Ferguson calming as Grand Jury reviews evidence in Mike Brown case

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - The beginning of the grand jury's review evidence may be calming tensions according to people moving more freely in Ferguson.

The grand jury will meet again next week. This slow process that could take weeks as investigators continue to gather evidence in Mike Brown shooting case. It`s slowly getting back to everyday life n Ferguson, we`re at the Command Center, which just two days ago was lined with satellite trucks from around the world. Many are now rolling up their cables and leaving as is the National Guard after Governor Jay Nixon gave the order to begin withdrawing.

The events here have made a huge impact on everyday life, with school closed this week, businesses closing early, and shoppers needing to get police escorts just to go to places in this shopping center on the corner of West Florissant and Lucas and Hunt. Some businesses remain boarded up but with spray painted messages saying, "We`Re Open." It appears more people are getting out to go to those businesses.

Quincy Johnson believes people are having good conversations and with less emotion. "The pot is not as hot as it was, it`s simmering down right now. We have to get through what we`re going through. I believe it`s all going to turn out well."

A small example of how it's getting back to everyday life. Monday the Chinese restaurant here was open, but you needed a National Guard Escort to walk over. Friday, you can just walk in and order.