnesses at Michael Brown, 18, and a friend, Dorin Johnson, were walking in the street on Canfield Drive in the Canfield Green Apartments when a Ferguson officer drove up and ordered them to the sidewalk.  Johnson said they told him they were a minute away from their destination and then they would be out of the street.

After a verbal confrontation, witness Piaget Crenshaw said the officer got out of his car and fired a shot.  Both teens ran, she said, and another shot was fired.  Johnson hid behind a car, but said his friend stopped after a second shot was fired at him.  Crenshaw and Johnson say the teen held up his hands to show he did not have a weapon, however the officer fired at him two more times and he collapsed and died in the street.

Angry crowds quickly gathered and several shots were fired not far from the original shooting scene.  That prompted police to call for help including the tactical squads from St. Louis city and county. They closed off West Florissant at Canfield for several hours Saturday.

Chief Jackson praised pastors and community activists, including Anthony Shahid, who came to the scene to console and talk to the victim’s relatives and neighbors.  Police delayed their crime scene evidence collection until the area was secured.  During that time, the shooting victim’s covered body remained on the street further angering members of the crowd.

An uncle of the shooting victim said his great nephew had just graduated from high school and was thinking about going to college.  He said he was not an aggressive teenager.



  • lbk's gurl

    Wow, i don’t know if there is much i can add. Well put. Sounds like the cop was harassing the young men to begin with. Not every young kid you see walking is up to no good. It was noon for crying out loud. What is the answer? What can we do as a society to protect our young and ourselves?

    • ean12967

      “What can we do as a society to protect our young and ourselves?” Here are a few places to start (no particular order):
      Stop blaming others for your own mistakes. Slavery of the past has nothing to do with how you behave today.
      Raise your kids in a two parent household with the same parents for all the kids in the household.
      Teach your kids the value of respecting authority, their elders, others AND themselves.
      Teach your kids it is wrong to commit crime.
      Teach your kids violence has no place in your home and community.
      Teach your kids there is no such thing as a free meal.
      Teach your kids to be generous.
      Teach your kids how to be responsible and accountable.
      Teach your kids the value of education.
      Teach your daughters that being a lady does not mean being a beastie.
      Teach your sons that being a man does not mean being a member of a gang, possessing an illegal gun, selling drugs, stealing, or assaulting random strangers (and then posting it on Facebook).

      I could go on but I hope you get the point.

  • Cit Riverview

    The Cop is going to jail. Do any of you think this will send a message to the black community? Clean up your community before the “law” cleans it up for you. I empathize with the family of this kid,I hope you get whatever you want from this “Murder”

  • Steve

    Hey byebye. You’re a race baiting pot stirrer. Why don’t you let the cops investigate what happened. Maybe the “teen” was a bad dude and meant ill will towards the cop. And what’s with this whole “no justice, no peace” stuff? I swear, the only justice the emotionally charged public will want will be no more than the cop’s head on a stick at the scene where this happened. People need to get a grip and drop the “police state” and racial b.s. and let the outside agency do their job. I mean after all we’re not animals? Are we?

    • Erin

      If the kid was indeed such a bad dude the police would have led with that. How is shooting an unarmed suspect that in no way threatened you and was running away justified? I am not looking at race here I am just looking at facts. I just don’t get why shots were even fired. They have tasers o and these handy dandy things called feet that he could have used to chase him down if he needed

      • stopignorance

        it says they got in the car and physically assaulted the officer and tried to take his weapon. Can you read???? not sure what really happened here from this crappy reporting but I know that is not what it said. geez

  • Joe Citizen

    It is terrible that this kids lost his life. Has anyone ever asked why they believe it is their right to walk in the middle of the street?

