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Letterman announcer Alan Kalter will bid farewell after nearly 20 years

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New York, NY (WFSB) — Wednesday night will be David Letterman’s final original “Late Show” episode.

While he will be bidding farewell, he isn’t the only one saying goodbye.

Announcer Alan Kalter will do a “mic drop” himself, and many not realize it but he is a Stamford resident.

He has been the voice of The Late Show with David Letterman for just about 20 years, and Eyewitness News had a chance to sit down with him.

Kalter’s first day on the job was Sept. 5, 1995.

“Very first day on the show I was told I wouldn’t be on camera much because Bill Wendell, who preceded me was not on camera,” Kalter said.

He was introduced on the show, and Letterman said “May you be with us for many years,” and then he was forced to dive into a swimming pool.

“Next thing I knew, he (Letterman) was holding me by the wrist and dragging me towards the pool and I was giving my wallet out to strangers. (He threw) My beeper out to strangers, and he said ‘dive in’,” Kalter said.

Two decades later, Kalter is an integral part of the show. The Brooklyn-born, Long Island- raised Kalter has called Connecticut home for years.

“Looked for a home in Long Island and uh, it flooded the day before we were going to contract, so we decided to look in Connecticut,” Kalter said. “Found a place in Stamford, which is a wonderful city and a great home and has been for a long time.”

As he looked back on his time with Letterman, he said “it’s just a delight, and what I do, of course, is stuff that my mother wouldn’t let me do when I was 10 and I can do it now.”

He said he’s going to miss everything about what he does, and added that his days will be completely different.

“I’m going to really miss it. I’ll miss him. I’m going to miss the music. I’ll miss everybody there. I’ll miss the show. I’ll miss what I’m doing,” Kalter said.

Letterman’s final show will air on Channel 3 on Wednesday May 20.

By Kaitlyn Naples