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FULL VIDEO: Slay and Dooley call for calm ahead of Brown grand jury decision

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CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) _ Top St. Louis city and county officials are urging residents to remain calm once a grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case is announced.

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said at a joint news conference Wednesday that while protesters' civil rights will be respected, looting and violence will not be tolerated. They say they're ready for whatever happens.

Dooley says much progress in regional race relations has been made in the three months since Brown, who was black, was shot by Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson, who is white.

The grand jury weighing whether to charge Wilson is expected to make a decision this month, raising concerns that protests could turn violent as they sometimes did in the days after the Aug. 9 shooting.

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:57 pm

The entire press conference has been posted.  Please refresh this page to view it.

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:32 pm

Full video of the press conference will be posted in 20 mins

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:29 pm

There is a very small number of people leading efforts at violence

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:24 pm

Mayor Slay and I have a call with the Attorney General of the United States this afternoon

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:21 pm

We have not received any advanced notice of a grand jury announcement

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:18 pm

This is not a Ferguson situation.  This is an all of St. Louis issue and we will address it as such.

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:14 pm

We are close to a compromise to create a civilian oversight board for police

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:12 pm

Violence is not a constitutionally protected right

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:10 pm

We are going to protect the constitutional rights of the protesters

Joe Millitzer November 12, 20142:09 pm

We are asking everyone to calm down