  • Will

    My sympathy turned to indifference when i heard the so called “civil rights leaders” open their mouths and immediately make it a racial thing. As if whites haven’t been beaten and targeted as of late as well. Would it not be better to rally the whole community regardless of race over an issue like this?
    Also, where are these NAACP leaders as young blacks slaughter each other in the streets? In their nice houses in the other part of town, that is where. They show up to stoke the racial hate. It keeps them in a job.
    With their blame and finger pointing and painting everyone not black as some racist they create a level of irritation which breeds the indifference i am feeling.
    “Oh, its a black neighborhood? More of the same……”

    • Christian

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with everything you just said.

      The people who turn into a race issue with absolutely no evidence to point to are really just creating more conflict and less peace.

    • Shanel

      Will, I’m black and I totally agree with you 100%. Don’t listen to some of these other people. I don’t understand why back people always want to play the race card. The boy should have just obeyed the cop and got out of the street in the first place. People may get mad but the can just kiss my black a**, the truth hurts. Black people always want to play the race card, but we kill each other every day, we need to look at ourselves before we cry racism.

  • Carla

    There’s killings out there everyday and nobody says shit and nobody puts shit on facebook I know this boy shouldn’t of been killed but now a community wants answers for one murder go tell your community to go grow up and tell about the thousands of murders that happen out there killings of people and kids who are unarmed and being killed by their own people.

  • steve

    I wish some news outlet would have the courage to ask the one question that everyone is thinking. Was the cop white or black?

  • ByeBye2AmericasViolentPoliceState

    This poor kid violated the most sacred law of all in America – he dared to “smart mouth” and question a police officer’s motive. It’s not officially illegal, of course (we have our pretend-like “freedom” that supposedly protects us against that sort of police state) but hey, come on, wink wink, we all KNOW we live in a police state today where police have supreme powers of all to do whatever they want to whoever they want as long as the person is not a member of the privileged, wealthy class which this kid wasn’t. So he challenged a pig and smart mouthed him and you just don’t do that in a violent police state like America! I mean, look at Zimmerman – that kid was completely innocent, too, but dared to stand up to the authority of white racist wanna-be pig Zimmerman, and paid the price. This kid should have done what was expected of him: Get on his knees and bow and worship to the almighty god of police, and beg for his freedom “Yes, sir, Mr. Police Officer, whatever you say, SIR!”

    I think I almost got shot by a cop just because I yelled at one for being such a dimwit while holding up traffic for some minor teenage violation in my own neighborhood! You should have seen how mentally unstable that dumb cop acted just because I yelled at the dumb thug! I think most police should be in mental institutions rather than on the street “protecting” us – oh, come on, they’re not there to protect us, anyway – they’re there to protect the wealthy, period. And some of you don’t have that figured out yet? Geez.

  • Dee

    Blackamoors we need some how some way to learn to deal with our people u think white folks that make currency together all like each other hell naw but they can get currency together until we can do that we lost WE need to learn to goven ourselves come on yal THINKING FREE

  • No Mo Money!

    Turns out the kid and friend attacked the Officer and tried to take his gun away. A shot was fired inside the car as the kid tried to shoot the Officer. The Officer had the right to shoot the stupid kid as he was headed that way sooner or later anyway.

  • Darnel Cooper

    The teen who was shot was in school,.. no criminal intent,.. shot multiple times for walking in the street from the store. Will never get the chance to be anything, and in no way deserved to die,.. this is why people are upset. So hypocritical this society is,.. kill a white highschool student the same way and watch what happens,… I dare say in some parts of this country the police would be dealing with an armed response.

  • rmbr57

    The truth will come out and one side or the other will still have something to complain about, until then people need to quite making assumptions that it is about race. Why does the race card always have to be thrown out there? Isn’t this 2014? I would think the race stuff should of ended years and years ago. Get over it! We are all human and do everything the same at the other, who cares about skin color!

  • future

    As I read all of the comments it makes me sick to my stomach that all you ppl don’t understand the real reason all this is happening. ..Wake up ppl! This is nothing compared to what’s about to happen trust me, you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want but it is going to happen. People a race war is about to happen just brace yourself i hope everyone has there heart right because its about to be some killing I just pray that you all have your souls right and ask god for forgiveness im sorry for what happen to the young man but this have been going on for years this is nothing new ppl wake up cause that time is coming brace yourself! !!!!!!

