Protesters demonstrate outside St. Louis County Police Headquarters

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - Demonstrators upset over the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown are marching in Clayton, Missouri.

The protesters say they want the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McColluch's office to release the following regarding the death of Brown:

  1. For the officer who killed Brown to be identified.
  2.   For the officer who killed Brown to be fired and charged with murder.
  3. They want the police department's "Protocol Handbook" released to the public.
  4. They want the Ferguson Police Department's employees to reflect the racial demographic of the community.

On Tuesday, the Ferguson Police Chief said he would not release the name of the officer until he was forced to do so by law.

Michael Brown was shot after police say he was involved in an altercation with a Ferguson officer on Saturday.   But witnesses say Brown was running with his hands in the air.

The initial investigation does prove Brown was unarmed.

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  • Tim Wilson

    Whether they work or don’t work they need to get out of the street so people can operate their vehicles in a safe way.
    Protest all you want to, as long as you are lawful and peaceful.

  • Jo

    I find it hard to believe that this could be the list of demands from the average citizen of Ferguson. What they are asking for is for their police department to be replaced by that of East St Louis and its outlying areas.

    • My Common Sense Is Tingling

      I 100% promise you this is not from the average citizen of Ferguson. I have lived in Ferguson for 35 years. And I have never seen the nonsense that I saw Sunday and Monday in my lifetime here. People need to get their heads on straight and realize that what they are doing or have done is not the way sane people react to things like this.

      • Mark Foster

        I have a hunch you’re part of the 30% who are left, the should have left long ago. Take the loss and get out now, as it isn’t going to get any better. It’s never going back to the good old days.

  • Oneofthemwhoworks

    The expressed comments above are the reason ‘they’ are in the streets. A place of privilege allows a myopic and distorted view of reality. What a blessing it must be to not worry if your law abiding child will come home at night. What a blessing to not worry if your child will be pulled over for no reason….what a blessing to know if stopped methods to subdue peaceably will be used before deadly force… Until you walk in ‘their shoes’ don’t be so quick to judge. Oh and by the way there are as many of ‘your’ folks getting those checks you talked about as there are those…poverty & economic disparity really is colorblind.

    • Mr. Freeze

      Are you kidding me for no reason did you see the report with the people pulled over in ferguson license violations are you kidding me no reason. See thats the problem in neighborhoods like that. Every one acts like their innocent and they dont commit no crimes. This prison this is reality if freedom. You make illegal turns drive with bad plates you run a stop light you get pulled over period. Now i ask you how many times have you been pulled over. I been pulled over around 8 to 10 times in missouri on petty shit by white and black officers. And by the way im fucking white. So should i claim racial profiling cause i was in black neighborhoods when i got pulled over. See this shit goes both ways. Cops racial profile in this state and theres nothing you can do. If you dont want to handle it move. But seriously this shit goes both ways.

  • Bob

    Its easy to be part of the downtrodden, through lack of education and no skills to get a good job. You have to work at it each and every day of your life. There’s no special club for the successful, where the wrong people are pushed out of line. When you’re at the bottom, it’s far too easy to believe the symptom is the cause.

    • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

      Thank you, it’s all becoming a media joke, people are rolling their eyes. It’s a media circus and they’re just stirring up the public to spread what’s been happening. This stopped being about Michael Brown Sunday. It’s nothing but photo ops and I hope mainstream media doesn’t play into it anymore.

  • D common sense

    With regards to #2 on their demands. They are asking for the cop to be fired and charged with murder. This demand is based on a widely held and oversimplified image of the role of police in the area. They are not even giving the law a chance to work this out. This is by definition stereotyping.

  • Robert Waggoner

    We dont worry about our kids comming home at night because we teach them about respect. We dont help criminals hide from police. We dont have a code of silance. Yes we teach our children that if you comply with the law you have nothing to worry about. When you stop looking to blame everybody for problems you create then and only then will change happen. These neighborhoods wrre once beatiful so if where you live is a getto then its probably because you created it. And last I checked more white folks died freeing the skaves then did blacks. Because we dont agree with the poor us attitude and everybody profile s us, and we dont get a fair chance that doesnt make us racests but realistic. Oh and I have been passed up for good jobs because I wasnt black. Instead of destroying my neighborhood I worked harder and found another job

    • kelley

      wow Robert you have a lot to say about nothing that you could possibly understand….if you haven’t been racially profiled for no reason, stopped for walking in your own neighborhood but because your black and don’t look like you “belong” because your parents worked hard to be in this mostly white neighborhood, you can not speak on it….my husband and i moved our family into a better space and my son was first profiled in middle school because he fit a description and once i saw what the description was and there was no way my son fit it ….like every cop is not good just like every black is not lazy or bad….sometimes think before you speak

      • rose

        KELLY, When you live in an all black or white community, and you get pulled over, it is not profiling. You are really not that special after all.

