Businesses damaged following violence over Mike Brown’s death

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – At least a dozen businesses in north St. Louis County were looted Sunday following a peaceful vigil.

Hundreds gathered Sunday for a vigil in memory of  shooting death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Missouri teen who was shot by a Police officer Saturday afternoon.  Brown was unarmed.

Around 8:30pm protesters on West Florissant became aggressive and St. Louis County tactical units were called.

By 10pm,  St. Louis County Police had called for more assistance from all surrounding municipalities including St. Louis City and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The QuikTrip convenience mart on West Florissant was looted and set on fire.

Michael Brown's family is now speaking out against the violence and has said they will not have any more rallies.

In a statement, a family member said,

"I just want everyone to know and understand that the stealing and breaking in stores is not what  Mike would want, it is very upsetting to me and my family. Our family didn't ask for this but for justice and peace.... Please let my family grieve in Peace in stop the violence in the street tonight, we don't want this happening when we protest for justice for my cousin Mike Brown, please get this message out to the people that the Mike Brown family do not want this."

At least a dozen other businesses were looted:

The looted businesses include:

  • Zisser Tire and Auto
  • AutoZone
  • Quik Trip
  • Family Dollar
  • Walmart
  • Footlocker
  • Ross Dress for Less
  • Walgreens
  • Shoe Carnival
  • Hibbett Sports
  • Taco Bell
  • Sprint Store
  • KMart
  • DTLR
  • Phillips 66
  • Meineke

Police were able to get a handle on the looting around 1:30am but a command post will remain on scene in Ferguson, MO.

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201411:29 am

Senator Roy Blunt released this statement:

“I join all Missourians in remembering the family of Michael Brown and the Ferguson community as they grieve the tragic loss of this young man. His recent high school graduation should have been a beginning of better things.

“Everyone deserves a transparent understanding of what happened here. I am fully supportive of County Executive Charlie Dooley and St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar calling for DOJ and the FBI to take a careful, open review of the events that led to this tragedy for everyone involved.”

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201411:28 am

Congresswoman Ann Wagner released this statement:

“As a mother of three children, I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Brown’s family and to the people of Ferguson as they deal with this tragic loss,” said Rep. Wagner. “As we search for answers together, we must remain calm and compassionate while truth and justice are served.”

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:52 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:52 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:52 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:52 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:52 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:49 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:49 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:49 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:49 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:49 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:48 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:48 am
Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:18 am

Looting Video Gallery:

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:14 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:14 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 201410:02 am

St. Louis county police getting ready in case 10am protest at Ferguson pd happens. Unclear if event will happen.

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:49 am

American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri sends this statement to the media:
thoughts and condolences go out to the family of Michael Brown. While
the facts are still being gathered, the ACLU has to acknowledge that
unarmed young African-American
men are shot and killed by police at an alarming rate. This pattern must
stop. The first step is an independent and transparent investigation.
We respect the family’s call for calm. Additionally, any threat to
arrest participants in peaceful vigils and rallies
would violate the First Amendment.”

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:18 am

The NAACP sent this release to the media:
“Our prayers go out to the family and friends of 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri. The death of yet another African-American at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve the community where he lived is heartbreaking. Michael Brown was preparing to begin college, and now his family is preparing to bury their child – his life cut short in a tragic encounter with the police.
As the NAACP’s Missouri State Conference and St. Louis Branches seek answers about the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown’s death, the National office will remain vigilant until accountability and justice are served for the countless individuals who lose their lives to misguided police practices throughout the country. Even as we call for accountability by those charged with protecting the community, we call on the community to act–collectively and calmly until we secure justice for the family of Michael Brown.”

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Joe Millitzer August 11, 20149:11 am

Vera Culley August 11, 20142:10 am

Chris Smith August 11, 20142:04 am

NAACP official says there’s a process for justice.

Vera Culley August 11, 20142:02 am

Vera Culley August 11, 20141:57 am

Vera Culley August 11, 20141:57 am

Vera Culley August 11, 20141:56 am

Vera Culley August 11, 20141:54 am

West Florissant at Chambers – a car was trying to get through a police barricade. #stl

Vera Culley August 11, 20141:45 am

Mother of Michael Brown says she is ‘furious’ over the looting. This is not how she wanted her son’s memory to be honored. @BetseyBruceTV

Chris Smith August 11, 201412:37 am

Chris Smith August 11, 201412:35 am

Chris Smith August 11, 201412:35 am

Vera Culley August 11, 201412:21 am

Vera Culley August 11, 201412:19 am

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:44 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:43 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:42 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:41 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:40 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:39 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:37 pm