  • future

    People stop with the blaming of each other! You didn’t pull the trigger the police officer did he is the one who should be afraid for his life. He has stirred up all this and look now we are fighting each other again.

  • Shanel

    He should have just obeyed the cop and got out of the road like he was told to, then most likely he would still be alive. When you run from the police then it makes you look guilty of something. People may get mad, but it is the truth. If there is a sidewalk get your black a** out of the road. I’m black and don’t understand why so many black people walk in the middle of the road.

  • Josh

    You are a race baiting bigot, Zimmerman wasn’t white! Trayvon had a track record.

    When you have a more intelligent argument then spewing hate and race baiting, then maybe some one will take you serious.

  • Cit Riverview

    First, I’ll be up front with this comment. No kid should die! They don’t have enough life experience to know how to operate in a civil society, now couple that with being raised by a parent/s that has no clue how to teach “RESPECT” for anyone! Let along someone who can as a minimum take away your civil rights or in this case, take away your life. That is a True Fact! And the death rates in the Urban Cities bear that out. I have no idea why the cop shot the kid, I was not there. If the cop used excessive force? Then he should face the criminal justice system and all that entails. Like many of the other commentators, I see bad things for Ferguson in the near future. The spot light is going to be on this North county city and I don’t think they will be able handle it. I see a Multimillion dollar suit that may bankrupt this town. I see the politicos in that town build a rec center so those poor children have a place to go. I see a migration of white people leaving, turning that city into another Berkley or Kinloch that are on their southern borders. This won’t happen in a few years but mark this well; Ferguson is a dying city as well as all north county.

  • Will

    Yes, only Zimmermans white side was guilty, right?
    BS. Yet you shed no tears when a white is beaten, robbed and murdered by a black man.
    You are as racist as those you accuse.

  • james

    i dont understand why these parents dont get this upset when there kids are shot on a daily basis? The full story is not out on this and if the cop is at fault he should be punished but every day kids are killed on the streets, useless murders every day and parents, friends and family are not out protesting? Why?

  • Steve

    Yes, you should be outraged. But outraged at your willful ignorance of the fact that you still believe that there are “racist trigger happy police.” Love yourself as a community? Give me a break! How about get back to family basics like men and women marrying each other and committing to each other and their families and men being the fathers to their sons and daughters that they were meant to be instead of walking away from their responsibilities and letting the mom take up the job of being both parents. How about teaching these boys and young men that acting like a thug will only get you treated like a thug. Both with the cops and in society. How about teaching the boys and girls to maybe practice abstinence instead of running around like animals in heat? How about maybe the men get off of their duffs and and be more Godly men? And why is it always a racial issue? How come the black community always comes back to “race” and the white/hispanic/asian/other community hardly ever mention race? Why is that?

    Also, lets flip the picture so to speak. Would the black community be “so outraged” if this thug was a white man and the cop was a black man? Hmm. double standard maybe?

    Once again. Hmmm.

  • Cit Riverview

    I hate to nitpick but BLACK DOLLARS, has the Mint starting printing a different color of money? Oh I get it, stop taking money Black money, and giving it to non whites stores. I see! I remember that chant twenty years ago. But yet the movement to integrate neighborhoods is a focus now. You seem to be in conflict. Do you want segregation? Or integration?

  • eaturfruitloops

    If a black cop shot a white guy in this same situation would you be saying it was a race thing? I’m just asking. I’m not sure why everyone jumps to he was shot for merely being black. The cop definitely looks guilty even though I’m sure there is still more investigating to do.

  • Will

    According to black people it was Zimmermans white side that was the racist profiling part and was on trail, not his Hispanic side.

