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Two fatal shootings in north St. Louis overnight

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Violence overnight in north St. Louis claims the lives of two men in two separate shootings. Police say a man in his late 40s was shot on the corner of north Newstead and Labadie just before midnight Saturday. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police do not have a suspect.

Another man was shot numerous times outside a business on north Kingshighway and Natural Bridge just after midnight early Sunday. He also was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police are looking for a male suspect in dark clothing in that fatal shooting.


  • truth serum

    Yes….because a clear abuse of power from those appointed to protect and serve us. That left an unarmed teenager riddled with bullets. Should the same thing in your eyes because the victims were all of the same race? Who is playing the race card now?

    • Cit Riverview

      Your point is well taken. The inconsistencies in all killings in the black community. They as a group pick and choose their outrage. I for one have an issue with that cop. But just as I’m concern for this society to take the steps to eliminate him if found guilty for the shooting death of the kid, then you should be just as outraged for the death of other black people by the hands of other black people. I don’t see that coming from the bowels of the black community.

      • Margie Grant

        But what if the cop wasn’t assumed and d it comes out you racist individual hiding behind your words here say its ok that he killed a black youth…an unarmed person

    • No Mo Money!

      Yeah…Plus she didn’t try to assault somebody more less a Police Officer. That stupid kid had it coming. He was headed to Hell one way or another.

      • JGV15

        The outrage with the cop is Be cause of the absolute abuse of power. Men off the street are not given authority over others. They are not held to the same level of rules of moral actions. There was no reason for that child to be killed. He had surrendered and was never armed. He should face all if not more of the punishment because of his place of power. You sir are a biggot #proudwhitemiddle classes woman

      • rose

        JGV15, The grandmother, with her three young grandchildren ages 4,5,7, was unarmed also and would have gladly surrendered anything to the punk that shot her in front of those little kids. To me, this is an outrage, and I don’t understand why there wasn’t more of an outcry and uprising on this incident. It is more wrong what happened to this woman and kids, she had not had an altercation with a police officer and was on the sidewalk. To me, what happened to her was as low and disrespectful of life as you can get, yet nobody seems to care because it wasn’t a police officer or a whit guy that murdered her.

  • Jeffrey Brown

    Blacks are so racist it lowers their test scores and muddles their elementary mindset , their children kill each other everyday here in St. Louis, but never a protest………………….

    • Cit Riverview

      Racism has nothing to do with test scores. Blacks as a group have a learning disability. NOT ALL! They as a group are ADHD. As most teachers in the lower grades where they have a significant classroom filled with Black males have problems with them acting out physically. In predominate black schools, bulling is at its peak; you’ll not hear a word about that in the media. What we see in the streets is just carry over from behavior in schools and hyped up by drug use.

      • Cit Riverview

        No JB it’s a truth that sadly Blacks in this country refuse to accept. What we PC refer to “Politically Correct” we call Cultural problems. When in fact are emotional issues not dealt with growing up in a single parent family? And in many cases where black males are concern a significant involvement of females in their lives such as single mothers and grandmothers

      • No Mo Money!

        Citi so true. I was at a movie a few years ago that showed the Holocaust. It was about WW II. This group of Black kid started laughing when it showed piles of Jews dead after getting gassed. We were shocked to say the least.

  • Black and Beautiful

    @ cit riverview what is bulling? Were you trying to say bullying. I guess the white schools taught you how to hate blacks so much that they forgot the spelling part!!

    • Cit Riverview

      That’s right, I missed spelled bullying. So now care to comment about the rest of what I said? And as for me hating Black people, I hate Behavior they exhibit the same as with white people.

    • ean12967

      First, where is this ‘white school’ located? I want to transfer my kid right away! Second, school had nothing to do with teaching hatred. Blacks are the ones who teach whites to hate blacks. Simply as that.

      I didn’t see a single protest when 4 black youths nearly killed me when I tried to get my cell phone back from them, AFTER THEY STOLE IT! The outrage in the black community only comes out when it serves their own twisted sense of racism against everybody else. The most racist people I’ve ever met in this city were all black.

