Protesters rally in Clayton over Mike Brown death investigation

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - The crisis in Ferguson now shifts to the Justice Center in Clayton.

Things are quiet now, but the doors to the Justice Center were closed when a group of demonstrators marched up to a police line, just after 3pm Wednesday.

This was a peaceful protest.  Around 100 demonstrators approached police with a couple of bull horns and chants.  Police told demonstrators they could not cross a line. When two of them did, they were handcuffed.  Police say they'll be booked on and released.  Demonstrators chanted and called for Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to step aside.

They believe charges should be filed against officer Darren Wilson.  They believe Wilson is being given preferential treatment. Demonstrators left after about an hour.

Demonstrators say they will continue to protest here in the coming days. McCulloch's office says the prosecutor has said all along that he would not release any information until this proceeding is completed.  A spokesman for the Prosecutor says grand jury testimony could begin as soon as Wednesday.



Joe Millitzer August 19, 20144:49 pm

Jeff Bernthal will offer a full report during our 5pm newscast.  Video to be posted here in a half hour.

Joe Millitzer August 19, 20144:34 pm

St. Louis County Government Center no longer on lock-down.

Joe Millitzer August 19, 20144:08 pm

St. Louis County Government Center is on lock-down.  Reason: Protesters outside.

Joe Millitzer August 19, 20143:32 pm

Joe Millitzer August 19, 20143:29 pm