      • Humongo

        When you live in a 70% black area why would you think that white and black should be pulled over in even numbers? Consider some math skills because sheer logic says if you are in a mostly black area mostly black people will be the ones getting pulled over. I live in a mostly white area and guess what – mostly white people get pulled over around here. Is that racism too? Smart people are quite doubtful this has much if anything to do with race and much more with trigger happy cops who are trigger happy because of the violence in certain areas – violence that would not exist if people stopped the code of silence that exists that protects the worst elements out there.

  • Tami

    I feel sorry for the parents. But why was the kid running from the police officer in the first place? Why not stop running with you hands in the air? Why not let the police officer search you or run your name if you have nothing to hide? If this kid was truly innocent release to the public his police record if he has one. Your prosecuting an officer for doing his job. If you release his information and this young kid should have his information out in the public as well. Nobody seems to know the whole story and picture thanks to the media. I cannot stand to get half truths from the media. Either tell the whole story or shut up!!! What are these other young people thinking??? Let’s jump on cars, burn gas stations down, run your mouths to the police, loot businesses in your areas which is creating jobs. Now what are your going to have? Your doing damage to your own neighborhoods for what??? Thanks for creating another run down neighborhood. Like we need anymore of them.

  • Earl H Strong Jr.

    To begin, I am African American. I grew up in the hood and still associate with it. I have great appreciation for my life, my family, my history, and the sacrifices of those that came before me that brought great ease and accommodation to my life, my family, the hood I grew up in and the doors afforded me and humanity in the past, present and future collectively. I say all of that because:

    I weep greatly for the loss of life within our race as well as the degradation of our value (individually and collectively) and our promise as a result of actions that bring insult and injury to such loss.

    I speak to hoodlums, heirs, and everyone between for any and all ethnicities when I offer these words. ANY loss of life is great loss to us all for it is one less loss on the march toward promise. Every effort and investment incorporated into that life becomes null and void . . . and is IRREPLACABLE to us all. No one can replicate, replace, transverse that journey in concert with that lost life.

    Though the examples I may reference are of African American men and women, understand that I use such references as examples within any race . . . any creed. There is a pain, unimaginable, among all races that comes with the loss of lives as a result of futility. Whether brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, second generation, third generation, or otherwise, the loss of ANY LIFE through such futility will leave every one of us one short of imagination, vision, purpose, validity . . . promise. However, to degrade such loss through looting and actions that bring shame to us all further validates the insult and injury pre-existing to the life itself (i.e: discrimination, inequality, etc.).

    What value does looting give to the loss of life experienced and to the history and sacrifices of those before us? It is not a matter of the 90% or the 10%, especially when 95% of the media publicity available to account, and recount, such action BECOMES a reflection of the whole. I cannot imagine what prompts a person or even a people to allow the energy of such loss of life to become the generator for actions that degrade and deface THE GREATER ethnicity and humanity as a whole. Not one bag of weave nor one box of cigarettes will provide food to the hungry . . . give water to the thirsty . . . or promote honoring the life or journey to be remembered. Individual desensitization and dissociation with the greater picture is practically blasphemy that produces incision toward “bleed out” of essence . . . endurance. The tears of all generations who see and hear of such accounts, and recounts, overflows into the history books that outline everything from who we are, where we came from, even the expectation of where we are headed . . . leaving the begging question: what has happened to ALL of us?

    I really do not know if anyone understand where I am coming from here, but I do believe that everyone one of us has been both with and without in our lives. However, I also firmly believe that even the worst of us are not without accountability to who we are, both who and what we represent, and bricklaying both individually and collectively. I protest stupidity, ignorance, dominance, and those elements of humanity that shatter the very humanity available to us all through which we persevere toward promise. I flow with tears for the loss of life that comes from the use of such elements bathing in those tears to remind myself of my value, my being . . . my purpose and the pursuit towards my purpose . . . and the understanding that self-preservation is just as valuable as purpose, just as important as hope, just as critical as definition . . . just as monumentous as existence.

    If such is NOT the case, then all of us await a bullet only to have our bodies left laying dead in the streets lacking acknowledgement and consideration.

