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Teen told to wear “shame suit” for school dress code violation

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – A mother is accusing her daughter’s school of bullying. She says administrators forced her teen to wear a so-called “shame suit” after she violated the dress code.

According to WJXT, Miranda Larkin, 15, was wearing a skirt that was too short for school.   Oakleaf High School standards say the skirt should be at the knee or longer. She says a teacher sent her to the nurse’s office to change into over-sized red sweatpants and a neon yellow shirt.  Both have the words “dress code violation” on them. Larkin was mortified.

“I couldn’t stand the thought of people staring at me because I was wearing some insane outfit.” said Miranda Larkin. She broke out into hives and called her mom from the bathroom crying.

A spokesman for the school district says dress code violators have three options: An immediate in-school suspension, put on the “violation” clothes and go back to class, or have parents drop off proper clothing. The last option isn’t always presented to the students.

WJXT-TV reports that students and parents are reminded of the dress code in 5 different ways at the beginning of the school year. Miranda’s mother is seeking legal counsel and filing a complaint with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act.