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Missing sock mystery solved: Great Dane eats 43 socks

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(KTVI) – Ever wonder what happens to all of your missing socks?  Well, you might want to check your pet.

A Portland, Oregon family found their missing socks inside their Great Dane’s stomach!  All 43 of them!

The discovery was made after the three-year-old Great Dane started vomiting. His owner rushed him to their vet where he had surgery.

The super-sized pooch had shown a hankering for socks before, but the extent of the problem wasn’t apparent until he got sick and the X-rays showed the contents of his belly.

Oh, and those X-rays even impressed the experts. The vet clinic submitted them to the annual “They Ate WHAT?” contest at Veterinary Practice News and won the $500 third prize, losing out to a frog who gobbled up 30 rocks from the bottom his cage and a German shorthaired pointer who swallowed a metal shish kabob skewer.

The Great Dane is doing just fine. He was home a day after his surgery.

He made it through the surgery and when home healthy a day later.