Man sets fire to Halloween costumes in Wal-Mart

SAN LEANDRO, CA – Rows of children’s Halloween costumes were set on fire, inside a California Bay area Wal-Mart. Police in San Leandro have a man in custody. Now they want to find out what his motive was.

Cellphone video shows Wal-Mart employees desperately trying to get flames under control after police say a 40-year-old man used a 2 quart bottle of charcoal lighter fluid that he picked-up from the gardening section, to set children’s Halloween costumes on fire.

Associates were able to get the fire under control with an extinguisher. There was so much smoke that the store was evacuated and closed for about four hours. Security managed to apprehend the suspect and hold him until police got to the scene.

The suspect was arrested for suspicion of arson. Police are also looking into whether he is linked to other crimes in the area.

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