Checkmate! Dad’s ‘Common Core’ joke scores big with parents

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio-Frustrated over the complex teachings of ‘Common Core’ math, an Ohio dad decided to take to Facebook to commiserate with fellow parents over the painstaking teaching practices.  The process for teaching math is now the standard in 46 states.

According to FOX 8 News in Cleveland, The Northeast Ohio father of two wrote a check to his child’s elementary school  using controversial  Common Core practices . He then snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook.

The amount is made out in long form “common core math.” If Millridge Elementary school wants to cash it, they’re going to have to explain to the bank cashier how that works.

Doug Herrmann’s Facebook post has been shared thousands of times in less than a week and is now in publications across the country.

Doug told FOX 8 News in Cleveland he never actually sent the check into the school. He wrote it, snapped a picture and tore it up. He just wanted to prove the point on how difficult Common Core math is and how it’s nearly impossible to use it in daily living practices.

Other parents have taken to Facebook to show their frustration with Common Core math: