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“I want the truth, you want the truth.” Dooley, Belmar speak at press conference in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- "I want the truth and you want the truth. This community cannot heal itself until we know the facts and give justice a chance," said St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley as he addressed a crowd Monday morning at the Ferguson Police Department where a press conference was held following the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Dooley is saddened by the actions of Sunday night. He doesn't believe this was the proper way to pay respect to the memory of Michael Brown.

Brown,18, was shot and killed by police Saturday afternoon in the Canfield Green apartments.

"We are better than this. Justice is not swift, revenge is."

He wants the public to know that this is about keeping people safe although he understands their frustration and concerns.

He is asking for everyone to "be calm, be patient and be careful."

St. Louis County Police Department Chief Jon Belmar says the police force realized they could no longer stand on West Florissant and watch the looting happen.

Belmar took into account that emotions were running high. Thirty-two arrests were made during the looting Sunday night. No injuries or fatalities were reported. Their hopes are to keep the entire St. Louis region safe. Belmar is asking for the public to be peaceful as the investigation takes time. Although demonstrator's have requested that the officer's name be released, Belmar says it is the Ferguson Police Department's responsibility.

The St. Louis County Police Department issued its condolences to Mrs. Leslie McSpadden and the family of Michael Brown.

Michael Brown's autopsy was performed Sunday morning. No further information has been released.

Dooley, appreciates the chief's quick response along with other agencies who are involved in the investigation.

The chief doesn't have a problem with those who want to peacefully protest. He has confidence in the community. Their plan is to move forward.

The Department of Justice along with the FBI will conduct a separate investigation into Brown's murder.






  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    I’ve seen two interviews by the friend, in one he said the officer was pulling Michael into his car and Michael was pulling back. Then I just saw a video where he’s saying the officer told them to get out of the street, pulled his weapon and just shot Michael, so are there anymore witnesses who saw the whole incident, because…

  • Groovy Chick

    No, but they found beer, and cigarettes and everything else they could grab while setting fire to a place with people in it. Such nice folks. They should be in charge of things. They got nothing but good intentions.

  • Laura Mavros

    Disgraceful behavior in honoring his memory. No justification for looting and destroying your neighborhood.

  • gerry

    The looters are just idiots and opportunist. Lets not forget that an overzealous officer shot an UNARMED teenaget and for what? What was the probable cause to confront them anyway?

  • L

    No matter what happened or who did what, they SHOULD NOT release the name of the officer. He will just end up being hunted down. He could also have a family, which that would put them in danger also.

  • gerry

    Also we’re beyond frustrated because we already know what to expect from the county investigation & Mr. McCullough. NADA!!!

  • S. Jensen

    How did Charlie Dooley EVER get elected?! He has the grammar and public speaking ability of a 6 year old street urchin. Let me “axxxk” you another question: Am I the only person that thinks Dooley looks like Rafiki from The Lion King … with an extra chromosome?

  • Craig

    Maybe the police received a call about the two walking in the middle of the street and having to drive around them. Sound familiar to anyone. We dont know what happened. All we can do is wait. The looters probably never knew the young man or couldn’t tell you his name.


    oh please, please, remain calm until we finish the investigation– in a few months! for now, pretend like nothing happened. that is a very important first step in making *you* forget all about it, and *we* can forget about filing charges. we really hope you can do that for us.

    and, we can’t say anything right now, because the investigation hasn’t finished yet. except it was all his fault, he was assaulting a cop. that’s what the cop told us. never mind what the other witness says. we’ll let you know in a few months. (what it took us 3 hours to get)

    we cops *always* tell the truth.

  • rico brown

    It is amazing how white people find the time to make disrespectful comments about the dead young man and Black people in general. It must be sad when you have to say things cowardly behind a keyboard that you’d be way too afraid to say to your coworker or neighbor. That fear is priceless. …

  • Merdi

    I was a child when my parents were targeted by criminals because my father was an officer. If someone broke the law, he was there to serve the people involved and to uphold. He was a good officer (one of the few) that quit and relocated his family after he put a meth dealer away who was using children as a human shield. I remember the only time I ever saw him cry, sitting on their bed with my mother (about the safety of his family). I DO NOT condone the actions of the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown. What they did cannot be undone. Those responsible NEED to be brought to justice.
    HOWEVER, attacking other officers (or their families) who quite possibly are in the situation only because that’s their job… absolutely uncalled for.
    “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
    Is it possible to bring those who have done wrong out into the light instead of ‘blanket blaming’ and causing more death and destruction?
    This ‘blanket’ mentality is absolutely moronic. Racists ‘blanket’ blacks; Some blacks ‘blanket’ officers. The list goes on from every angle.
    What is it going to take for people to stop?
    On a side note: I have a friend who lives in Ferguson. Yes, he’s black and talented and intelligent and one of the most stand-up people I know. Talking with him recently, he does not agree with the happenings going on with the shooting, lootings, damage and such. As a white person, I do not agree either. So, if you care about ‘race’, take your pick.

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