    To the families and histories of people like Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Renisha McBride and those alike, to ALL communities (both urban and rural), ALL ethnicities (both rich and poor), ALL sexualities (both homo and hetero), ALL countries, and ALL lives and minds impacted by the loss of even ONE bricklayer: I pray that our tears are transformed into adhesive strengthening our pavers so that every drop of adhesive, every paver laid, every step tested, taken and to come offer accommodation to the substance of memory’s foundation, reminding us that EVERY LIFE (living and lived) is and was meant to be both in purpose . . .


    REMEMBER: every letter of each word and every step along the journey has the conviction of PROMISE because there IS PROMISE in TODAY whether tomorrow is promised to us or not. Furthermore, repetition of certain conversations can be both a gift and a curse . . . for in as much as it provides reminder of history, it also validates and strengthens the existence and perseverance of errs in our humanity . . . both individually and collectively . . . depending on perspective and presenter alike, of course.

    • Bruce Ur

      Excellent thoughts, Mr. Strong. Wise words that only the wise will appreciate. Just have to say, though, that in order to get there — to this place where Unity among all races is possible — BOTH sides have to have a fair and honest Hearing… Blacks have a long and sad legacy (from WELL before this country was formed) of being made Slaves, and being mistreated because of skin color… Whites have to HEAR that, FEEL that, and Understand that… Whites, however, are sick and tired of being blamed for the sins of bygone generations, and sick of the cries for Justice when the victim is black but there are only yawns when the PERPS are black, and sick of the misogynist Rap culture, and sick of Tax dollars going toward Shaniqua’s hair-do, and on and on… Time for HONESTY and mutual appreciation for the complaints of BOTH of these People groups. Best way to do that? Turn off MSNBC and being having public discussions on where we go from here, together… BOTH sides listening, asking forgiveness, and working toward a more unified Future.

      • Earl H Strong Jr.

        I agree with your assessment and consideration. However, the problem with opening the door to start the conversation is two-fold, specifically: person and perspective. While most of history is written by the victors, all of it isn’t which allows history to enjoy color and diversity in its presentation. We must all show care and concern for the pages of history we produce understanding that history isn’t always verbatim. We all should allow for objectivity in understanding that every minority culture has experience some form of distaste throughout history, whether internal or external to the community or ethnicity itself. It begins one conversation at a time, but grows and moves just as quickly as a bad review throughout time.

  • Rivian Robinson

    The Police Chief says he won’t release the name of the officer until forced to do so by law….does he not realize he is part of the “law” and should be transparent. It seems since he is the “law” that he would automatically be compelled by “law” to relaease the information needed to enforce the “law”. If the truth is to be known the “law” must tell what they know and abide by the “law”. All the unrest can be lessened if the truth is told be it good or bad. The longer this drags out, the more damage is being done and the longer it will take to restore peace and institute change.

    • Jennifer

      I understand what you’re trying to say. But I think you’re forgetting he is not the law. He enforces the laws that are written down and heard in court. There are policies that must be followed especially in choas like this and while I do think refusing to release his name speaks volumes for his guilt what if it was your brother your cousin your father who shot someone execution style wouldn’t you want them protected? I’m not defending him I think he’s guilty and we should bring back the old West style of trial by jury. But I also see how there’s other people involved that are at risk. Oh and btw I’m white

    • Ace Baily

      should this individuals name be released, so that the thug criminals that destroyed numerous businesses on sun night can then go after him , burn his house, terrorize and harm his family, and kill him? that is what will happen the moment such release is done.

  • james

    I love these demands and how they reflect RACE , RUMOR has it that the cop that shot the young man is Black. And this is one of the main reasons that the information will not be released.

    • Rivian Robinson

      James- I heard that same rumor about the officer being black, also that he has had incidents of over zealousness before this one. Whatever the race of the officer, the family deserves to know who he is, have steps taken to find out what really happened, and then have the proper action taken. It makes me wonder what the response will be if in fact he is black, then what does the conversation become? I would like to see TRUTH, PEACE and Positive CHANGE come out of this. Like any other situation, the truth must come out for true justice to be done.

    • Rivian Robinson

      James- I heard that same rumor about the officer being black, also that he has had incidents of over zealousness before this one. Whatever the race of the officer, the family deserves to know who he is. And steps taken to find out what really happened. It makes me wonder what the response will be if in fact he is black, then what does the conversation become? I would like to see TRUTH, PEACE and Positive Change come out of this. Like in any situation, the truth must come out for true justice to be done.

  • BART

    I agree with demand #4: “They want the Ferguson Police Department’s employees to reflect the racial demographic of the community.”