      • Nichol Davis

        I have one question to ask, when was the last time an unarmed Caucasian child was left lying dead on the streets for hours after being shot numerous times by a police officer? It is ridiculous that any human being, regardless of their race, can not show compassion for a child who was senselessly murdered by an officer of the law.

      • rose

        NICHIL D, The reason he was there so long is because they had to secure the scene from the mobs of people. If those people had messed up anything, it could have hurt the investigation and destroyed evidence that could be in that young mans family’s favor and cost a conviction.

      • Nichol

        Thank you for that ROSE, but I’m sure that he was there waiting on a coroner. The scene could have been secured without the body lying there for hours. Had those people been white they would not be called a “mob” but a gathering of concerned citizens. This is 2014 and the “Black Community” is still waiting on some accountability to be placed with the boys in blue across this country.

  • Dee

    At end of day a life is gone no one murder is more important than another young old black white all that is bs it’s a end to a life

  • Virgil

    That mod that looted those store in St. Louis, should be perscuted to the full extent of the law. Talking about stupid people, the ones that were looting, parked their cars in front of the stores with their license plates showing. Shame on them, I hope that they get the book thrown at them. And to add insult to injury, I hope that the owers of these stores do not rebuild in that neighborhood, just like they did when the “Watts” riolts in the 60’s

  • truthful1

    Its amazing to me how all of these so called intelligent commentators have their comments about how blacks have a learning disability …really? I would greatly appreciated if you guys would do the world a favor …stop inbreeding. Its clear your parents are siblings. Two ….do some research on all the things black people have invented and stop using them let’s see how long you last and third …if I wanted to think that this cop wasn’t racist ..the majority of racist comments posted on here show that there is definitely truth to the story that all of the witnesses have stated….and to the guy who said that some black guys stole his phone …that’s unfortunate that you experienced that. But all black people dont steal. To stereotype an entire race based upon the acts of few is just plain stupid. No matter how this story gets twisted and turned it comes down to one thing. In broad daylight A teenager not bothering anyone was gunned down by a no self esteem cop on a power trip and people act like that’s how it should be. And we all know its not right .Anyone of color who has ever lived, visited,or drove thru the Ferguson area is aware of the police brutality and harassment. Question: If this area is so crime ridden that the cops fear for their lives on the beat, why no dash cameras? Brand new police truck but nothing to show all of these necessary stops and arrests on tape as proof with a police cam???? Yeah ok.

  • Southside

    If the cop that killed that kid would’ve been black there would’ve been no riots. There’s way too much racism going on here & not enough common sense. It’s unfortunate.

  • maddie

    Why on earth would a mother, or father, bring kids to a ” peaceful ” protest, one at night? The protests haven’t been particularly peaceful. The young woman handled herself well. I’m sure the tear gas was painful. A mail carrier maced our two puppies that got out, and just touching them burned our skin. Tear gas couldn’t be much better. She went to her car, peacefully, the way the police told her to go after being told a man had been shot in the head. But she complained that she had her kids with her, that the evenings events – I assume the use of tear gas for crowd control was ridiculous. Perhaps she was also complaining that having to walk further to her car was ridiculous. But taking kids into a situation that even might become violent is so ridiculous it is beyond my comprehension. A peaceful protests had become a scene of rioting, looting, and burning only a few nights ago. Multiple shots were fired the next night. Bullets can ricochet no matter who shots the gun. People running, either to flee danger or to riot can trample adults, let alone kids. Why would a mother knowingly put her children in such danger? My six year old grandson, who until now has been color blind concerning peoples’ skin color, a fact I’m proud of, has been struggling to understand what he’s been seeing on the news. I’ve been struggling to explain only a few black people riot, loot, and burn building with employees inside, and that a few white people behave just as badly. He seems to understand. But at six, he along with me, would condem a mother for taking her kids into a potentially deadly situation.

  • don dantin

    President has jumped in again with a personal comment to the parents of Michael. Where is the person comment to all of the families of the other children murdered senselessly.

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