Looters arrested Sunday night charged with felony burglary

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Police arrested 32 looters Sunday night. St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch says 10 of the suspects in the county jail are charged with felony burglary.   All arrested are known criminals.


  • dee

    Good they should get arrested, there was no reason ,to do what they did, the stores didn’t hurt Mr Brown .May he R.I.P .Some of the low life’s that keep using the race card ,and turn what they did as a act of protest,just goes to show how uneducated some people can be ,what they did was breaking the law ,i say lock em up Two wrongs don’t make right .My prayers go out to Mr Browns family and love ones .

  • George Archibald

    They should have been detained as domestic terrorists, tried by military tribunal and faced the punishment as enemy combatants engaged in looting. When I was in that was death by firing squad.

  • John Holmes

    Remember those two teenage girls killed by that stupid cop driving over 100 miles an hour while texting? That was horrible and folks got mad but nothing like this happened.

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