Video: QuikTrip looted by unruly crowds in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – A video has surfaced of Michael Brown protesters looting a QuikTrip near West Florissant and Ferguson Avenue. The video shows masked protesters carrying items out of the store. The store’s windows are smashed and candy is all over the floor.

YouTube user Umar Lee writes in the video’s description, “Cooler heads need to prevail. Quicktrip in Ferguson looted after violent confrontation with police. Justice for Mike Brown…in a just way”

Shortly before 8:30 pm Sunday night a large crowd had gathered at the intersection when trouble broke out. Police have responded with additional officers called to the scene.

More: Report: Michael Brown protesters damage police vehicles on West Florissant

More video from inside the store:

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  • Mike McClanahan

    Trouble didn’t break out tonight. Trouble broke out yesterday when an officer shot an 18 year old boy in the back and got a paid vacation. People are sick and tired of the dog and pony show. People are sick and tired of totalitarian rule.

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