Quik Trip tonight in Ferguson! @fox2now #fergusonshooting

A video posted by melaniemoon 🌜⭐️🌛 (@melaniemoon) on

Joe Millitzer August 10, 201411:16 pm

The QuikTrip is now on fire: 

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:11 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:11 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 201411:06 pm

Joe Millitzer August 10, 201411:05 pm

Joe Millitzer August 10, 201411:02 pm

Joe Millitzer August 10, 201410:49 pm

Possible looting of an Auto-Zone

Chris Smith August 10, 201410:45 pm

Joe Millitzer August 10, 201410:42 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 201410:23 pm

Correction: The St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter was punched in the head, not hit with a bottle. He is doing fine according to our partners at the Post. 

Vera Culley August 10, 201410:19 pm

Joe Millitzer August 10, 201410:15 pm
Joe Millitzer August 10, 201410:10 pm
Vera Culley August 10, 201410:06 pm

Scott Gustin August 10, 201410:03 pm
Scott Gustin August 10, 201410:01 pm

It's starting to look like #Calfornia around here. All it takes is one to get it started.

A photo posted by Mia CosmoGirl (@mia_cosmogirl) on

Joe Millitzer August 10, 20149:44 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20149:43 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20149:40 pm

@BetseyBruceTV reports a reporter from the Post-Dispatch was hit in the head with a bottle.

Chris Smith August 10, 20149:35 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20149:35 pm

Joe Millitzer August 10, 20149:16 pm

Some 200 squad cars on West Florissant! Reports of looting & damaging cop cars. @fox2now #fergusonshooting #mikebrown

A video posted by melaniemoon 🌜⭐️🌛 (@melaniemoon) on

Vera Culley August 10, 20149:14 pm

Reporter Melenie Moon says crowd continues to chant and says she hasn’t personally seen any violence. But there are at least 200 of squad cars on West Florissant and Ferguson

Chris Smith August 10, 20149:03 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20149:01 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20149:00 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 20148:57 pm

Chris Smith August 10, 20148:57 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20148:56 pm

Vera Culley August 10, 20148:55 pm

Police have told news crews if they’re in the West Florissant area, they should get out.


  • Don Skeeter Norton

    Why is it only the black RACE will riot and tear shit up when they want to and then claim RACISM??? These Idiots tearing up stuff looting and rioting setting places on fire just show how stupid they really are.

  • Julie

    What is wrong with these people? Why are they destroying their community? The owners of these businesses and the people who work there had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of (innocent victim) Michael Brown…One man and one man alone shot and killed Michael Brown…He alone is to blame and he alone shall be punished…These looters are precipitating even more innocent victims and turning this incident into a senseless war that is going to cost the city and raise taxes to pay for the damage. Think people! If you hit me with a baseball bat I am going to hit you back (eventually)…What I am not going to do is take it out on Quick Trip! That destructive behavior makes absolutely no sense…The murder of Michael Brown makes no sense…But 2 wrongs don’t make a right! Do these idiots think they deserve revenge more than Michael Brown’s grieving Mother???

  • Just a dude

    Look at all them black peoples acting a fool! Why, what is this going to do to help anything? They got rims last night, have to go back and get some tires to fit them tonight, lol. Oh and a bottle of ChamPipple to drank!

  • A Mom

    If the people of the Ferguson / Florissant area care about their children and their community, they will watch the videos carefully and if they see someone they recognize, turn them in if this behavior is not what you want.

  • iluvmychis (@iluvmychis)

    I agree with you. Although I would go a step further to say they are making people look bad in general. They are protesting violence with violence. Brilliant. And I would say these people are nothing but wild animals but I wouldn’t insult animals that way. They have more sense and self control than these idiots. People were, in theory, born with brains. Use them! Stop acting like you live under rocks and use some common sense. You don’t protest a violent action with violence unless you want to be shot yourselves. These idiots have given themselves the stereotype that they are nothing but a bunch of brainless thugs. If that’s what they’re going for… well, they succeeded. If all someone knows how to do is act out in violent behavior… then they have serious mental issues. Doesn’t matter what race they are. Makes me sick too.

  • Christopher Thomas

    I have two questions 1 what was the kid doing in the policee car without handcuffs on I have never seen a person in a police car without them 2 where is the person who was with Brown let’s here what that person saw

  • Coco

    Stupid comment- know the facts if I had a gun and someone reached for it hell yes I am going to shoot them too! Here’s a hint stop being stupid and you won’t get shot!!!

