Video: Protester justifies the looting in Ferguson


  • ron

    Several things we need to clear up. First, we must stop with insulting each other. Second, this is not a black and white issue. Third, we must wait for the truth and facts before judging. Fourth, I do believe there are bad cops and good cops.
    Now on to the video. St. Louis is not a state, it is a city. The last state to abolish slavery was Texas. If you want to get technical, Mississippi ratified the amendment in 1995, but because the state never officially notified the US Archivist, the ratification wasn’t official. They recently submitted documentation on Feb. 7, 2013 to abolish slavery. Now, let’s talk about looting. The definition of looting (verb): stealing things from (a place, such as a store or house) during a war or after destruction has been caused by fire, rioting, etc. It started as a peaceful protest in memory of Michael Brown. What it turned into was disgraceful. Let’s talk about Quicktrip, they aren’t afraid to build in communities at risk. They also give back to the community i.e. Safe Place, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and United Way. Community is a unified group of people who live in the same area and who have the same interest. There are a lot of people in that community that are speaking up against the looting and rioting. These people want a better life for their children in this community. One final thought, let’s all step back and wait for the facts. Once we have them, we can all start the healing process.

    • Factual

      Exactly! Finally a civilized person with rational thinking..i agree totally,I’m not racist at all but I can identify it #Mississippian I was taken back on how racial these comments are,does it really come that easily!?

    • DrinkDDT

      Spot-on. I agree that people should let these investigations continue before anyone jumps to conclusions. There is a lot of conflicting information at this time.

  • Steven Vanwormer

    I don’t know where this guy learned his values, but they’re not American values. There may been an injustice done in that community, maybe not. The investigation is barely started let alone over. But these people have already reached a judgement and inflicted punishment (on the wrong people) already. One thing we can be completely certain of, none of the businesses that were robbed or destroyed in that neighborhood had anything whatsoever to do with the police killing of that young man. Americans have the RIGHT to peaceful protest. If it’s a good cause, I’ll march and protest right alongside them. When it turns to looting, burning and destruction it’s no longer a protest, it’s anarchy! I think anarchists should be shot down right in the streets, every one of them…

  • Jas

    There are some really divisive comments being made with regard to this video. I agree with the person who said that the media plays a big part in all the chaos and foolishness. They opted to go find someone who probably was part of the Quick Trip riot and ask him his uneducated opinion about looting. He is not the spokesperson for any African American community. But to take what he said and to make his statement be meant for how all African Americans feel is dead wrong. There are a lot of people that do not agree with this, so remember that. Also, to resort to calling names and making racist comments does not help solve the problem. Who sold slaves to who, calling people baboons and monkeys is not constructive at all. That is what the media wants. They covered the fight in the mall and the smash and grab in South St. Louis City and automatically associated this with the Ferguson riot. Everything from here on out will be associated with the Ferguson riot. People need to be still and get all the facts, stop jumping to conclusions, stop the hate, and stop the ignorant comments.

  • Danny

    Not sure if I heard it correctly, but around the 43 sec mark a man in the background said something about “burning city hall down”

  • Woody

    Some things will never change Because they wont let it change…….Go to school,,,Get a Job…Live well….that’s all you gotta do….NO ONE MEETS YOU HALF WAY!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO PAY FOR YOUR BAD DECISION!!!

  • seen-it-too

    I have seen both sides of the equation – real and percieved injustice. I was married to a Latino who was trying very hard to establish himself as a law-abiding citizen in St. Ann. He was repeatedly harrassed by the building inspectors and PD. Everytime he completed a list of requirements to meet occupancy, they created a new list. They approved his building plans then after they were installed, said, “This is the wrong kind of window. This has to be torn out and a new one installed.” They repeatedly called him into court if his tenants didn’t have the appropriate stickers on THEIR cars. Why didn’t they just ticket their cars? They knew if they got him out, his hispanic tenants would leave too. The breaking point came when after he completed the partition in the basement project, the inspector said he’d have to tear out ALL the walls so they could inspect inside of them. Instead, he sold the house to another Hispanic woman in California. He said, “Good luck dragging her into court. My tenants get to stay.”

    On the other side of the coin, I dated a black man. He was always looking for a reason to assume injustice especially related to PD. We were going to the grocery store once and he became very agitated when we arrived and an officer had responded and was talking to another black man outside his police car. BF started complaining about how they were just there to harrass the black man. I also said, “You don’t know the situation. Maybe the store called the police for assistance.” He stayed angry and was snapping at the staff throughout the store. Upon leaving, it turned out they were arresting a white man, and the black man was the witness. People need to stop jumping to conclusions and IF YOU WANT JUSTICE, WAIT FOR THE JUSTICE SYSTEM TO DO IT’S JOB. If you want instant justice, go to Afganistan (but I doubt you’d live long).

