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MERS Goodwill using solar panels at St. Peters store

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI)-- A sultry September day suits them just fine in St. Peters, Missouri at the MERS Goodwill store.

"When we looked at the utilities that about 15 percent of the power of the sun," says Mark Kahrs, the MERS Goodwill Executive Vice President of Retail.  "It was really just something for the long-term and since we own this building, we're planning on being here for 30 years or more that was going to work out nicely for us."

MERS Goodwill partnered with Microgrid solar to take advantage of an Ameren tax credit and installed the panels over two weeks in June.

The company says the extra power raised here can be used by a few nearby homes.

"Each rectangular module is 250 watts," says Chad Schubert, a consultant with Microgrid Solar.  "You can get many different sizes of solar modules.  These are 250 watt modules.  We have a 25 kilowatt system on this roof which produces around 32,000 kilowatt hours a year."

That takes into account the number of sunny versus cloudy days this region gets in a given year.

The $100,000 savings over the system's lifetime means more opportunities for goodwill and the 60,000 people it serves each year here in the area.

"So that's really what this is all about, being good stewards of the donations. We're always so grateful here at Goodwill and then to know we're going to put that to the best use and save money where we can save money and make money where we can make money and help those people get into work," says Kahrs.  "That's what's important."