  • Ken

    If thug-life and his “buddy” had complied with the officers original directive to get out of the street, NONE of this would have happened.

    No personal responsibility. No accountability. Not for these people, no.

  • kalaan

    Christopher I wonder,the,same thing. Whoever the witness is he is hiding out or has been advised not to talk till he lawyers up

  • Gab

    It’s ignorant statements like “they need to riot to let them know enough is enough” that only make things worse. When has a riot even solved anything? Destroying businesses,attacking people and cars will show them what exactly? It is only everyone else. What will they do tomorrow after all the businesses are looted and damaged.

  • Eric

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Honestly. St. Louis and especially north city is a war zone. At least some brothers got some new tires and rims for free. Holla!!!! Someone get Betsy out of there!!

  • jeffspages

    I get the impression that any such trials would in effect be kangaroo courts if the juries felt like you do. None of us really know all of the facts yet, but that doesn’t stop you from calling for guillotine executions of all government employees.
    Quite sad.

  • david the fav

    ‘m a white guy I’m just going to say that is been taken to fo with a quick trip its been taken too far with Walmart with Walmart is sad a life is gonebut the thing is that was an officer of the law that shot a man in the head on arms that is not law procedure I know this is being monitored by all means people are taking it too far with the violence but a life is lost now that also needs to be fired arrested put in jail that’s justice now people are not going to stop until this situation is taken care of woefully ball means a police officer carries a weapon to sue someone in the head is like me shooting someone in the back the boy with a norms and justice need serviced unless that police gets locked up if you do not get locked up justice is not serviced

  • rose

    LULU, It is not that they don’t use their brains, they have no choice, they are not capable of using them. Very low IQ’s.

  • Cmf401

    Your right, ignorance is NOT limited to one race, crime is committed by every race. However, I don’t remember seeing any white people looting. The only people who should be upset about the situation, is the family. Everyone else should keep their nose out of it, instead of trying to get some free stuff. Grow up, and work for what you want. Excuses excuses.

  • lu lu

    And my black family would be embarrassed by you ppl… No one said murders and child molesters were right but guess what they come in black and white and they deserve to die so your argument is irrelevant

  • Booger

    Let me know next time you see hundreds of serial killers or child molesters running through a community at once committing crimes.

    Then maybe you will have a valid point.

  • lu lu

    Real smart bring more innocent people into it. That is stupid just bc we r white doesn’t mean we need to be punished for what that Cop did. .. All I know is my house is secured and my guns are loaded

  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    I’m so sorry for this young man and his family, can’t even begin to imagine, but because of what happened tonight when people see the carnage they’ll see him as how they’ve acted, sadly. These looters had nothing to do with him, there are people who just want to be violent and steal. The people that were there for him were at the peaceful protest and vigil.

  • Chantal McDonald

    I’m glad someone knows Al Sharpton is full of himself. Who has he really helped. He talks a good game but that is all he does.Like another person said this is nothing but a means for him to get paid. No real leaders since Mr. King,just a bunch of over payed jokers.

  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    Well, they could take the money out of the city’s social services to pay for the damages tonight, and reimburse all of those who had things stolen and looted, homes looted, tires stolen, windows broken out, stores burned down and others looted,etc. No checks sent out till everyone is reimbursed.

  • Ace Baily

    they are people, humans, regardless of how many refer to them as animals. ever have a deer or rabbit break into your property and loot and burn it? didn’t think so

  • Coco

    I think they should cancel their food stamps , tanf, healthcare, phones, to ever their rent payment
    To their daycare assistance!

  • Ace Baily

    another great commentary from bye bye ! no one walking this earth has better.!!! such love and affection for people that may have a different opinion or view of the world affairs!!!

  • Jason

    blah, blah, blah. you are just another left-wing lunatic with diarrhea of the mouth. liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER, which unfortunately for you means you are CRAZY. Yes, YOU ARE CRAZY. so your blathering carries NO weight what so ever. And don’t think I’m sticking up for the establishment Republicrats either. They are spineless (too). Yeah, just wait. When the s**t hits the fan, true conservatives will save this country. We’ll deal with the fanatic Muslims at the same time we deal with liberal nut jobs like you. Think American Revolution, friend…

  • Maddie miller

    Are you kidding me! Black people pull the race card, and get about anything that they want! I have seen several at my work move up the ladder by pulling the I’m black card!

  • John smith

    Ahm my wife is a chef so what do you mean its hard for a black person to get a job that pays good. Instead of looking for it to be giving to go earn it

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