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Dead fish causing a stink at Creve Coeur Lake park

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-For the past week, the St. Louis County Parks Department has been removing about 100 dead fish a day from Creve Coeur Lake. Walkers, joggers and cyclists don't like the smell.

Experts said they are Asian Carp. Just last month, there was a similar fish kill in George Winter Park. The Asian Carp are not native to our area but were still able to find their way. They cause problems by jumping out the water and hitting people in boats. Plus they can ruin the habitat of game fish.

Kevin Meneau works with the Missouri Department of Conservation, "If Asian Carp were to completely leave Creve Coeur Lake that would be fine with me."

Conservation experts think the invasive fish got into this lake when there was flooding which allowed the fish to move from the Missouri River into the lake. When the water level dropped, they were stuck. Conservation experts think the fish may have run low on food. Then, the water in the lake turned colder. Both would make it tough for the fish to survive.

Meneau said, "They're still trying to find what habitat suits them. They like large rivers that are fertile. Creve Coeur Lake is in the flood plain of the Missouri River but still not really good habit for them."

Erin Kelley, a walker added, "It's pretty bad. There were some people holding their noses as they walked around that corner over there."