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Military dad surprises daughter on second day at a new school

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HERCULANEUM, MO (KTVI) – Starting a new school in a new district can be a little intimidating for some students. But, in just her second day in class, a Herculaneum 7th grader got a surprise that makes it all worthwhile.

Senn-Thomas middle school students were told a local author was making a surprise visit. But the surprise was really for one person. While he's not an author, this dad has been deployed in Southwest Asia as part of operation enduring freedom for the past six months.

"We just moved from South Carolina and this is a brand new school for her," says Rodney Boyd, US Air Force Reserve. "The last thing I wanted to do was take her out of school to go to the middle of the airport."

On day two of the new school year in Herculaneum, the father daughter reunion broke into a question and answer session with these seventh graders that lasted for 40 minutes.

"I'm very impressed and it's nice to know the kids take such an interest in what our military does," says mom Penny Boyd.

There were a lot of stories from this senior master sergeant who works with the logistic readiness squad. While he's not an author, he did write a proper ending to this Friday.

"'I'm happy," adds Penny. "I couldn't be any happier than I am. And I'm still pinching myself that he's here that he's home."

"Having everybody else get to see him and see how amazing he is," says Boyd. "That was really wonderful. I don't know what to say to that."

How about, the end?

"I think I got a good kid here," says the Senior Master Sgt.