Photo Gallery: Looters cause massive damage to Ferguson businesses

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  • david glenn

    Its going to be just like watts in l.a. or overtown in miami. they burned and looted stores then they will wonxer later wher people are going to shop…..

  • JR

    Well prices in Ferguson will raise in response. The idiots are restless. Stupid is as stupid does. Entitlement at its best.

    • Ace Baily

      how many businesses will just move on? city with this response to a situation is such, that there will be numerous ones moving on, bunch of empty locations, for rent signs going up. who would want to do business in such a place?

      • Sam Anderson

        I think you’re right Ace. Time and time again I have seen this occur since the early sixties. The people with the real money and ability to change things just get out when they are treated this way.

  • Trex

    I do feel for this family. They obviously don’t want this sort of craziness associated with the memory of their son. Perhaps their community will listen to their pleas and behave appropriately.

  • MES

    I can’t understand how this type of behavior, destroying your own neighborhood, is an appropriate response to the teens death. It just gives cause or reason for these senseless deaths to continue. To be respected by others, one must act in a respectful manner and respect themselves.

  • Frabax

    QT, Autozone, Family Dollar and the rest should just pull up stakes and leave for areas where they are appreciated for providing jobs, paying taxes, etc.

  • Lattonya

    They do not represent anything that is associated with the murder of the late Michael Brown. They are not from Ferguson and I really wish people would understand that first and foremost. They came from other areas to destroy Ferguson and used Michael Brown’s death as an excuse to rant and rave and loot. Please stop associating them that committed the riots with the rest of us! We all are upset and heartbroken over this situation. I will state this for the record it is never acceptable to steal! The real protestors that held the vigil on Sunday night after it was over left and did not have anything to do with those that looted our local business. It is a shame that this has so many people think that all black people behave like the looters! We can not change what has already happened however we can make a difference today and moving forward! God bless!

    • Shelley

      I believe we all need to unite. I’m not racist so this is very hard for me. I pray for the family and pray for justice!! God be with the family.

    • Joe Schmoe

      You really expect your “Brotha and Sista” chimps to act like humans? They never have in the past…

  • Ra

    Well if all the stores move out of the community maybe the African Americans in the community can own some of the stores in their community. The community remains poor because so much of the wealth is taken out of the community by those who don’t live there are put anything back into it. the community is poor and those who own businesses are wealthy off the backs of those same poor people that they look at as less than human.

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