    Since the Ferguson Police Department’s employees are all white, they should force all the blacks out of Ferguson.
    There, now the police department demographics match the community…


    The earliest people in the Americas were people of the Negritic African race, who entered the Americas perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago, by way of the bering straight and about thirty thousand years ago in a worldwide maritime undertaking that included journeys from the then wet and lake filled Sahara towards the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and from West Africa across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Americas.
    According to the Gladwin Thesis, this ancient journey occurred, particularly about 75,000 years ago and included Black Pygmies, Black Negritic peoples and Black Australoids similar to the Aboriginal Black people of Australia and parts of Asia, including India. Go home white man leave us alone.

    • Jim Flint

      If the “white man” went “home” who would mail you checks? Who would run the power stations or refineries.? The entire nation would turn into a gun society, that is until you ran out of bullets.

      • Rivian Robinson

        Jim- That’s not fair. But just for curiosity sake, where is “home” for any of us? Isn’t it wherever we are? Wherever we make it? You can’t even have intelligent conversation with those who are willing to have intelligent conversation when you make comments like this. Peace is what we need. Maybe I’m a dreamer but I’d rather be that than become part of the problem or problematic discussion.

    • brendan

      “The earliest people in the Americas were people of the Negritic African race, who entered the Americas perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago, by way of the bering straight (sic)”. Complete nonsense. Modern man didn’t even migrate out of Africa until about 100,000 years ago. Therefore, we were all black (or at least 50 shades of brown) if you go back 100,000 years (white skin didn’t evolve until quite a bit later), and there’s simply no evidence to support that humans were in the Americas any earlier than 15,000 years before present.

  • Bob

    Why are they demanding to know his name, other than to hunt him down, kill him and his family, burn his house down, and continue doing so to the rest of the neighborhood because you’re angry about your crummy life.

    • Ace Baily

      Bob, I had not read your comment, when I made reply to one, however my thoughts are about same as yours. I did not just repeat yours. what transpired last night early this am is indication as to what the situation is there, and the protestors will be back as another individual has been shot by a police officer.

  • Clinton davis

    Does anyone think about the officer? Do you think this is fun for him or her?This is not about race it is about something that should never happen again.There is a story about what occurred let it come out peacefully.We are not in control neither black,white,red or green the good lord let this happen for a reason we may never understand but we have got to quit fighting.Let Micheal’s love ones mourn,Let the officer deal with this and stop tearing each other down .

  • Johnny Lawrence

    I have a friend that’s a STL County police officer.. says it was completely justified. This ‘gentle giant’ attacked the officer and tried to get his gun. When the truth does come out, it will be met with much more violence than what you are seeing now. He thinks they are going to have to call the National Guard in. Says he was working up there Sunday night and they were being pelted with bottles, cans, people shooting off guns, taunting them. And all of these people like Sharpton, and the state senator who was on Fox2 News this morning with John Pertzborn, do nothing but stir it up and create more divide. It’s gonna get ugly folks.

    • jrk

      i totally agree, my fears, going to get alot worse if he goes free, i was near hwy patrol, troop c today, seen more troopers coming in convoy style.

  • Bang Bang

    You can LEGALLY Shoot a THUG even if his hands are raised if committing a felony in which THIS THUG DID.. He will not make that mistake again! And how about the same IJITS that is protesting this Continue when BLACK ON BLACK crimes continue. COWARDS all of them

  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    Don’t any of these people have jobs, instead of out there in the streets? I’ll bet most of them are from all over the country just looking for 5 minutes of being on camera, maybe professional protesters. ;)

  • me

    Wow,great job white Missouri residents you never cease to amaze me. You just prove the point that racism in St. Louis is real

  • scott

    20000 blacks policed by 53 white cops and 3 black cops you think that is a problem, not to many cities are allowed to do that I don’t think it is legal for the government to discriminate like that.

    • Jo

      Not to be flip but it seems to be a personality flaw I cannot overcome. It just seems to me the argument that they don’t have enough black officers would hold weight if someone, anyone, could produce the 20 or 30 applications from qualified black officers that were denied employment. Can’t fill positions with people that have not applied.

  • Jo

    Okay, they just played some eyewitness account. He said two more cops showed up, didn’t really say if it was the cop that pulled over actually shot Michael. Is it possible both stories are correct? There was a struggle, a shot was fired in the car, then these two cops showed up and one of them actually shot Michael thinking the situation was worse than it was?

    Sorry but I am having trouble with the fact that I believe the community, Michael was a good kid. Then on the other hand I know if a cop is going to snap and kill someone innocent, they tend to do that without a mess of witnesses around. Something went very wrong, at least in my mind this is the first thing that has made sense. Still very tragic but it actually makes sense to me.

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