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‘Rachel Dolezal’ faces some tough questions in Late Night sketch

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NEW YORK, NY – Comedian Maya Rudolph certainly does a unique impression Rachel Dolezal. She was asked to “Dolezal it up” during Monday’s Late Night Seth Meyers.  She gets a lot of requests to play the former Spokane Washington NAACP  President.

Rudolph put on a wig and a confused face and then did everything in her power to avoid answering questions about her race.  Meyers and Rudolph then do a line for line read of the original interview with Dolezal.   The audience, Meyers, and Rudolph crack-up as the sketch winds up.

Rachel Dolezal’s parents told a local TV station that she is Caucasian.   Dolezal served as the head of the local NAACP.  She has been telling people she is African American and recently told the Today show that she identifies as black.  Her parents are Caucasian.   Dolezal has stepped down from her position as President after her infamous interview went viral.

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