Video: Customer posts a note to QuikTrip burned by looters

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Looters hit a QuikTrip store on West Florissant. The store received extensive damage. It was spray painted with graffiti and set on fire while employees were inside.

A customer posted this sign on the QuickTrip. The sign reads, “Corporate neighbor, I am sorry this act of robbery and violence has happened. Please return soon. I stop in 2-3 times per week. A 15yr customer of QT”

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  • morrow

    The people that were arrested should be made an example of and do a lot of time, but they will only get a court date that they will not keep and then there will be warrants issued for their arrest. America’s has got to downgrade the prison system to where people will not want to ever go, but the way it is now they don’t care.

  • John

    She seems to be a very fine person who has the right idea. I’m sorry for the loss of life and prayers to the family. Destruction and mayhem is not the answer, it never is.

  • sophisticate

    I’m tired of hearing this. Of course everyone wants to pull the race card, then burn down their own town and STEAL? Then they go home, get on the internet, and blow a bunch of smoke without knowing where the tobacco came from. Pathetic. The guy was a 5 time felon. Not a poor innocent man. And it’s sad that this happened. But you’re not provoking justice by trashing your own community. You’re making yourself look stupid. Did everyone already forget about the LA Riots, or was this a halfassed attempt of a copycat?

  • sophisticate

    Am I saying he deserved to die? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But have a little class. You feel that your people are being oppressed and treated unfairly? Acting like a bunch of monkeys will get you the opposite effect than what you’re looking for.

  • mo-b

    I’be been following this news story from the beginning! Big surprised… Not. St. Louis is one of the most racists city in the Union. I know was born and raise there but will not go back to live there ever. Just read some of the comments from the white readers. Would much prefer to live in the south. At least down south you know what your dealing with but St. Louis they will smile in your face all the while they are twisting the knife a little deeper… Smdh.

  • ag

    If y’all wanna wait on investigation stop assuming this man fought the police..there’s no evidence proving that

      • White Horse Martyr

        Ferguson police apparently don’t have dash cams. (Not directly @ you), but people really should wait for the results of the FBI investigation before jumping to conclusions. People are saying Mike Brown was a felon, but there are many Mike Browns on 5 time felons generally don’t graduate high school on time. So facts before rumors. This whole situation, rumors and looting, is getting way out of hand..

  • ale

    That Quik Trip was way too small, always over crowded and dumpy looking. IF they rebuild, i hope it’s a larger Quik Trip with more gas pumps. I never stopped there because you’d have to wait 15 minutes to get a gas pump. It’s like the people park their vehicles and just disappear. It wasn’t worth the stop anymore. The place was turning into a dump.

  • mert1212

    Enough is Enough. Bring in the military. Anyone involved in these hateful behaviors coming out of Ferguson right should be saddened by this disgusting display. You are not doing any justice for that poor child be ashamed of yourselves. God will punish all those who are wicked.

  • Frankie

    So until the facts are all sorted out and we actually KNOW what happened when Michael Brown was shot… Why doesn’t everyone just stop looting and burning innocent stores that have nothing to do with it. Like seriously I just saw a tweet that St. Claire Square was being protested tomorrow. Why? Because you feel like getting free stuff now? Is this what it’s about now? You’ve forgotten what this all started with. Where are you going to go when you run out of TP? Not SAMs Club, There’s no QT. Idiots are lucky they didn’t blow themselves up when they lit the gas station on fire.

  • Bo Leisenring

    apparently from the ignorant comments being left…only us racist “white folk” are supposed to wait for the facts about the kid killed while struggling with the cop…but the looters didn’t seem to wait for any facts. i hope all the businesses pack up and leave that cesspool, regardless off the owner’s race…those parasites don’t deserve anything other than the old school looting law penalty…and people call the preppers crazy, turn the lights off for two days in that town and see what happens.

  • zaqueem

    You know it always seems to be racist when a white dude dust somebody, but us black people aren’t the racist ones…..right if a black dude would’ve done shot that dude there wouldn’t be anything going on but a court case…..I’m ashamed to be black 90% of the time I’m watching the news…..not ashamed of my heritage but ashamed of the bull that my race is pulling ignorance comes from uneducated people who think living hood gang bangin what bein a brotha is about……until everyone thinks on the same field nothing will change. What these people doin ain’t surviving it’s straight up terrorism end of conversation!

  • John smith

    Everyone is acting that apartment complex has all good people in it. And thats hysterical. The problem with young black men today is they all wanna be gangstas. And that complex has a quite a few of them in there. Here is my problem something happens to black man the neighborhood gets burned. You dont see other races destroying their neighborhoods. People actually think businesses are going to re open. That wont happen cause the way people acted they will never trust the community ever again. All this looting did was over shadow that a young man was killed. People in the complex have video of the events but wont share them with authorities and my question is why. Is it the truth will come out and it will show something different then what the community said happened. And unfortunately with the way those people destroyed business and shot at the police i can see why they have a shoot first ask questions later mentality. Im sorry it is sad a you g man lost his life but when your in a bad situation you have choice me or him. And maybe this officer chose wrong. But to sit here and say the kid did nothing is a joke. All the witnesses seen the shots that killed him not the events prior. His friend admitted there was a struggle between the officer and mike. So now what do these people have to say. His friend is lying like the cops. The people that are good in that neighborhood are now tarnished because of the the actions of degenerate low life uneducated trash and wanna be hustlers. I am hurt by what has transpired in st louis. And it is a shame that the country now sees everyone in st louis as a scum. Thank to you degenerate pieces of s**t for ruining st louis’s image even more.

  • Steve Quinn

    Those loons and criminals who are looting are not representative of the good people who reside in Ferguson. Heck, probably half those thieves probably come from other areas and are just showing up for the “free stuff” they can get from looting.

  • Good STL County resident

    My heart goes out to the GOOD, upstanding residents of Ferguson, Jennings, and Dellwood. I’m sorry that you have to suffer bcz of the ignorant ppl/neighbors that surround you AND the low lives that came from other cities and St. Louis city to use a peaceful vigil to honor Michael Brown for their criminal intent and destruction of your area where you reside, raise your children, and patronage those businesses that were destroyed and may not rebuild bcz of this and/or other unaffected businesses that may now move out of your cities. This is such a sad tragedy that was senseless and NOT a good example of St. Louis as a whole, but sadly now will remain in the hearts and minds of our nation. If only all of us good, respectful, upstanding citizens of St. Louis County could gather as neighbors to “protest” this violence and evil, but WE have jobs, children to raise properly, and wholesome lives to live and focus on!! God Bless you and your families.

  • Jer

    Let’s all stop for a sec lets look at both cases brown and the guy from New Jersey chokehold . Hopefully all the slow ppl are still following me . If the ppl from down south got the FBI to stay in and took the case over and the NJ case lol I really haven’t heard much about the case after the last week our so and i didn’t hear of the FBI pick up the case from NJ
    And for the stores I don’t think browns mother owns the footlocker or the gas station or the lil mall and a job at 7.50 hour wat type of life is it to look help and the only just just turned there back on you and sad when your last hope is government

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