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How to experience gratitude

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Now is a great time to express our gratitude with Thanksgiving just over two weeks away. Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan joins us this morning with several steps to achieving the  experience of  gratitude.


1) Express gratitude in person

2) Gratitude Journal- be specific- about others or yourself

3) Write gratitude letters to people who made a difference in your life or
the lives of others

4) Remember 'bad times', contrast with where you are now, and
focus on how far you have come

5) Forgiveness- focus on the gifts and lessons that the person/experience
gave you

6) Look for things to be grateful for; think/speak positive thoughts

7) 'George Bailey Effect'- imagine what life would be like without
a major blessing like a spouse, children, (+) life event, friend

8) Express through poems, pictures, songs, stories, notes