    And the dude in the video – he doesn’t deserve to wear a hat that says ST LOUIS. He does NOT represent this city he hates so much. I’m just sayin’….

  • Ed Smith

    This man’s illogic is beyond bizarre. Burning down innocent community-serving businesses is insane. QuikTrip cannot do business here with people like this. By these events this person’s “community” has demonstrated they, without provocation by QuikTrip or any of the other businesses, will unpredictably loot stores and destroy buildings. QuikTrip’s best choice is to simply clear the lot and leave for civilized, peaceful places where they will be appreciated and supported.

  • Wendy Thayer

    this “citizen interview” clearly answers any questions as to why the Officer felt he needed to use deadly force and obviates any doubts regarding the justification of it’s use…

  • Rich

    If they resent being stereotyped as overly emotional, uncontrollable sub-humans, then why do they play out the stereotype?

  • North County Citizen

    This is the result of babies having babies for benefits and the lack of a father figures. Plus, no regard or care to be educated. I’m willing to bet that more than half of the citizens in Riverview, Castle Point, Dellwood, Jennings, and all municipalities bordering north St. Louis city have not graduated HS and have criminal records. And, are on government assistance. I’d bet it’s closer to 75%. Listen to them speak and low behold have them spell. There is a lost generation of illiterates who contribute nothing but degradation of society and until this is addressed… it will never get better and good citizens who are able to move out will… just as most did starting in the 1990’s.

  • CJ

    Why interview the town idiot? “St. Louis was the last city to abolish slavery”…… Really!?! Go back to school Mr.Smith, and never reproduce!

  • The people

    I’m sure the best way to represent this dead kid is to steal and burn down your neiborhood. Why do you live in the slums?
    Way to go!

  • The truth

    The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division, 304-625-4995.

    They state emphatically that the Judicial System is not biased against minorities.

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.

    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled….

  • JT

    What an idiot. Zero logic – burn businesses that support your community & have NOTHING to do with the incident? God help him.

  • JT

    Yes – burn your local businesses down, run the business owners out, drive farther for gas, groceries, destroy the economy & jobs in your community … Brilliant, just brilliant.

  • khristina

    I was pulled over after leaving a theatre. Tils me that I did not use my blinker…he lied. Suprise im WHITE.

  • love a good debate

    Maybe that’s you problem that you rely on government assistance I work for everything I own and I do well with that also learn how to spell if you had an education it might be easier to get things

  • cbroadfield

    That is the problem with this interview! ! Giving someone like this who has clearly not researched his statements and spreading ignorance to those who will choose to listen a chance to get on t.v.! This is a problem all too common when issues arise and media feels the need to cover the story before their competition. And then we read posts that show us as though we don’t have an education that would allow us to type a full sentence or a whole word. The saddest part is that the ignorance spewing out of this 30 year old makes my whole generation get looked down upon. Please don’t judge all based on the acts of one!

  • Blame it on the white guy

    Enjoy the Hell you created, your people created. A white cop should have justice I agree, but these uneducated unemployed citizens should burn in the hell they created / looted, and enjoy their new hometown of Shit, as the economic growth disappears from their town. Think about it, and know that you deserve nothing less. I am pretty sure the pastors of your vigil said they wanted it peaceful, nice to know you know how to follow orders… You think you would ever see this in a white community? Wake up people… Grow up people…

  • Nate

    Isis we don’t care because your people will always think white people owe them from now until eternity I’m so sick and tired of the race care being played other groups have had hard pasts as well aka the American Indians but you don’t see them going up to every white person saying they owe them for the past… Grow up and go to work

  • greg

    No Sarah, it’s saying that blacks commit more crime’s just a fact. It’s time people accept the facts and quit blaming “the man” . I’m not a racist and don’t believe black Americans are animals but I don’t ignore the facts.

  • Jon Royruben

    ISIS, Just a little inside, they are going to reward your people with an all inclusive vacation package. Just decided to treat all looters and rioters as domestic terrorists. All will be detained or shot on site. Those detained will be boated to Guantanamo Bay Detention for processing back to the homeland where you can romp and frolic with the rest of the wildlife. Enjoy!!

  • law abiding citizen

    “My people” Well here we go. Just go ahead and subjugate yourselfs. I don’t care what anyone says, blacks are more racist to themselves than any white. Get over yourselves and stop it with your overdramatic self pity of your own race.

  • Chesterfield Resident

    Jon Royruben, I feel incredibly sorry for you and your ignorance. I am was born and raised in west county to a very fortunate upbringing. I have had many friends of all separate ethnic backgrounds and a small group does not speak for an entire race of people. The color of one’s skin does not determine ones thoughts and characters. Sophisticated people white or black all know this. It’s people like you that make our entire state and race look awful. I’m sorry to anyone who reads Jon Royrubens comment. This does not speak to the way we all feel. I’m not supportive of hurting people for any reason what so ever whether it be the physical display shown last night in the looting or, the verbal abuse cowardly muttered online by many uneducated individuals on this site.

