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Execution set for Missouri man who killed neighbor

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ A Missouri man sentenced to death for stabbing his neighbor to death is set to be executed Feb. 11.

On Wednesday, the Missouri Supreme Court set the execution date for Walter Timothy Storey. The St. Charles man was convicted of killing Jill Frey in 1990. The 36-year-old social worker had her throat slit, six ribs broken and multiple face and head wounds.

Storey was retried after the Supreme Court ruled in 1995 that the prosecutor committed four “egregious errors.” Storey was re-sentenced in 1997 but again had his conviction overturned, this time over a procedural error by the judge. He was sentenced to death a third time in September 1999.

This is the second execution scheduled for 2015, after a state record 10 inmates were put to death in 2014.