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Woman’s TV goes missing from police evidence storage

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-If there is one place you’d think something recovered by the police would be safe it would at the police station. But a burglary victim says her stolen television disappeared again while being held as evidence by St. Louis city police at the North Patrol Division.

The victim in this case feels like she has now been victimized three times, once by the burglar who took her TV, once by the police who lost her TV, and once by the city which she says is now low balling her on the cost to replace it.

Just over two years ago, someone broke into Brenda Pease’s house in St. Charles County and stole her 50” Panasonic flat screen television. She’d only had it for a month, so she was thrilled when seven months later St. Louis city police recovered it.

Police said they would have to hold it a while as evidence, but a few months later they called to say come and get it.

But when a St. Charles sheriff’s deputy came to pick it up, no one could find it.

“It shouldn`t just disappear out of a police evidence room. Nothing should disappear out of the police evidence room,” says Pease.

The city of St. Louis is not arguing about that. It is offering to pay her for the loss, but not the $1,049 dollars that model currently sells for. They are offering $500 based on what similar sets sell for on Craisglist.

“I would like to get the correct value for the TV and not the yard sale, garage sale, Craigslist kind of thing. I want the actual value of what it would be.”

But in an email from the city counselors office, Pease is being told take it or leave it. It even advises her not to bother calling to discuss it.

“I would just like to be getting the replacement value for it at the time it was put into the police officers hands, into the evidence room.”

We tried to get a comment from the city counselor’s office about their offer, but FOX 2 got no response. We did get a brief written statement from the police which reads in part, “An Internal Affairs investigation is being conducted to determine what occurred and the location of the missing property. The investigation is ongoing.”