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Attorney General Holder directs department to monitor Ferguson shooting

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(CNN) -Justice Department lawyers are monitoring the local investigation into the police shooting of a teenager in a suburb of St. Louis.

Justice Department spokeswoman Dena Iverson said: “Attorney General Holder has instructed attorneys in the Civil Rights Division to monitor developments related to the shooting incident in Ferguson, MO.”

The FBI said Sunday it is assisting the St Louis County police in its investigation and will review the findings of the local investigation.

Some community members have called for a federal investigation of the shooting.  Federal authorities typically await completion of the local investigation before deciding whether federal action is needed.


    • Nina

      Have you watched snapped…The Hunt…admission of molestation on young children by priests…meth labs exploding….etc Do not go there with your bias.

      • buzz

        Gues your dumb arse is too ignorant of the fact the black panthers prevented white people from voting in Phila several years ago , my home town and he refused to press charges you ignorant fool. I despise trash like you! You are what is wrong with society!

  • Steve

    Oh wow. Holder putting his snout into something he doesn’t need to root around in? Nice move, Holder. Not surprising that he’s piping up to keep the race train moving. Hmm. Maybe 0bama can pipe up and say that the police acted stupidly or some such to give this fire a little more fuel.

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