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STLMoms: Setting a positive tone for school

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(STLMoms)- School is going strong and this is a great time to set some goals for the remainder of the year.

Psychotherapist Dr. Russell Hyken gives us some school year resolutions.

Creating a proper goal, however, can be difficult, as many tend to overreach or construct vague objectives. Parents should assist their students by discussing a realistic plan. Assist your student with balancing their academics, extra-curricular and free time activities.

Students also often struggle to understand the school day starts when the alarm clock rings, and ends when their head hits the pillow. Parents should also renew their school commitment.

If you haven’t already, revisit your family routines. Plan to have family dinners every week and spend quality alone time with each child on a weekly basis.

Families that set a positive tone in September also are building a strong foundation for responsible decision-making.

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