  • Diva

    Isis its not that we don’t care about the young man that was shot and killed on Saturday or that we don’t also cry out for justice, You’re what.s wrong with world… nobody is out to destroy your racial DNA. You are a RACIST and ignorant. How about I call you “blackie” The looting and destruction of property did nothing for that young man’s family. How is that going to get justice for him when those who should be working on the case have to deal with robbers and vandals. Ans the National Guard has to be called out. and innocent families sit scared in their homes. Local people out of work because they sure didn’t hurt the national chains any. They need to act like Homo Sapiens, and not animals.

  • BS

    Black people keep saying white people owe them … I must ask for what. If it weren’t for the white people bringing your black ancestors over to the US then none of you would even be in the land of the free right now!!!!

  • Cherokee_proud

    You’re a stupid racist sitting on my ancestors land. Go back to the land of your ancestors, and get off mine.

  • Eman

    Well said ! These people have yet to evolve, they are primitive and uneducated. When they speak of “our people” they sound like they are speaking about beings from another planet. (Take me to your leader!)

  • Joe Barthelmess

    Slavery was abolished in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation and Missouri never seceded. They were a border state.

  • Cit Riverview

    Here’s a racial lesson for you. When the word COMMUNITY is used by a Black person, it means BLACK COMMUNITY. Other racial group need not apply.

  • Joe Schmoe

    You got that right, Eman, but If they haven’t evolved by now, they never will! Why do you think Chimps always have a scowl on their face? They know that they will evolve into negroes eventually…

  • bLack_viCtim_M3ntality

    You have your bigotry and ignorance reversed. Do your research and you will find that 90% of interracial violent crime is blacks and Hispanics committing against whites. Do your research and you will find that only 1.4% of the United States’ population ever owned a slave, that the first slave owner was black, that a significant population of black Americans of that same period were NOT slaves, particularly in Louisiana, and that a HUGE percentage of “freed” blacks became slave owners themselves. The “ignorance” and “bigotry” you have been taught by the mainstream media and the public education system are the exact opposite of the way things really are. In all reality, it is far more likely statistically that one of your “homies” down the street great-great-grand pappies owned your great-great grandpappy than one of my relatives.

  • Trix4Kids

    I’m a black thirty-three yr. old male. The implication that you make is true. White people are some of thee most destructive people on this earth. For example, Africa, the boundaries of each-country in Africa was drawn as a last ditch effort when those occupying nations left them and we have many of those tribal nations fighting over original borders because of those white European countries who gave original borders over to those whom they never belonged. If you look at history it was always whites interfering in other countries and people’s personal business. That still takes place today. Instead of leaving people alone, it’s white liberals who always interfere in peoples lives.

    But the other part of your statement I find foolish: Not all whites participated in slavery on the Atlantic Slave Trade, there were white abolitionist who wanted blacks freed from slavery and and who fought to have all slavery abolished, because they recognized how inhumane in it to hold in slavery another human being. Also, you can’t hold today’s whites accountable for what their ancestors chose to do. That was their ancestors personal decisions to participate in the atrocities they partook in. What if you wronged people today and when you’re dead they come after your children for what you did? How does that make sense? I mean, duh, it makes sense from a sadistic retribution sense. But from a sense of rational it makes not sense. I hold on to our black history of what happened, but I don’t hold the outcomes of our history towards whites today. I do know there are those whites today who are in fact racist, but not all whites think that same way. So you perhaps need to get your perspective checked.

  • Laquanda W.

    Wow that is the most uneducated statement I have ever heard, well a close second statement to the above video.

  • bLack_viCtim_M3ntality

    I have read this report. Here are some other facts that go hand-in-hand with these numbers and help paint a more complete picture of the perceived “wrongs” blacks constantly hide behind: only 1.4% of the United States’ population owned slaves at the HEIGHT of slavery; the first slave owner, Anthony Johnson, was black; a significant population of black Americans of that same period were NOT slaves, particularly in Louisiana; a disproportionately large percentage of “freed” blacks became slave owners themselves. Statistically, it is likely that more than 99% of the US white population today is descended from non-slave-owners even if their roots even extend as far back as the 1600’s, however it is more likely that they are descended from post-civil-war immigrants who in fact were never slave owners.


    In a time of multiple school and workplace shootings, middle-aged mass murderers, drug-saturated rave parties, and moms who drown their kids in tubs, lakes, or dump them in garbage cans, one question comes to mind. How long will suburban white America get away with expressing shock at the criminal proclivities of its progeny, without media exposing their presumption of incorruptibility as fallacious and patently racist? Especially when government statistics indicate deviance and dysfunction are quite commonplace with such folks and in such places.

