Exclusive: Witness claims he saw Michael Brown being shot

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A witness spoke exclusively with Fox2 News about what he saw when a Ferguson police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown last Saturday at Canfield Green Apartments. The man who does not want to be identified, says Brown was not armed and had his hands in the air, as if surrendering, when the officer opened fire striking him several times. He also says Brown appeared to be quiet and shy and talked with him about Jesus.

St. Louis County Police say Brown struggled with the officer in his squad car before the shooting. The Justice Department, FBI, and St. Louis County Police are investigating.

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  • robert

    no doubt on what he seen is the truth , but if the officer shoot and then left , who’s police vehicle was the flat bed towing from the seen?. did the shooting police officer take of walking or running and leave his police cruiser.? did some one give him a ride ? or did the police pretend to tow a police cruiser as a pony show ?

    • robert

      i have one more question , what was the police cruiser doing on the street with out a dash cam ? i was under the impression that all newer police vehicles had to have them as a proven testimony to support the there case in the court of law if it was protested by the offender .

      • al

        This is one of the poorest police precincts in the state, Ferguson does not have the money to get cameras for every vehicle. The precinct had just this month gotten body-cams for officers and had not implemented them yet.

  • Ee

    Bobby I could not agree more!! My question is would this be happening if it was a black cop instead of a white one? Some people pull the racist card every chance they get.

  • John Bayer

    As we all can see and read there are two different stories out there and could be more on this case. To rush to judgment or any other conclusion would be wrong. We should let our system of justice work.

    • Strawberryhill (@Strawberryhillb)

      Actually it’s the third one, the teen who said he was with Michael, and after Michael was shot he ran into his bathroom, which made him not at the scene. Then an older guy on youtube who said Michael didn’t run from the police, although the teen said they both ran. I feel like this man talking in the video here is credible, but still what happened before Michael was shot at the police vehicle? I don’t understand what he meant by Michael being angry, and Jesus helping him with what he was doing. We might not ever know.

  • renee

    What I would like to know is how many of the people that has comments are black and have had any and I do mean any form of racism displayed toward them? When you have worned the shoe then comment. Until then TAKE SEVERAL SEATS and GO SOMERWHERE and SAT IT DOWN. Not any of you were there. I wasn’t there. Stop making conclusions because you don’t believe that there’s heavy racism in St Louis County. Because I live here and it is. The fact of the matter is not only did the officer shoot to kill it was overkill. The young man had already surrendered. He kept shooting like he was putting an animal down. Maybe if it was a black officer in a suburban white community that shot down a white man you would understand. If you don’t have any positive interventions to help stop critizing. Do blacks holler racism fast. Yes we do. You have to have walked in my shoes and lived my life and the lives of other black individuals to know how it feels. I personally have imprisoned my son in the house since he was a young boy to protect him. It is now 2nd nature to him to stay in the house. I lived in the city which was full of violence, now I live in north county and im still afraid. Because he may be harassed by the police. Racial profile him that he looks like a suspect. Until you have felt this fear you don’t understand. Oh by the the way my son is clean cut no dreads no sagging. Listen to Mike Browns parents he was a good kid never had a fight. Suddenly he decides to attack an officer and take his gun. REALLY! But what we don’t know is the character of the officer that killed him. Do I holler racism? Hell yell I’ve lived in Ferguson. I know 1st hand. You can’t have a decent vehicle and drive legally down the street without harassment. If you haven’t walked the walk, don’t talk the talk.

    • c

      It sounds like you are a really good mom and yourviewpoint breaks my heart. It definitely makes sense you’d say race. I hope for peace and safety for your family. Keep up the good work mom. I’m just a fellow mom who happens to be white.

  • JollyTime

    If ya dont like where ya live move out. Quit with the feels sorry for me BS. Some whites have it just as bad as you all. I know this 1st hand. Cops dont like me because of who I married. So sick and tired of ya all pulling that card. Try to be black…try walking in our shoes. Just cuz we aint black dont mean we havent walked in your shoes. Get over it already!!!

  • Bob

    Yes, the cop shot an unarmed man. Since he immediately encountered a life-threatening battle, I don’t believe the cop knew he was unarmed. Don’t mess with cops.

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