  • ByeBye2AmericasViolentPoliceState

    Well, Josh, you’re simply a racist bigot if ever I heard one. Treyvon was as defenseless as can be, being assaulted for walking down the street minding his own business by a racist thug (no matter the exact color – Zimmerman wasn’t white, but he was a racist bigot – JUST LIKE YOU). Sorry you’re such a pathetic brainwashed right-wing loser that you still believe the fantasy tale that Treyvon somehow brought this upon himself. It was just another example of how sick America has become, that a bunch of redneck woman hicks JUST LIKE YOU (maybe the woman part, too) let that thug go because Treyvon had the nerve to fight the hick thug Zimmerman back, as he should have. Treyvon should have had a RIGHT to SHOOT AND KILL Zimmerman, having been attacked by him and displaying a weapon. So why don’t you take your lies and your fantasy and shove it up there where you conceal your weapon, ya out-of-touch dimwit.

  • Ashley

    You may want to do your research on the Zimmerman case. George Zimmerman was the one with the track record (violent), before and even after trayvon.

  • Matt

    Valid points but a lot of this IMO comes back to past history with dealing with police officers, and the perception of authority. Also, the media has played a part in this perception.

  • Loving Mother

    Steve, Any type of violence as I stated is wrong and should not be tolerated. What you may believe is assumption of what the African Community teaches our children, and not actual fact. At the end of the day, we all are human regardless of the zip code and upbringing. No one, no matter the race should ever be gunned down like an animal on the streets despite their actions and especially from addressing the injustice to an officers who was clearly being disrespectful. Because the young man didn’t say YES or NO SIR to a white officer, at the end of the day does not warrant him to be MURDERED!!!!! The law is to protect and serve that is their oath, but it seems that a few officers refuse to go by that oath when they are assigned to urban communities.

    Your comment about being married and remaining abstinent until thereof, come on now, this epidemic is not only a urban problem. I am sure you have seen the show teen moms, where all the little white kids get pregnant as well, no marriage and still reside with parents while their white fathers leave as well. Statically speaking, blacks are twice as likely to become pregnant and have their babies while being embraced by their families, while whites get pregnant and abort over 30% of their babies due to embarrassment and shame from their family.

    Church is a wonderful way, but if you are an adult, you too should understand that even though you may attend and believe, life happens in all walks of life..But also look at the catholic churches with all the molestation..I am not looking for anyone to provide pity because White American will never understand the Black Struggle.

    Therefore, I am addressing my people directly. WE have to take care of us as we can never expect anyone else too. PERIOD!!!! So please stay in your lane.

  • Loving Mother

    Note to Steve,
    If a Black Cop would have Murdered a “white thug”, No the black community would not be outraged, the white community should be, and I am certain that the black officer would be in jail and not on administrative leave with pay..One law but depending on the color of your skin, the outcome always vary.

  • rose

    BYEBYE, Why does everbody keep saying Treyvon was walking down the street? He was walking through peoples yards next to their houses. It was a black family that called Zimmerman to check him out, because Zimmerman was one of 3 to call in the Neighboorhood Watch program. Treyvon was not just walking down the street.

  • rose

    LOVING MOTHER, It doesn’t matter whether a police officer is black or white, when involved in any shooting, fatal or not, they are placed on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is complete. This is normal procedures and policy. It doesn’t matter if it is self defense, protecting others or murder, after investigation is complete, either disciplined, terminated and prosecuted, or innocent of any wrong doing. Once the investigation is over is where it is determined of pay or no pay.

  • Steve

    Well, loving mother I see your post has been deleted. Hmm. How about this, Why don’t instead of assuming the police murdered a black kid (who was a grown man!) just because he didn’t say yessir or nosir, maybe the man did something to warrant himself getting shot, like I don’t know, reach into his waistband and pull a weapon on the officer. So until “your community” begins to use logic and stops with yelling the same emotionally charged and often racial questions, I will be more than happy staying in “your” lane.

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