Parents struggle to pay for funerals after 4 kids die in Missouri fire

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TRENTON, MO -  Four young kids die in a house fire. now  a family is struggling to plan their funerals.

Sissy Hughes stands in front of her son`s home, overwhelmed with memories of her grandbabies. She says her son, Timothy lived in this white house with his wife Jamie, and their five children.

"The girls had one room and boys had one room upstairs" said Sissy Hughes.

Four of their kids were home Friday night. Seven-year-old Rosanna, who went by Anna, six-year-old Rolanda, who went by Landi, four-year-old Mason, and their cousin, three-year-old Saylem were asleep upstairs. Saylem`s mother Sylvia also lived there. When the fire broke out, she and her sister were able to get out, along with Jamie`s youngest, two-year-old Marley.

"The baby actually slept with them downstairs, that`s the only reason they were able to get her out," said Sissy Hughes.

Timothy tried to get to his kids and his nephew.

"He went up the ladder onto the roof and knocked these windows out to try to get to the babies and the smoke overwhelmed him and he kept hollering their names to get in there to him and he got no response, couldn't hear them nowhere." said Sissy Hughes.

She says the parents are completely broken.

"In pieces. Blaming himself because he couldn't get to them. He said, all he was supposed to do, his only job, was to take care and protect them. / 47:13 My daughter-in-law, she`s just like a zombie. Just walking around like a zombie. Clenching onto the baby." said Sissy Hughes.

A grandmother, in deep pain, watching young parents robbed of an opportunity she says has been one of the most rewarding of her life.

"I got to be a parent, I got to raise my kids. This ain't my time, this is their time." said Sissy Hughes.

Grateful for the times she `did have` with who she`s calling God`s newest little angels.

"They were all very sweet, loving kids. Each with their own personality. (cries)" said Sissy Hughes.

Their grandmother says you can see through the doorway there, those stairs crumbled all the way through to the basement. You can see that rocking chair there in the front door, she tells me that`s all that`s left of the house. She says her son and his family had just moved in a few months ago.

By: Megan Dillard