  • DeMann

    And you are saying that to say what? All of those statistics you quoted come from a system that is biased but of course they will never admit that because then it would justify a lot of the mistreatment that occurs when people of color are dealing with law enforcement officers. I don’t like what happened on either end of this situation but a lot of people that are born with a sense of superiority don’t understand and will never understand because the world is different for them. My condolence to the family for their lost.

  • Dane

    My god. You are a pathetic wretch. I’m just taking a guess here that you’re white. What you think of as white culture or society is perhaps the most destructive in the history of mankind. Whites have committed terrible genocide, enslaved, butchered and oppressed people who do not look or think like them, then profess their “Christian” values. And whites don’t even own up to it. They try and hide all the evil they do. And even worse, they are the biggest social parasites. Poor whites take in more federal money than any group (just look at the figures, all the states that owe the Federal government money are “red” states, which are predominantly poor white) or if they happen to be rich they hardly pay any taxes. Integration has only been made difficult by racist pigs such as yourself who thrive on putting down others and spreading hatred to cover your own inadequacies. This rioting is shameful, yes, but so is the fact that people like you still exist. Luckily your kind is dying out, and once you’re gone we can start the process of racial healing in this country.

  • DeMann

    Why they are always the ones that are doing it, because they are cunning about what they do don’t mean that it is right!!!

  • rose

    DEMANN Of course all of the stats are biased, anything that you do not agree with is always going to be biased and racism, you will never admit that. Of course many, not all, people of color have issues with law enforcement, because they have nor show respect for anyone in authority. This is what you have been taught and you are unable to see past your blindness. TRUTH was speaking the truth, you just don’t like it and refuse to accept it.

  • rose

    MORROW, The media just wanted to make black people look stupid, like they tried to make white people look stupid with Archie Bunker. You have to admit, it is all pretty funny. I loved All In The Family.

  • Bill

    Blacks think their ancestors had it bad ? Read what happened to the Native Americans. Their land was stolen and their people murdered. Blacks got the right to vote in the 1860’s, Native Americans didn’t get it until after women got the right. My great-great-grandfather was murdered by Andrew Jacksons militia at Horshoe Bend because he wouldn’t sign a treaty giving up his farm. Our family succeeded though when my great-grandmother married a white man and put the land in his name. They were Creeks.

  • Bill

    Slaves were EXTREMELY expensive. An old history book we found listed average prices for slaves in Washington, Mo. in the 1850’s. They were from $2,000 to $8,000 dollars at a time when the postmaster made $38. a month! How many slaves do you think he owned ? The northern industrialists tried slavery but it was more economical to lure European immigrants with promises of great jobs and high wages. Problem was that most of these workers were treated worse and had poorer living conditons than the majority of the slaves.

  • Matthew

    He needs to get an education since he does not understand or know that the last state to abolish slavery is in Fact Mississippi who still has not ratified the 13th amendment to this day. Plain and simple IGNORANCE BREEDS IGNORANCE!!!!

  • Bj

    First off the black monkeys are getting what they deserve if it was up to me we would shoot all of you that are causing trouble because a police officer was doing his job

  • Factual

    MS indeed has ratified the 13th amendment …lets not make so many assumptions on an entire race. Education… Ignorance breeding ignorance Wow! 😐

  • Factual

    Prime example of an racist degenerate!! #vice versa that same bullet you have why don’t you go right ahead an use it on yourself #JustaThought 😜

  • Factual

    Take your ignorant tail somewhere and have several seats as many as you can take!! Illiterate piece of trash

  • Mary Baker

    illiterate is right! said yeah, st louis, the last state to abolish slavery..first off, st louis isnt a state! second of all, mississippi was the last state to abolish slavery…what a group of low intelligence people who would do what they are doing…all the voilence…sorry, its just an excuse to steal whatever they can get their hands on! get a job and go to work like the rest of us do! act like animals and we should treat you like animals….

  • monicya

    You are so right !!! These people don’t hold jobs and they are taking this out on people who had nothing to do with what happen between the police officer and this teenager. They are living up to every stereotype they claim is given to them unjustly!

  • We All Live Here! Keep the Peace!

    To Quote Dr. Suess….. UNLESS SOMEONE LIKE YOU Cares an Awful lot, Nothing is going to Change, It’s just not!
    Be the change you hope to see in this world. It’s not to late to right the wrongs!

  • Joe Momma

    Wanted: 1 pair Jordan’s size 12, 4 20inch rims (matching preferred). Plz text cuzzin Anfernee or Lil’ Bobo.

  • Todd Or-not

    Typically we execute those who commit such acts and recognize garbage for what it is. You won’t see us in the streets protesting “He was a good kid, he was trying to turn his life around and just got in with the wrong crowd.”
    Fuck that noise, you do everyone a diservice with your ignorance.

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