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St. Louis getting more stores to feed late-night munchies

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Strange Donuts are stirring things up with their new Kirkwood location. With AM hours until they run out, and 9pm to midnight hours, they`re hoping for the same sweet success from the morning will extend to the evening.

"In Maplewood especially, there`s a lot of teens to 20 something`s so late nights are really popular," says Adam Russell, the social media coordinator for Strange Donuts. "Here I think it`s going to take people a minute to know that it`s available."

But, if you're not up for sweets there's savory with their signature strangers and flavors like chicken and waffle or barbecue. Meanwhile, Midtown is no stranger to the late night munchies movement.

"As far down as Harris Stowe State College to the park and from Delmar and all the way to Manchester," says Giana Marielli, a marketing manager with Insomnia Cookies describing their coverage area.

This is the second week of operations and first St. Louis location for Insomnia Cookies in the Central West End. With almost 60 stores nationwide, Insomnia is all about keeping 3am hours for those up late.

"At night we have a lot of college students up late or studying or partying that will order from us and we`ll deliver and bring these down to them," says Marielli.

Ernest Dixson has been down with delivering sweets to St. Louisans up late. He's been doing the delivery business the last couple years in University City.

"The competition is actually pretty good," says Ernest Dixson, the owner of Dough to Door. "I mean, it just helps to spread the word that companies like us exist."

In an existential kind of way, warm cookies and milk delivered to your doorstep is sure to bring smiles.

"They are definitely excited," says Dixson. "It makes you feel kind of good honestly that you`re doing something that when people see you they smile. It`s better than being a tax collector I imagine."